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The infiltrator part 3


A pool of dark murky blood with its strong pungent smell slowly seeps into the dry sand. A mess of body parts and innards are everywhere.

Shin Jiao successfully dissected the stomach of the sand dragon with his sharp black sword. Because of this, the combat prowess of the demon was cut by more than half as it died because of the savage attacks of Agnes as she threw all kinds of elemental bombardments towards its tough body.

"We can use this to successfully enter the demon's territory. I can craft something to camouflage ourselves as demons." Shin Jiao said as he checked the remains on the ground.

Not long later, Shin Jiao has already made suits that look like that of the sand toads.

Then he covered the hoverbike and makes it look like those sand beast that the sand toads are riding.

The two continue traveling towards the borders of the demon territory, and after a day they now reached a city that was conquered by the demons.

Shin Jiao saw weird thee meters tall stones coming out of the ground. To his surprise, these stones are actually emitting a strong mist of death energy in the air.

"Those are mana refineries… the demons use those things to create an environment where dark energy are abundant. That way the demons can replenish their ranks at a fast pace… However, by doing so it creates mindless brutes that didn't know how to think. Only the basic functions are retained by its incomplete brain, and one of those basic needs is too strong, it is the need feed." Agnes explained.

"Do you mean the demons can become regular beings without those things?" Shin Jiao asked as they slowly approached the city.

"Umm… not really they still have the tendency to kill others as it is already in their nature. However, there are pure ones that look like elves with different skin color and horns on their heads that can live without it."

"Elves? You mean there are elves?" Shin Jiao showed a shocked expression on his face.

Though he has already expected something like this, coming directly from the mouth of Agnes, he was a little excited.

"Yeah, the demons are like their distant relatives because of the dark elves. It is known in the land of the mages that the elves, the high elves, and the dark elves once fought. However, the dark elves were defeated along with the normal elves. The high elves ruled supreme in their elven kingdom. Because of this defeat, the elves ally themselves to the humans, while the dark elves… they… they did something." She explained.

"They tried to open a dimensional gate with the expense of more than half of their remaining forces. The gate was successful but they have opened a wrong dimension. A dark creature descended in their midst and conquered more than half of their lands. Those who survive fled everywhere, however, those who couldn't become slaves to that creature. And from the combination of that creature's blood and the dark elves come forth the pure ones."

If what Agnes is telling him is right, then he hasn't seen a pure-blooded demon yet.

"Sigh… before the death of the demon king, I was supposed to be granted a chance to be one of the pure ones. But many opposed to this idea. This is because of my powers and growth. They thought that is I was granted the power to be a pure one, then I would become unstoppable and none can stop my rule…"

The two stopped as they reached the city gate.

A line of different kinds of demon slowly marches forth as they entered the city. Shin Jiao can see that many of them are wounded and some are just dragging themselves while going forward. Every now and then those who would fall would be eaten by the ones in the back and sometimes a fight would breakthrough.

"I hate these low-level demons," Agnes muttered.

While the two are slowly entering the demon city at the borders, in another location where a large city already in ruins lays a ma.s.sive twenty meters mana refinery.

This large city was once the capital city of the beast clan, the Beastia Imperial city of Huks.

When they were defeated by the demons in a long battle, this city became the capital city of the demons. Right now, many pure demons are busily walking to and fro as they went through with their work.

Soldiers can be seen everywhere, but there are some who wore nice and expensive clothing as they walk around the streets buying some of the goods and the spoils of war the vendors have obtained.

Inside the once magnificent palace of the beast clan emperor, in a large throne room sat a gloomy-looking figure. This demon has already removed his armors and weapons and is right now just wearing a pure black robe with a golden crown on his head.

"Demon Lord, Belfast! We have news from the front lines," one of his generals' steps forward from a crowd in line to make his report.

With a nod Belfast permitted the demon to speak.

"We have encountered a problem in our a.s.sault at the main fort of the alliance." The demon general reported.

"It seems that the humans hiding an expert within their ranks. Our spies inside the fort are already dead because of the holy energy shield within the fort. So we didn't determine what happened at that time…" the general reported the rest of what had happened.

"So, you mean after I left and gave us a great victory, and let your army use the rare shield breaker cannons, we still lost?" the tone of the Belfast sounded chilling cold.

It is clear that he is furious.

The shield breaker cannon were the treasure of the demons which the usurped demon queen stole from the humans. They only got three and limited ammunition, however now one of those cannons has been destroyed and they also lost almost half of the ammunition.

Right at this moment, Belfast's eyes shone with a glint of anger. Then with a flick of his finger, the demon general's head suddenly burst into a pulp.


Upon hearing his words, the rest of the generals were suddenly shaken. These generals are battle-hardened warriors. However, their strategy is not as complex as humans. They only rely on brute strength and numbers.

So right at this time of silence, Belfast's mind suddenly saw a figure of utmost beauty. He truly coveted that woman for her shrewdness, power, and beauty.

He knew at that time if the pure demons didn't object with her rule, this war that they are waging would have ended a long time ago. And the demons may have won the battle. However, as a pure demon, he can't allow that. He can have her on his bed, but not over his head.

So he purposely drags everything to delay the conquest and drove the demon queen mad.

And after that he stages a coup to usurp her throne and get back was should have truly belonged to him. His complex feelings towards that woman can be shown on his demonic handsome face.

"This meeting is getting boring. I lay my command right here, right now. Continue the siege! Destroy the humans!" shouted Belfast.

This roar of his has the effect of raising the morale of every demon in battle. Hence he was able to rile up the emotions of everyone as they roared along with him.

From the second floor in the dark corner two shadows are standing while looking at the crowd of powerful demon generals below.

These two figures have dark gray skin, a s.e.xy curvaceous body, and an almost flawless young beauty. At the side of their heads are two small black horns slightly protruding out of their neatly arranged hair.

"What do you think sister? Will the new demon king be successful in conquering this land?"

"That is hard to tell… he seems powerful and a brute. I think that's the reason why the pure ones chose him rather than that shrewd b*tch."

"You still call her b*tch? Are you still angry that you cannot defeat her even with your powers?"

"Che! She is just too cunning on how she would use her dark magic. However, I am more powerful than her. Plus she was a human. She has low mana capacity than us pure ones."

"Haha… Yet, she is a good seed. I knew that she would be this useful when I found her."

"Shut up! If not for your contributions I would have killed you a long time ago."

"Ohh… I'm scared. Remember… sister… I was the one who taught her all her skills if she can beat you… what can you do?"

The two bicker at each other as they faded through the shadows.

If Agnes was here she would be astounded to see the two women, because she knew those two very well and thought that they were her only support within the demon realm.

The woman whom she thought was dead, her master, is actually still alive.

Shin Jiao and Agnes have now successfully infiltrated the first demon city. The two followed the demons as they were led through a place where many cages can be seen.

"d.a.m.n, this is not good!" Agnes immediately whispered.

"We are being sent to the front lines. If we get into one of these cages, we will be transported to the warzone, again." She added.

Shin Jiao's mind immediately thought of a solution as in the corner of his eyes he saw something.

Upon seeing that thing he immediately smirked.

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