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Chapter 484


Alchema City, Portal building area

The afternoon sun is high above the sky as it spreads its brilliance in the air covering the whole city with is majesty and splendor. The atmosphere is sunny and the temperature is high, but a crowd is currently bustling in the streets of the always busy Alchema city.

Alchema city is a city where alchemy is everything.

Right at this time inside a particular building of the city where people seem to be crowding a young man suddenly appears walking out of a portal in the center.

Shin Jiao successfully teleported to the city after the long preparation and calculation he did in the kingdom of Si.

Seeing the people around him and the new scene, he felt a bit astounded.

From the Ancient Asian like atmosphere of the kingdom of Si to the semi-modern atmosphere that the kingdom of Er gives made Shin Jiao feel belongingness and contentment. It seems that the influence of Shin City has robbed off even to this kingdom.

This made Shin Jiao felt a bit proud of the idea that he was the source of these changes. Though he is not clear how it happened, he is already feeling the satisfaction deep in his heart.

Shin Jiao didn't want to tarry inside the building and decided to quickly walk out. However, what he didn't expect is that once he took a step outside of the platform, two men who seem to be wearing a brown leather guard's uniform blocks his path.

"Welcome to Alchema city, sir… May we have your identification please?" one of the soldiers said while extending his palm.

When Shin Jiao saw this, he reluctantly took out the palm-size wooden slab and presented it to the guards. Upon seeing the palm-size slab in his hand the guards scanned it with their spiritual sense and found the information inside it.

"Ah, a mercenary… It seems that you are alone. What is the purpose of your visit to our city?"

Hearing this question Shin Jiao's mind began to spin trying to think of an idea, then something came to him as he remembers the name of the city and the limited information he got by using his absolute sense and listening to the people around him.

"Ah… I'm here to… buy something…"

"…a potion, for your group?"

"Yes, I need a lot for a mission." Shin Jiao said with a smile.

Hearing his words, the two soldiers look at each other and smirked. Shin Jiao knew what the two are thinking so he decided to take out a bag of precious stones and ores along with many spiritual stones. He carefully takes out 10 spirit stones and handed 5 to each of the two guards in secret.

"This is my thanks to the two brothers." He said.

Feeling the spirit stones in their hands, the two had a wide grin in their faces.

"Haha… Welcome to the city! Have a nice stay, little brother." One of the guards said with a grin in his face.

Shin Jiao didn't tarry longer and immediately walks out of the platform. He waves goodbye to the two guards and walked towards a person whom he noticed to be talking to someone and giving out some maps and information about the city.

Shin Jiao stepped in after the customer of the person walked away.

"Hi, can I have a map of the city?" Shin Jiao asked.

"Oh, sure… here… that would be 20 low-grade spirit stones."

Shin Jiao didn't hesitate and bought the map. As he opened it, he saw the basic information about the city, places, and important dates to remember.

This is the way for the city to introduce Alchema city to newcomers. This way, people will have an easy time exploring the city, and the commerce inside the city grows continuously.

After getting the map, Shin Jiao has already remembered the important parts of the city. He then decided to leave first so that he can settle the people he took with him. He walks out of the city where the guards didn't even take their time to check him.

This only means that going outside of the city is easier than getting inside it.

Walking the rough road, Shin Jiao noticed that although the city has some modernization atmosphere in it, they still lived the way of the ancient people. But one thing is new; he noticed that the carriage in this city does not have wheels.

Shin Jiao continues walking until he reached a path towards a forest area. His figure suddenly vanished after walking towards that small path.

Not long after this happens, ten people wearing black robes suddenly appear at the spot where Shin Jiao disappears.

"What is going on? Why can't I feel any trace of that mortal?"

"How could he suddenly disappear?"

"Do you think that someone got to him first?"

"I don't know… that man is loaded. I think we can get more than 200 spirit stones from that guy. Plus he also has some precious ores…"

"I don't think anyone found him… I think he is still in this place… everyone spread out!"

The ten people in black robes immediately fan out and began searching the area for Shin Jiao. Unknown to them, he has already discovered that they are tailing him ever since he walks out of the city. Although he didn't know who told them about him, Shin Jiao is still known that these people have underestimated him.

And so in the forested area, Shin Jiao sent all of the people from his ring outside.

"Alright, this is the city of Alchema in Er kingdom… I think you will be able to survive in this place if you work hard." Shin Jiao said.

But before he left, he handed each of the families 1 leather pouch.

"Goodbye, everyone…" Shin Jiao waves his hand as he vanished.

Everyone felt a bit saddened by this, but they knew that they cannot just put their fate in another person's hand. They have already experienced a lot of things and some of them are low-level cultivators which are actually not considered as true cultivators yet.

Shin Jiao once again reappear from where he disappears from before. However, when he appears, his hand has a tinge of blood on them, and he is holding ten new spatial tools. He put them inside his ring and walks back to the city. This time, he is not alone but with three young women and one young girl.

He decided to stay first in Alchema city and gather some information and then head directly to the capital city of Er.

With that in mind, he took the girls as part of his cover and also, so that they can be of help in gathering more information.

As he reached the gate, Shin Jiao, and his group line up with the rest of the people and waited.

It didn't take long for them to wait and it was soon their turn to be checked. The guards asked for their identification slabs and the group showed that they are all members of the Lao clan mercenary group. The guards didn't bother with them as they are already used to seeing a lot of mercenaries entering the city and buying potions and herbs. So they let the group in without any squabble.

However, this does not mean that Shin Jiao didn't catch the eyes of anyone.

When he disposes of the ten people following behind him, he discovers that they are a part of a large group of a syndicate operating inside Alchema city. This group usually victimizes low-level cultivators, mortals, and lone travelers.

And it so happens that at that time, they thought that Shin Jiao is alone hence they tried to make a move on him. However, when they saw Shin Jiao entering the city with three young women and a child, they immediately concluded that their companions failed their mission.

"Hey boss, what should we do now? I think the others we sent are already…" a man beside their boss said with a gesture of his hand slitting his throat.

"If that is true then we should pay that guy double for what he did. His life is compensation for the lives of our brothers."

"Boss, the women with him are very pretty, we can sell them in the next town. However, I want that little girl… Hehe…"

"You're a sick perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d… If we can take them down then you can have your way with that little girl, but don't break her… If you do, then I will cut your head off…"

"Hehe… Boss, don't worry about that. I promise to be gentle."

"You said that the last time, and we ended up with a girl's corpse. How can we earn some money from that?" the boss reprimanded as he hit the head of the perverted looking guy who is grinning beside him.

With the nod of their boss's head, the group immediately dispersed and went their way to fulfill their own tasks.

Meanwhile, Shin Jiao and his group walk towards an inn. Shin Jiao wanted to rent three rooms but Nao Guo reacted and said that she wanted to stay inside Shin Jiao's ring. The other three girls also agree to this. This is because they find that the Qi in that world is thick and is good for their cultivation.

Hence Shin Jiao acquiesce with their request and rented a single room. The woman behind the desk gave Shin Jiao a disdainful look on her face. He also knew why, but he didn't care. He will not be staying in this place for long. Hence he just grabs the key and went up to their room.

Once inside the room, the four women immediately went inside Shin Jiao's ring to cultivate and Shin Jiao was left inside. After the four disappear, Shin Jiao felt a bit lonely hence he decided to just spend the night cultivating.

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