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Chapter 485


Alchemy City, in one of the inns in the city

The sun has already set in the horizon and the moon slowly rose high up in the sky giving off a silvery light. The Alchema city is still bustling as if the people didn't care about the darkness brought by the night.

Not long later everything inside the city became bright as each house, store, commercial buildings, and even the streets were illuminated a light source.

This technology which uses spirit stones as energy is very familiar to Shin Jiao.

Meanwhile, inside the inn's room, Shin Jiao slowly opens his eyes after a few hours of cultivating and knew that his body has already the energy he had used from using the portal and fighting his enemies.

He then turns his attention towards the illusion of fish skin inside his ring.

He has already removed the skin from the huge body of the fish. He wanted to research it and how it works, so he took a few samples, and with the use of both his absolute and spiritual sense, he prodded the fish skin carefully.

He didn't want to miss anything and wanted to thoroughly understand how the fish was able to perfectly blend with its environment.

And with that prodding, it took him two hours before a satisfied look appear on Shin Jiao's face.

"So that's how it works… it actually works as a camouflage rune, but this skin can be controlled using the signal from the fish's brain. Hmm… this is going to be a bit tricky. But I think I can find a way to make this work." Shin Jiao muttered as he took out a paper and a pen and began drawing a blueprint.

It didn't take long before Shin Jiao was able to draw a full body armor. It has the design that would make the wearer look like a ninja wearing a silver metallic suit.

But of course, he is not going to use a metal ore, but the fish scale as its external texture, and a strong metal alloy inside.

He is also thinking of adapting the technology that Park Jiyong had created, the nano alloy.

As Shin Jiao busied himself in drawing and slowly crafting his new armor, he didn't notice the time, and soon it was already midnight.

His attention was suddenly disrupted when he found a weird smell entering his system. When this happens Shin Jiao's poison essence immediately kicks in and purifies his system. He immediately recognized that the poison is a combination of hallucinogenic and sleeping drugs.

"Who might be targeting me?... Or… is it us?" he said as he scanned the corridor outside.

Shin Jiao didn't see anyone, but he sensed that there is an array that can block spiritual senses.

"These people are experts… But who are they?" he thought as he scanned the whole inn.

Shin Jiao felt a bit distressed when his absolute sense enters the other rooms. As he suddenly found out that most of the rooms are being used as a love motel. Men and women are busy banging each other in some of the rooms, while others are cultivating.

Soon, he discovers the culprits as he noticed a group of people walking towards his room. Their leader is a tall man with a scar on his face. His cultivation level is the peak of the gold core realm. The 5 others following behind him are also in the gold core realm. He saw them talking to the woman behind the inn counter as she told them the number of his room.

"I guess this must be a normal occurrence in this big city… This inn's proprietress seems to be a shameful person… I think their target are the girls…" he muttered as he took out his cloak and donned it on him.

"If I get rid of these people, will it cause some problems? Hmm…" Shin Jiao thought but still decided to get rid of his enemies.

He has already learned his lesson from before. If he let those people who try to harm him, then his troubles will never end. Hence getting rid of them is the final solution.

And so, he waited in silence as his figure meld with the darkness.

Soon, his door was suddenly flung open and six people immediately rushed in with their faces covered. Upon rushing inside, they immediately checked the room but were dumbfounded upon discovering that no one is inside.

They began to flip the room upside-down but still found no one. One of the men angrily rushed outside and went to the inn's counter.

"What is the meaning of this?!" the man said in an angry tone which made the other customers baffled.

"Hey, don't raise that tone with me… come here and we'll talk." The woman said as she let the man enter through the side.

When the two of them enters the room at the back, the man immediately complained.

"You said that they enter the room and never left, why is it empty?"

"Hey, it was your men's responsibility to watch that place. Do you think I have time to check it? Plus I have installed arrays in both the windows and the door, so I am sure that the people in there didn't leave."

"Then… then how could this be? The room is actually empty…"

"What? That is impossible! Let me see…" the woman said in an annoyed face and walked towards Shin Jiao's room.

She checked the room number and nodded her head that it was correct. But when she enters the room, she and the man were dumbfounded. This is because all of the men are already down to the ground either dead or barely alive.

This made the two became vigilant. The man who is the leader of the group scanned the bodies of his men but found nothing is wrong with it. They didn't suffer any wound or internal injuries. It was like they just drop to the ground and died.

"Leader… leader… run… this… room… is…" one of the men tried to say something but still died in the end without finishing his words.

The leader of the group suddenly felt fear. He didn't know what his men are saying but his senses are telling him to do one thing, and that is to run.

But before he can take another step, he suddenly found his foot heavy. This is also true with the woman, but the woman was the first to fall flat to the ground and suddenly stopped breathing.

"This is… this is not happening!" the man said as he forced himself to walk.

He dragged his feet to the door and was able to come out. When he was outside, he suddenly felt his strength coming back. However, he already knew that it is dangerous for him to stay. So he immediately ran out of the inn.

Not long later, the room adjacent to Shin Jiao's room slightly opened and a pet.i.te woman wearing white clothes and a veil exited.

She carefully scanned the room and suddenly her facial expression showed a horrified look.

"This… this is the Eternal Night poison. A long lost poison art… how could it appear here out of all the places?" she muttered as she immediately backs away.

Suddenly a figure caught her back and asked.

"What is the problem child?" the woman who caught her had a look of elegance and ethereal beauty.

She has a mature disposition but her beauty is something that can cause a kingdom to topple.

"Ma… master… it's… it's the Eternal Night poison." She said with a trembling voice.

"Haha… you are truly too young. It's not that kind of poison. It might look like it, but this poison is different… it's more subtle."

"Ah, Sister Mai is truly a genius…" suddenly a man's voice interrupted the two as a head pokes out of the opposite door.

The man has a bare body and he showed a smile towards the tow ladies.

"That poison right there is a new type of poison… I am very curious about what it is that's why I wanted to go check." He added as he suddenly put on his robe.

But the display of his bare body made the two women blush. The beautiful master of the young woman whom the man called Sister Mai glared at the man.

"Master Kang, it seems that you have a bit of a problem with your liver. Your drive is a bit lacking nowadays." She said in a mocking tone.

When the man heard this, he showed an angry expression. How could he accept the insult to his manhood? But he could not deny the fact that it is already widespread throughout the city if his situation.

In fact, he has already approached many alchemists, but none of their medicines works on him.

"Mind your own business, Sister Mai." The man said with an annoyed tone as he turns to look at the room of Shin Jiao.

He didn't want to waste his time as he was interested in what happened to the there room. He has already discovered a strange situation even from before and became curious.

Upon looking inside, he immediately saw the dead people on the ground and scanned their condition. He didn't dare enter the room. With the protective array, no harmful poison inside would be able to seep out. Although the room is also covered with a spiritual sense block array, the people outside are still able to scan the inside if their cultivation level is strong enough.

And from there the man called Master Kang began inspecting.

"Ahah! There it is… it's… tiny and it's alive… What kind of creature is this?" he muttered.

On the side, the beautiful woman called sister Mai also observes the thing that Master Kang is looking at and found herself contemplating.

In her time as an alchemist, this is the first time to see such a small thing that can cause death to someone.

"Interesting… truly interesting..." She muttered with a bright glow on her expression.

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