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The uneven rough road coupled with the smell of death and decay made their journey through this path felt like walking along the path to purgatory. Though the convoy didn't encounter any troubles on the road, yet the depressing atmosphere keeps them on the edge.

Two days, it has been two since they departed from the ruined village of Xiling and is now on the way to the town of Snowpeach.

Their current destination is the main town at the borders nearing the city of Wu, the main city of the Wu kingdom. The distance from the city of Wu to the town of Snowpeach would take about a month due to the mountainous area and the distance between these two places. In-between the town of Snowpeach and the great city of Wu are the small villages.

The Snowpeach town was once one of the villages of the Wu city. But then one day someone discovered a low-grade spiritual stone mine just outside of the village. And from then on many people began to gather in the village making the population grow to such extent. No one knows why until now the mine still produces spirit stones even after a long time has pa.s.sed. It was as if the mine is naturally growing the low-grade stones.

A lot of cultivators have a suspicion that in the areas near the Snowpeach town there might be a spirit stone vein, but since the mine can only produce low-grade spirit stones, n.o.body bothers to discover its secret.

The long line of wagons slowly reached the main road where the town of Snowpeach can be seen not far on the horizon. From the distance, it seems that the town is small, but everyone knows how big truly its size. Within the town lives more than a million of people, hence its size is not that surprising. Thought the town has a large population like that of a small city, it is still a town because not all the people within this town permanently live there.

Most of them are just transient cultivators who are in the town for work and earn spirit stones. Since the mine was built in this town hundreds of years ago many cultivators have gone in this place to grab work and earn spirit stones for their cultivation.

When the caravan neared the outer wall they can finally see the huge gate of the town. In front of the gate stood hundreds of soldiers wearing their armors and holding their gleaming spears. Each of them wore a solemn expression on their faces and tension can be seen.

"It seems that the guards outside are all mortals, I think the town suffered the same attacks just like Xiling village… Look at those burnt corpses of beasts."

"This does not look good. I hope that this town is safe. I don't want to go through the kind of h.e.l.l in Xiling village."

"Mama, look at the walls they are really huge!"

"We're safe at last!"

The people within the wagons started to discuss as they slowly approach the town's gate.

"Halt! Wait for a moment while we check the wagons!" a guard shouted as he stood in front of the Groog pulling the first wagon.

Since it's not their first time entering a town, the Roc's Eye merchant people followed the rules. They waited patiently for a while as they know that someone is carefully scanning each of the wagons. This is a normal procedure when entering a town or a city, but not all towns do this. Due to the importance of the mining area in the town, their rules became strict.

n.o.body dared react as they kept silent while waiting for the scan to be completed. Not long later a man in his 30's walks out of the gate with a big smile plastered on his face.

Meanwhile, Bibao Ling also alighted the wagon showing his big figure along with the Xiling village chief. He had accommodated the village chief because the man was able to provide him with accurate direction from which they were able to safely pa.s.s the mountainous region for 2 days.

Seeing the huge figure of Bibao Ling the man immediately walks towards him.

"Master Ling! Welcome back to our humble town. It seems that you have a lot of guesses today?" the man said as he cupped his hands in greetings.

"Well it can't be helped, these people lost a lot and we can't let them just die out there. Even I can't believe that the whole village was destroyed just like that." Bibao Ling said animatedly.

"I guess you went through a lot out there. It must be hard on you." the man said showing a sad expression.

"Nah… it's okay, at least some of us were able to survive that nightmare." Bibao Ling said waving his hand.

"This is the chief of the Xiling Village…" Bibao Ling added as he introduces the man behind him.

The village chief walks forward cupping his hands as he greeted the man.

"You have my condolence with what happened to your village… but as you can see; your village is not the only one who was attacked." The man said as he pointed to the right the horizon where a couple of black smoke bellows high up to the air.

"Those are the villages that were attacked?" Bibao Ling suddenly gasped.

"No… No… those are not villages but the survivors. While trying to escape their village they never made it to this town. We tried to rescue them, but our soldiers arrive too late. Plus we have a squad of cultivators who were lost while rescuing them. We came to learn that cultivators are being hunted by those undead creatures, so we stop sending help… Because if we do, we are the ones who are going to suffer. However, we are happy to accept survivors just like you guys." The man said with a smile.

Bibao Ling understood the situation so he didn't try to pry more into this.

Meanwhile, Shin Jiao and the people inside the last wagon are showing a bored expression on their faces.

Bok Du's two friends have been injured so they stayed in another caravan where the injured people are staying. With the lack of medicine, it became hard for them to heal their wounds.

Hence in this caravan, the s.p.a.ce those two occupies is now being used by the mother and her two children.

Actually the reason why the travel of the caravan was too smooth is because of these people. Shin Jiao and the rest of the group would always go out and hunt down undead beasts before they could approach the caravan. Using a new formation which Ling Ya made inside the wagon, their spiritual senses have been amplified twice the range. Since it is a secret array formation, Ling Ya didn't show it to others how she made it.

But of course Shin Jiao didn't let it pa.s.s; so he took pictures of the array formation.

What baffled the group is the presence of the mortals, why Shin Jiao made them stay inside their wagon. Those three are just mortals, and they should stay with the people from their village. Plus they noticed that the woman calls Shin Jiao her master. Did Shin Jiao make the poor woman and her children his own servants?

