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In actual fact, even if the pirate head could see through their real ident.i.ty, Benjamin was more surprised at the fact that a man was riding a magic beast.

Mankind had for the longest time tried to tame magic beasts. Just as the fundamental theories of the magic realm in Icor that magic originated from duplicating a magic beast. The potion mages also had a huge demand for materials made from magic beast; how would they not focus on taming one instead? The result was easy to tell.

— If taming a magic beast was that easy, the organisation of the military forces in this world, would not be as it was.

In reality, from book records, men had tried taming magic beast and it had caused a lot of trouble to a very serious extent. Therefore, in the law of each nation, there was a ban on such research.

To the majority of people, magic beast would be forever magic beast. Too feral to tame and never would be domesticated to be a man’s best friend.

Benjamin would have never thought that he was able to see a bunch of magic beast taming pirates in a small town today. And this head of the pirates, was riding on a magic beast while battling them.

How did they do it?

How could a seemingly ugly and vicious magic beast allow a human to ride on its back and listen to his orders?

Benjamin sighed in surprise at the world’s wonders.

An answer for a question that left many geniuses and talents guessing for years, could be found in a bunch of pirates.

From the moment Benjamin laid eyes on them, he made a decision — to obtain the secrets to taming a magic beast from these pirates.

"Hey, I’m asking you?" The head of pirates was getting impatient with Benjamin and the rest for not offering an answer, "I guess you guys are the mages that are wanted. Am I right?"

He kept repeating this question, as if ... he was interested in the bounty reward.

The civilians who were crouching and trembling at the side, also changed the way they looked at Benjamin and his group.

"Let’s take out the pirates but leave the boss alive." Benjamin did not intend to reply but instead turned to whisper at the mages beside him.

Why waste time speaking when you want to fight?

He started chanting in preparation for the battle.

Everyone reacted quickly and were in sync with Benjamin. Countless magic spells were launched as chants were heard, continuing the attack on the surrounding pirates.

Benjamin summoned a large block of Ice Arrow that rained over the pirate boss who was riding the magic beast.

"What an annoying guy." The pirate boss snorted and patted the tiger’s back. The tiger looking magic beast let out a roar and flapped its wings against the incoming Ice Arrows.

Benjamin was surprised beyond words.

The enemy and the Ice Arrows collided. The pirate boss waved his large axe, chopping from left to right, while the tiger-liked magic beast agilely moved midair, avoiding the Ice Arrows without a scratch.

They forced their way towards Benjamin in a matter of seconds.

Benjamin almost had a heart attack.

He had to remain calm and chanted a water screen on everybody before the pirate boss could launch an attack.

The dashing axe that could part the Red Sea, heavily chopped onto the water screen.

The water screen was sliced to half after a huge thump. This time, the pirate boss did not spring away as before, instead he wielded his axe and continued to aim at Benjamin.

Fortunately, Benjamin did not come unprepared.

He knew that he could not use the same trick twice. In that short moment the axe penetrated the water screen, Benjamin chanted once again, and a windstorm formed by steam and a few compressed Water Bombs headed towards the pirate boss.

The distance between the two were closer. The pirate boss could not avoid and dived head first into Benjamin’s attack, with a hack of his axe.


The Water Bombs caused a huge explosion and with the help of the Pillar of Steam, the pirate boss was drowning in a pool of water. A few of mages lend their hand in summoning magic screens to block the residue from the explosion impact.

Even then, Benjamin could not loosen up his tensed face.

He could clearly see through his Water Particle Detection that the current flooded pirate boss was unscathed. The figures were able to balance their body in the windstorm and water currents as the tiger looking magic beast flapped its powerful wings and retreated backwards.

The pirate boss flew to high grounds and escaped beyond the range of the Pillar of Steam.

Benjamin frowned without a trace.

Layers and layers of misty frost were summoned and surrounded the mages under the sunlight, protecting them. Although the misty frost was equipped with the highest durability, Benjamin did not feel a sense of security.

He could see that, the pirate boss was flying further and further up.

Twenty metres, thirty metres... Fifty metres. The figure was almost a tiny black dot in his sight. They stopped climbing higher once they reached around fifty to sixty metres alt.i.tude.

Benjamin had a bad feeling about it.

He….. could not be trying to attempt that, right?

Of course, the worst case scenario always had to happen. Once the pirate boss stopped ascending, he quickly switched directions and picked up his axe, and came crashing down at Benjamin and the rest at full gravity force, like a meteor.

The force of the axe this time, was beyond comparison with the two previous attacks.

"Be careful now, it’s the Axe Technique from Above!" The System solemnly reminded.

Benjamin took a deep breath and continued with his Icebreaking spell, making the misty frost above his head thicker and thicker in attempt to secure his safety.

The speed with the gravity fall was scary. The pirate boss was a tiny dot that became a huge figure in a blink of an eye. Just as he was about to penetrate the misty frost, he realised he should not look down on this spell and quickly wielded his axe, hacking one heck of an attack.


The st.u.r.dy misty frost started to crackle under the wave of the axe and began to burst. Tiny bits of ice particles disintegrated, forming water particles till they disappeared without a trace.

— The pirate boss took one hack on the thick misty frost and created a large hole.

Benjamin was taken aback by surprise.

He was capable of unleashing this degree of attack. It was no wonder from the very beginning that he was still puffed with arrogance and fearlessness when facing a team of mages.

But it was fine. That was all the axe could have done.

That’s the thing with an attack such as this. It would get stale after one attack. The pirate boss was bounced far off once the axe and misty frost collided and produced a huge impact. He almost fell off the back of the beast. He was able to regain balance from falling into the river, by depending on the flapping wings of the magic beast.

As for Benjamin, the misty frost formed on top of his head, although had a huge dent on it, he only had to repeat his chants a few more times and it was already amended.

You could say that he was able to fend of the Axe Technique from Above.

"This guy is pretty scary." He observed the pirate head in mid air and sighed, "Even if he drank the magic potion, he did not crush his bones from the sky dived attack. His body vitality is quite remarkable."

The System hesitated and reminded Benjamin, "Well, about that... I think that his body vitality can not just be described as remarkable."

This was because, the pirate boss took a glimpse at Benjamin and rode his tiger looking magic beast to the skies again.

Twenty metres, thirty metres... Seventy metres, eighty metres...

As the bodily figure became smaller and smaller in Benjamin’s eyes, till in the end, they were almost not visible, Benjamin became bewildered that he had gooseb.u.mps.


Wha-what was this fella trying to do?

Was he looking for death?

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