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Chapter 418


City H, in a hospital-owned by the Tang's

Two days have pa.s.sed since the incident. However, Shi Anne Li is still unconscious and in a coma while lying inside a private room. Her vitals are all normal but she is still unable to wake up. But Shin Jiao knew why Shi Anne Li is unconscious and that is because her soul was corrupted by something. He could not rush in doing anything because it might endanger her more. Hence he decided to put on a seal to prevent the corruption from further eroding her soul.

Shi Anne Li disappears a few days ago and Susan Tang immediately told Shin Jiao the text message she received from her that night before the attack.

'Susan, I'm really sorry. I cannot come back anymore. I don't want to endanger you and Shin because. I hope that you take good care of him and love him as much as I do. I love you both... If I have another chance... I would make everything right. But please... please don't try to do anything...�����'

That was Shi Anne Li's message which made Susan Tang feels a bit worried. She wanted to tell Shin Jiao that night but she knew that they are going to help Marie first. But never did they expect that such a thing to happen.

"Shin, what should we do?" Susan Tang weakly asked while lying on Shin Jiao's arms.

Shin Jiao looks at the woman lying in bed as his mind began to think of a solution right at this moment. If it would only require strength to solve this kind of problem then it would be easy for him to do that. However, he could not go on a rampage just because of the situation they are in right now. He needs to think deeply to solve the problem while preventing himself to go on a killing spree.

Because right now, it is already taking his all to control his own rage and not erupt at any moment. He is truly angered when he saw the condition of Shi Anne Li. He almost could not forgive himself if something happened to her as one of the women he loved.

He carefully caresses the hair of Susan Tang as he heaves a heavy sigh calming his heart. He knew that he needs to think and investigate more on this.

Suddenly the room's door opens and the figure of Marie enters the rooms followed by Jiyong. The two brought some food with them.

"Oh, I'm… We… we are sorry to intrude…" Marie said while showing a blushing face.

She did not expect to see the sweet scene in front of her where Shin Jiao and Susan Tang are lying on the sofa while hugging each other lovingly.

The two quickly stood up while Susan's face are beat red.

"Thank you… you two should go home. Don't worry about anything… Jiyong can protect you." Shin Jiao said while giving Park Jiyong a wink.

The young man smiled and gave Shin Jiao a nod.

"Marie, thank you…" Susan Tang said as she walked towards Marie and gave her a hug.

As the three went out of the door where Susan Tang walked them out, Shin Jiao stayed inside and once again carefully scanned Shi Anne Li's mind. He can clearly see a small ma.s.s of black aura trying to consume her mind dantian where her soul is.

"If I try to remove this thing, would it affect Shi Anne? No… I… I can't be careless with this." Shin Jiao muttered.

He then takes out the orb from his spatial ring and carefully inspects it. He knew that the orb has the effect of absorbing souls, so he is not willing to use it.

However, as he checks the soul-devouring orb, he saw something inside.

"Wait a minute… this is soul essence…" he muttered.

This is the first time that he tried to check the soul-devouring orb thoroughly, hence he just discovered its secret.

He carefully stretched his hand and began manipulating the orb.

"So this crystal is nothing special, but the soul essence is masking its true composition making it look like an artifact… Hmm… it seems that the soul essence inside is sentient." Shin Jiao muttered as he slowly peels off the crystal ball with his fingers acting like a hot knife cutting through b.u.t.ter.

'Wait! Don't!' a young boy's voice entered Shin Jiao's mind.

'I… I didn't mean to absorb those souls… I was just being controlled.' The voice said hinted with fear.

"You are being controlled? I guess you are trapped in this prison, right?" Shin Jiao asked.

'Yes… I was… It has been a long time since someone can hear me. And it surprised me a lot.'

"Then why are you trapped here?"

'It was my father… he… he can't let me die, so he created this… this… prison.' The voice suddenly became sad.

"Anyway, my wife is in trouble. And I wanted to try and use you to absorb the dark thing that is trying to corrode her soul."

'Oh, I can actually feel it. That is not a thing… it's a corrupted soul. If you promise to free me, I can try to take that corruption and restore her soul…'

"Are you trying to make a deal with me?"

'Yes… I will do anything to be free from this sh.e.l.l.'

"You seem to be underestimating me… demon." Shin Jiao suddenly said as he waves his other hand and a rune seal appears beneath the soul essence.

'No! No! Please… I'm not a demon. I… I was not a demon. I was just turned like this because of me absorbing too many soul's energy and memories for many years.'

Shin Jiao can actually see the true form of the voice. He can see that the soul essence has a form of a creature that looks like a human with a bull's horn on his forehead. Then from his back, sharp bony spikes protrude out of its skin, making him look imposing.

"We shall see about that." Shin Jiao said as he finished the seal.

Then from the figure of the soul essence, a dark neck collar appears on the demon figure's neck.

'What? What is this?'

"This is my insurance… I know of your capability… so any tricks would cause your own demise." Shin Jiao warned.

When the soul essence heard this it felt a bit of fear. It knew that the rune that the human-made is somewhat connected to its consciousness. As a soul, it would not die, but entering a void is like the worst punishment for a soul rather than death. It would be like its existence would vanish and it would be an empty sh.e.l.l.

'No… no please not that. I… I will not do any tricks, promise.' It said.

"Then do a better job and I will free you." Shin Jiao said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, the soul essence immediately began to channel something. Then a black invisible to the naked eye lines appear and began to wrap themselves at Shi Anne Li.

Then from there, the black web-like lines began attacking the thing that is corrupting Shi Anne Li's soul.

While this is happening, the thing seems to have detected danger as it began fleeing inside of Shi Anne Li's body. With it moving, Shi Anne Li's body began to suffer from its corrosive attacks.

"d.a.m.n it!" shouted Shin Jiao as he began to form a seal around the body of Shi Anne Li.

Since the thing that is corroding her soul has left her mind dantian, Shin Jiao is not worried anymore.

He went all out and began to constrain Shi Anne Li's vessels and nerves. This would prevent that thing from further damaging her body.

With it trapped and unable to go anywhere it began trying to fight back against the black lines slowly surrounding it.

But before it was totally consumed, a voice escaped from deep within it.

'You will pay for this…'

When Shin Jiao heard the voice he was a bit taken aback. That is because it felt like the voice is a collective.

"So this thing might be a form created not by a single person but many." Shin Jiao said as he observes the thing slowly being consumed by the black lines.

Not long later, the black lines began to recede and a white half soul appears.

When Shin Jiao saw the face, he was a bit shocked. That is because the soul is actually that of Shi Anne Li's.

Then his eyes went towards Shi Anne Li's mind dantian and began searching for half of her soul deep within. And there he saw the same white soul.

"What is this?"

'It seems that the people who did this are proficient in corruption. They are not among the people that are using me as a weapon. They are more sinister and vile to be able to control one's own soul to destroy itself.' The child's voice said.

"Did you consume her memory?" Shin Jiao asked coldly.

'I… I have to. If not, then I could not release her.'

"Do you still have them?"


With that answer, Shin Jiao felt a bit hesitant. This is because the memory of Shi Anne Li is a private thing for her. Although it cannot be returned anymore once forcefully taken, he still wanted to respect her private life.

"Keep it for the meantime."

'Hey, wait! I thought you are going to free me from this prison.'

"I will… but if I do that, you will disappear, am I right?���"

With his words, the soul essence suddenly felt like he was too stupid to realize something because of his excitement in tasting freedom after many years have pa.s.sed.

"What is your name?"


'Duan Ying'


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