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When a third figure appeared in the sky, the people down below went blank.

"Wait a minute, that person... seems to have leaped up there?

A mage had earlier turned around and looked at a house along the streets. In the corner of his eye, he had seen that figure jump up from the rooftop. One leap and he was up in the sky.

Quite impossible, right?

This mage shook his head and dismissed it as his wild imagination.

Just as the people down below were trying to digest the development, the situation in the sky made a swift turn.

"It's over."

In a flash, the third person spoke - his voice and figure both appearing before Grant at the same time.

It was Miles.

Everything happened in such a short span of time that by the time Miles made an appearance, he was already in close range of Grant. Grant didn't even have time to react before a dagger pierced his chest.

— Perhaps it happened so quickly that all the automated life-saving tools programmed to protect Grant malfunctioned and failed to carry out their task.

At that moment, Miles was extremely calm. Even though he had just stabbed the present pope in the chest, he looked as though he was just conducting a regular mission.

On the other end, Benjamin was filled with mixed emotions but seemed somewhat relieved.

However, it wasn't long before he and Miles both realized that something was amiss.

The wound on Grant did not leak even a single drop of blood.

"I am sorry to burst your bubble, but my deplorable life will not end just yet." He suddenly spoke. Even though there was a dagger sticking out of his chest, his tone remained flat, "Why? Don't tell me you believed the tale of Cain and Abel and that load of bulls.h.i.t about fate. Were you really fooled by such things?"

Benjamin was surprised but doubtful, but, with the severe trauma to his head, he couldn't quite connect the dots at that moment.

However, he instinctively snapped back, "I don't believe in fate."

"Then everything should have ended during that earlier scene, to prove that there's no such war between the two siblings. So, why are you still fighting it?"

"It is because I don't believe it that I don't have to prove its non-existence." Benjamin felt this conversation was taking an odd turn but continued regardless, "If you really wanted to prove its authenticity, then you could always commit suicide."

Grant let out a cold laugh.

And it was at that moment that his figure suddenly became blurry. The dagger that was lodged in his chest suddenly ricocheted away. Miles who was using this to hang in the air then started to plunge down toward the ground.

Benjamin wanted to catch him. However, right now, he was having a hard time staying afloat in the air, let alone to try to grab hold of Miles. Luckily, the president had yet to completely land and reacted immediately to fly over and hold onto Miles' collar so that he didn't crash to the ground.

After he saw that Miles was fine, Benjamin once again returned his gaze on "Grant".

Grant's body started to glow in holy light so that his original face couldn't be seen. With a wave of obscure magic oscillation, Grant transformed into a bundle of holy light and disappeared from the sky.

Only a bewildered Benjamin was left in the sky.

At the same time, back in the base force of the Kingdom of Helius. In an empty tent, an odd little wooden box opened itself, spewing out large quant.i.ties of holy light.

The holy light shaped itself into a door, which Grant walked out of a brief moment later.

After his exit, cracks started to appear on the wooden box. With a few gnawing crackles, the wooden box broke into pieces. A strong gust of wind carried its now powdered form off until it was gone without a trace.


Grant took a deep breath and walked out of the tent. He didn't bother with the startled stationed soldiers and quickly made way to the battlefield of Rock City.

And at the Rock City battlefield...

"Director, are you alright?"

Benjamin was not aware of what was happening but made effort to land on the ground. Once he landed, the people around him started to surround him. A few of the mages carefully checked on his condition.

"I... should be alright." He grit his teeth to numb the pain and waved them off.

Although there was no rift in the s.p.a.ce of Consciousness, the runic star chart and fuse runes were bleak. He was unsure about how long he needed to recover from the damage to his Spiritual Energy this time around.

But the aftermath that was left behind from the earlier collision was not just limited to his own damage.

He lifted his head to the sky.

The light and water formed a two-way mirror, completely covering the sky over Rock City. They seemed to have solidified there, with no hint of evaporating any time soon.

This thing was peculiar enough, but he was most stupefied by the act of Grant disappearing into the light.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d... That b.a.s.t.a.r.d's not dead." Miles walked out of the crowd - He seemed upset, "I sensed something was wrong when I struck him. He must have some sort of secret weapon."

Benjamin couldn't help but take a deep breath.

He had already predicted this.

The words he said before he transformed into light had left a deep impression on him. At the time... Grant didn't seem to be 'Grant' anymore. It was as if some invisible will was conversing with him, with the contents of this conversation simply too fragmented.

Fate, huh...

Benjamin was frustrated by the matter but quickly dismissed it. Even though their situation was quite similar to that of Cain and Abel, Benjamin didn't really think it was their "fate".

He just couldn't wrap his head around this.

"Whatever. Let's not think about it. What's the situation with the troops out there?" After a fruitless thought process, Benjamin pushed the matter aside.

"Hmm... They seemed to be puzzled."

Benjamin stared outward.

Outside of Rock City, the troops of the Kingdom of Helius stood staring at each other, unsure of what to do next. The event in the sky earlier was not in their plans. Even the bishop had a strange expression.

However, a figure quickly dispersed their hesitation.

"All soldiers, attack! Fight until we have Rock City and your glory will be forever remembered in heaven!" Grant suddenly flew over from the direction of the tent and commanded aggressively.

Instantly, the soldiers of the Kingdom of Helius resumed their vicious attack stance.

Don't forget... they were still at war!

The people of Icor saw this, and their chests immediately tightened.

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