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"You… You won't be able to harm me like this."

After being chased and beaten for two minutes, Grant finally had a sliver of a chance for respite, probably due to Benjamin exhausting his physical strength too much. He hurriedly increased his speed and fell back, pulling himself away from where he was and looked at Benjamin from afar. As he opened his mouth and spoke, a hint of lingering fear in his heart could be heard from the tone of his voice.

Although he had not been hurt in any practical way, there were now only three left of the dozen or so Holy Light runes that had originally encircled him. The protective circle of light was flickering on and off as well, as though it was short circuiting. It was obviously suffering very much from Benjamin's random punches.

Benjamin did not immediately chase after him, however.

He stopped in midair, wiping off the sweat from his forehead and taking deep breaths as he recovered his physical strength. The attacks just now had taken quite a heavy toll on him. Although his entire body was covered in a layer of ice armor, and there were immense amounts of water elements attached to his fists as well, every time he actually made contact with the circle of light, the feeling sent through his fists felt as though he was. .h.i.tting a layer of metal board. It was ridiculously hard.

At the moment, both of his hands were beginning to turn red.

If it was not because of that, he would never have stopped, as the fight greatly favored him.

Taking the opportunity while both parties needed a breather, Benjamin took another glance at the battle scene beneath them.

Most of the royal soldiers had already scaled the city walls and had launched into a chaotic battle with the Black Nightmare Army on the city walls. Corpses were crowded on the city walls, falling down and already filling up piles near the city gates. So far, the situation was still in a stalemate. They were still barely defending the north city gate, but it went without saying that if time were to drag on longer, the royal army would conquer the city gates and charge into the city.

On the other side, the fight between the priest and the mages had turned into a chaotic mess. The Union Magic of the team of priests had been broken through, so they could only plunge themselves into an unorganized fight. Dead bodies dropped continuously from the sky. However, the mages were not in anything that resembled a formation in the slightest, also due to them having forcibly charged through the formation of the enemy. Their losses were extremely heavy as well. No one knew which side had the upper hand.

Noticing all of this, Benjamin felt extremely anxious.

"You guys… You guys will lose," Grant had also observed the situation of the battle beneath them, and quickly raised his head to look back at him, "Wait until all the mages under your command have been ma.s.sacred and wiped out. You will have no way to be as c.o.c.ky as you are now."

Benjamin lifted his eyes, "So are you admitting that you can't beat me in this fight?"

Grant's face sunk. He remained silent for quite a while before he could regain his composure. In a cold tone, he said, "...It's impossible for you to use such words and cause me to be irrational. The situation is hopeless, how long can you continue attacking like you did just now anyway? Give up, you have been utterly defeated this time."

"Is that so?"

Benjamin gave a cold harumph. After that, he suddenly stretched out his hands and took out quite a few bottles of magic potions from his pocket.

"High Level Physical Strength Regeneration Tonic, High Level Energy Buffer Tonic, Strength of Wild Beast, Skin Hardening Water… Let me introduce these to you. Things that cannot be found in this kingdom," he pulled the corks out from the tonic bottles, one by one, with a look of provocation in his eyes. "This time, it's my turn to crush you to death by using money!"

Saying thus, he downed all of the tonics!

In that instant, Grant even backed off by half a meter unconsciously.

"You… are insane…"

He hurriedly pulled off one of the strings of necklaces on his chest and held it in his hand, crushing it into smithereens forcefully. Subsequently, Holy Light leaked out from between his fingers like grit and attached to his body, climbing. Finally, it turned into a golden, solidified armor. He shut the visor, his entire person hiding inside with only a line of gap left open. Even the expression on his face was unseen.

Just as he had put the armor on properly, Benjamin immediately flew up to him.


As his fist went forward in a punch, the armor emitted an earsplitting clang, sounding like a metal can that had fallen to the ground from a height of five hundred feet. The armor shook violently, and the Holy Light surrounding Grant's body trembled as well. However, when Benjamin pulled his fist back, the golden armor was as perfect as it had been before. Not the tiniest dent could be seen on it.

Noticing this result, he hesitated for about half a second, and then… began to plow his fists down in a pack of disorderly punches.

