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Chapter 483


The morning the next day

A young man is standing atop a cliff while looking at the greeneries at the bottom. He can feel the gentle breeze caressing his face as he felt peace in his heart. He checked Susan Tang's life signature in his armband and smiled. He is at peace thinking that she is doing just fine. But he could not deny that he misses her so much.

And so with that in mind, Shin Jiao took out his phone and unlock it. From there he saw the beautiful face of Susan Tang and himself as the two of them cuddle and hugged each other.

"Just wait for a while okay? I'm coming…" he muttered as he caressed her gorgeous face on the screen.

Suddenly a small figure happily skipped towards Shin Jiao.

"Master Ji! Let's eat! They have already cooked the meat that you've caught." Nao Guo said with a big smile on her cute face.

She is not wearing ragged clothes anymore and has changed into a modern shirt and pants. Shin Jiao can easily craft such a thing and the fabric is connected as if it was originally in that shape from the start. Even the rubber shoes she is wearing look good which made Shin Jiao appreciate himself.

He other people in this huge group is also come out of his ring even the three cultivators are also with them. He didn't know why these people decided to stick with him, but as he promised them, he would take them to somewhere they can be safe. And that would be his next stop, the neighboring kingdom of Er.

As Shin Jiao shared the food with the people he felt a bit delighted. The breakfast is heavy and the flavor is good. He truly appreciates the women in the bunch as they are able to make good food for their families. He suddenly remembers Susan Tang and the first meal he tasted from her.

Remembering that time, Shin Jiao felt a shiver running down his spine. The horrible taste of that food was beyond description. Luckily, Susan was a diligent woman and worked hard to improve her cooking skills. Later she became good at cooking and he was delighted by it.

"Master Ji… I know that you are very strong and powerful. I saw how you fight against those strong people outside… I wanted to be strong like you… Can you help me?" she said cutely.

Although Nao Guo is already 13-years-old, she is small and looks like an eight-year-old kid. So Shin Jiao truly found her cute and adorable. He could not help but nod his head in her pleading.

"Alright, I will teach you, but you have to follow my instruction no matter how hard it's going to be, okay?"

"Yes, Master!"

It was already evening when Shin Jiao finished forming a cave at a secluded area at the side of a mountain cliff. He set up a defensive formation and a camouflage array to cover this area and keep it from being discovered by others.

He then carefully set up the teleportation portal in the middle of the cave and followed the pattern from the computer. He has already discovered the rune to use so that he would be able to connect and activate the target portal.

If he is wrong, then it would not start and he would try to find the correct location of the portal. However, from the looks of it, the portal is actually filled with longitude and lat.i.tude. Hence he is not that worried.

He began to input the coordinate in the computer and let the portal try to pick up a trace of another portal's existence in that way. However, he discovers that the portal in that area is actually closed.

"Hmmm… there might be a city in that direction and the rebellion has disrupted their portal." He muttered as he once again picks a location and set the coordinate.

This time there is no reply, this means that there are no portals in that direction.

Shin Jiao did this slowly and he actually found at least 20 more portals that are inactive. It was already midnight and he still could not find the right direction. Hence he continues trying to detect another location.

When it was already 4 a.m. in the morning, Shin Jiao is already feeling helpless. The situation which he thinks he can already figure out, turned out to be harder than he thought. Hence he felt depressed.

But he didn't stop. This time, because of his failure, he let the computer calculate and try to detect portal signals automatically. After programming the computer, Shin Jiao decided to rest for a while and began to cultivate.

He didn't know how long it took but soon a buzzing sound coming from the computer interrupted him. When he opens his eyes, it was already noon the next day. Shin Jiao checked the coordinate and found that the portal in that location is active and it's the one with the most powerful mana signature.

"That must be the capital city of Er." He muttered.

Then Shin Jiao remember something important and directed his attention inside his ring. He saw the people happily eating their meal and a tiny figure looking at the sky with worry in her eyes. Seeing the worry in her eyes, Shin Jiao was touched and found himself truly liking the little girl.

Right now, he wished that if he can have a child it would be a cute little girl like Nao Guo.

He decided to enter his ring and appear beside Nao Guo.

"What's wrong?" he asked which made the little girl jump in fright.

Her reaction made Shin Jiao chuckle.

"Master Ji, don't do that!"

"Haha… Oh… I see, so you have advanced to the 1st level of the body refining stage. That is good… you really have the talent to be a cultivator… Alright, continue doing the breathing exercise I taught you and the cultivation pattern… I will check on you every now and then. I will go now, as I think I already found the right location." Shin Jiao said with a smile while patting Nao Guo's head.

This made the little girl smile and felt warm in her heart. In truth, she didn't want to call Shin Jiao her master, but she wanted him to be her big brother. But her father told her that a master is like a family and more. So she decided to call Shin Jiao her master.

When Shin Jiao was about to leave, he noticed three women walking towards him. They were the cultivators which were included in the group of people he is helping.

"Greetings senior… We… we want to thank you for your help." One of them said.

"I am Mei Ao, and these are my sisters, Zhi Ao and Ying Ao." The young woman named Mei Ao said.

When Shin Jiao looks at them a beautiful face suddenly appears in his mind. This is because the girls' faces have a resemblance to that woman's face. And when he recalled their names, he is 100% sure that these young women have a relationship with that powerful cultivator.

"Do you need anything?" Shin Jiao asked.

"Umm… Senior… can… can we follow you?"

"Huh? Why?"

"We… we actually ran away from our sect and… and our sister…"

"It's a long story… but if you are willing to listen we will tell you."

Shin Jiao looks at the three and nodded his head.

"But not today… I will now activate the portal and go to the location of the capital of Er city… It has been a long day for me. So as soon as I finish this task the better. In the meantime, please… help that kid." Shin Jiao said with a gentle smile.

"Wait… I knew that you wanted to go to the capital city of the Er kingdom. But I never imagined that you will be taking the portal… by any means… do you have a coordinate?"

The woman who seems to be the eldest of the three, Mei Ao, asked with a tone of hesitation in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Shin Jiao asked in confusion.

"Senior, here as a way of thanking you in advance…" she said as she handed a scroll that she took from her spatial tool.

When Shin Jiao saw the scroll he felt a bit confused. However, once he opened it. His expression immediately changed.

"This… how did you get this?" Shin Jiao asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"We… we actually stole it from someone when we tried to escape. But it is useless in our hands, with your ability and strength; it would be of more use."

"Sigh… alright, I don't want to promise you anything. But I will first listen to your story once we reached the capital city of Er, okay?" Shin Jiao said which made the three young women nod their heads.

Shin Jiao then gave them a perfunctory smile and left.

Appearing inside the cave, he immediately took out the scroll which is actually a map of the whole part of the Xi Empire.

And after checking his computer he can deduce that his target location is not the capital city of Er but one of the most bustling cities in Er kingdom, Alchema city.

The reason why the city produces a huge mana fluctuation is that many people are actually visiting that place from all around the kingdom and even the empire. Due to it being a source of many rare spiritual herbs.

The city itself cultivates herbs that are rarely seen in the empire. And the famous Alchema sect is behind all this.

Shin Jiao thought about it for a while but then decided to try and locate the capital city of the Er portal. And to his surprise, the portal is actually not accepting incoming mana signal.

"If my guess is correct, the empire army is already stationed in that city and is currently waiting for the activation of the portal in the capital of Si… Haha… too bad I already took the portal and its coordinate is not the same anymore… Hehe…" Shin Jiao chuckled.

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