Instantly, a series of loud bangs rang out from a high alt.i.tude, like an extremely violent death metal song. Even the people in Worchester below could hear them very clearly. Fortified by the magic potions, Benjamin had such an abundance of physical strength that it was difficult to imagine; he did not need to think about anything else at all. His entire body felt at ease, and the more he hit, the more he got into it. There was no way to stop at all.

Furthermore, every time he landed a punch, the water elements in the deep sea domain followed his rhythm and hit the golden armor like a tidal wave. The elements were so dense that they had condensed into shadows on his body that looked like ocean waves. Because of that, he was no longer using just his fists; this was an ocean that was violently beating Grant up.

Even The System had run out, yelling as though it were spectating a boxing match, "Yes! Bring out all the energy you normally use to hit me with! Beat him up! Motherf.u.c.king beat him up!"

Treated like a punching bag, Grant did not even try to hide. Perhaps it was because he could not hide; all he did was shrink inside the armor, letting the fists. .h.i.t him like rain. The Holy Light around him kept reforming after dispersing with every hit, dissipating and gathering once more. There did not seem to be any chance for him to retaliate.

Benjamin attacked for a full five minutes.

When the effects of the magic potions began to subside, he observed the condition of the golden armor once more. However, to his incredulousness, there was still not the least bit of a dent or scratch on the armor. The brand new sheet of iron shone with light under the night sky, as though it had just been forged.

Using the water elemental sensing technique, he could sense the nauseous expression on Grant inside the armor, but… this armor simply would not break.

"Are you able to a.n.a.lyze what this thing is?" Benjamin quietly slowed his rhythm down, asking in his heart as he continued hitting.

"Power of the elemental plane, very strong, great amounts of light elements have been solidified by it into this armor, it has entered a state of absolute stillness," The System was quiet for a moment, before putting away the excited tone of voice it had, speaking lazily this time. "I also don't know what kind of principle this is, you might not be able to break it."

Absolute stillness?

Benjamin felt temporarily troubled.

He looked down once more. The royal army had just broken through the north city gate and charged into the main road of Worchester's city gate, fighting to the death with the Black Nightmare Army. At the moment, the Black Nightmare Army was already at a very obvious disadvantage. They could only use the barriers they had set up beforehand, engaging in a forced battle.

Meanwhile, above them, there was still no clear victor in the battle between the priests and the mages, but the situation was unusually horrible. The teams involved in the chaotic fight were only half the size as when they had started. It was clear that both sides had lost more than half of their numbers; blood had already converged into small streams in the middle of the streets, finally acc.u.mulating into pools of dark colored mud that stank of blood, in the low lying parts of the roadsides.

Seeing this, Benjamin felt slightly anxious.

Should he call them out now?

However… it was not yet the best timing, according to the plan…

There was a great struggle in Benjamin's heart. His fists punched with more fervor, whacking the golden armor and making noisy clanging sounds. Finally, he saw the horribly broken body of a young mage falling from the sky, with the lower part of his body burnt and destroyed by Holy Light. At that moment, he finally made his decision.

He took out a wooden key and crushed it forcefully!

Following which, there was a weak magic oscillation. In a second, a sharp, whistling sound rang out throughout the city of Worchester.

No one, regardless of whether they were a soldier of the Black Nightmare Army or the royal army, a priest or a mage, knew what this sound meant. They merely continued their fight and killings with bloodshot eyes. However, next to the main road of Worchester's north city gate, in a few remote alleys deep inside, a new team suddenly rushed out.

Those who noticed this scene were astonished.

They could only see that the style of the attire worn by this group of soldiers were rather similar to that of the Black Nightmare Army. However, the aura of having been well-trained and disciplined was completely different from most of the soldiers who had only been in the Black Nightmare Army for barely a few months. There were approximately a thousand or so of them. Their number was not great, but they moved in an extremely nimble way, like a group of hardened mercenaries; they even seemed more organized and disciplined than mercenaries.

The most shocking thing about them, however, was what this team did next.

After they had rushed out from the alley, they suddenly kicked off and jumped, emitting a strange oscillation from their bodies. Right after that, this team floated into the skies and charged at the battling cl.u.s.ter of mages and priests.

At that moment, the few commoners who were hiding in their houses and observing them were dumbfounded.

They… could fly?

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