They wanted to ask but it seems that the woman willingly accepts her circ.u.mstance. Then as time goes by they noticed that the two kids have taken a liking to the young man which made them think twice of their last conjecture. The two lovely children also became a playmate for Hao Fu and because of that, he didn't feel bored on this trip.

"What do you think we should do next once we are inside the town?" Jin Fu suddenly asked the group.

"Senior Jin, this is our stop. I and my two brothers would stay in this town for a while." Bok Du said.

"I, Bok Du am happy to have traveled with you all." He added as he stumped his breast while bowing to everyone.

This action of his is a gesture of respect from where he came from. Since he is a warrior of the desert, he respects those people who are strong and fearless. In this travel, he discovers that the people in this wagon are true warriors which earned his respect.

"Me too lads, I've been honored to see some promising youngsters. I will stay in this small town and see some places. If ever you have a chance to visit Wu city then I'll be glad to accommodate you all. Just tell them my name." Elder Jugs said with a smile.

The two sisters didn't say anything and just nod their heads to the rest of the people because they still plan to continue traveling with the caravan and this place is just their temporary stop.

Shin Jiao has a hint that the two are going to the capital of the empire because of Chuan Tang's condition. As she is infected by an unknown parasite they wanted to look for a capable doctor to be able to heal her or remove the parasite in her body. Though Shin Jiao has an idea of what kind of parasite it is as he can see its aura using his gla.s.ses, he didn't volunteer to remove it as the two are very secretive.

The caravan enters the town without a hitch and the people inside it became happy. Most of them have tears flowing down their eyes as their lives are now safe from the undead creatures roaming outside. The convoy directly goes to the Roc's Eye merchant house branch building.

As the people alighted they began to disperse and went their own way.

Meanwhile, Shin Jiao along with the woman and her two kids rented a small house with the help of the Roc's Eye merchant personnel.

"Wow, this is a very beautiful house, Mama… are we going to live here from now on with big brother Shin?" the little girl whose name is Haoyin Fung shouted as she ran around the house.

Shin Jiao nods his head while carrying the little boy, Bao Fung.

"Miss Jie, you and your kids can have the room on the left. I'll take the room upstairs. You can rest for a while, according to Master Ling, the caravan will be staying here for a week while they resupply… But with this situation, I think it would take longer. I'm guessing that the other villages in this area are facing the same problems too." Shin Jiao said.

"Yes, master." Jie Ye replied as she curtsied.

"Remember… you must rest. I will call on you this evening…" Shin Jiao said.

Then he noticed that the woman suddenly blushed. And her gaze seems dodgy as if she could not look him in the eye. He then saw her bit her lips as if hesitating and a bit of reluctance in her expression. Upon seeing this, Shin Jiao was downed in realization. Then he hit his forehead.

"I… I didn't mean that… Geez. I mean your training… your training will start this evening." Shin Jiao said as he corrected himself.

Upon hearing this, Jie Ye's anxiety suddenly disappears. Although Shin Jiao is a very handsome young man, she is not willing to sacrifice her dignity just to gain power. In the village, many cultivators wanted to get her but she didn't lower herself just to gain power. Luckily, the village chief forbade cultivators to abuse their power within the village.

And so she and her children settle down inside their room and rested for the rest of the day.

Shin Jiao, on the other hand, began to take out the undead cores he was carrying and began his experiments on them. He didn't notice that it was already near the middle of the night when he finished as his room is well-lit because of the light bulbs he installed on the ceiling.

"Oh, no! I forgot Jie Ye's training." Shin Jiao suddenly remember and quickly ran down.

He then saw a lovely woman with a mature temperament washing the plates on the sink. When she noticed that someone is behind her, she quickly turns around.

Upon seeing the figure of Shin Jiao, she showed a smile.

"Master, you should eat first. I'm sorry that the kids have already eaten." She said feeling a little scared.

"No worries… next time, you should not wait for me. Okay?" Shin Jiao said waving his hand.

He then takes a seat near the table and became amazed at the food she prepared.

"I bought some food outside with the spirit stoned you've given me… I hope that this is to your liking master?" Jie Ye said.

Shin Jiao just nods his head and gestured for her to eat with him. After a while, the two began eating their dinner.

After finishing their dinner, Shin Jiao took off his pair of gla.s.ses and gestured for Jie Ye to sit in front of him.

"I will show you the basics of your ability. Put on these gla.s.ses and watch everything okay?" Shin Jiao said as he carefully put the gla.s.ses on her.

"Start!" Shin Jiao said as the gla.s.ses on Jie Ye's eyes suddenly turn dark.

Then she began to see the patterns and the basic techniques in manipulating natural energies. Though Jie Ye is not well versed as a mortal when it comes to reading and writing, however, she was taught by her husband the basics. And so she was able to understand some of the things shown to her. The knowledge she has learned and seen is like gushing water slowly opening the flood gates of her brain as she absorbs everything slowly.

Her smiling face made Shin Jiao shrugs his shoulder; he knows that the woman has now gained an affinity to learning. And from her expression, it seems that she is not going to stop anytime soon. So he decided to let her be and went up to continue his research.

The next morning…

Shin Jiao slowly stretched his body as he has done another round of researched and discover how to separate the strong dark Qi from the undead cores. With this, he can now freely absorb the cores without worry.

He also noticed the infectious nature of the dark Qi. If one absorbs such Qi in their body it would turn their body into a vessel. In his opinion, this is the reason why the necromancer can make zombie cultivators easily. Because once a cultivator is infected with this Qi the necromancer would just inject his own Qi in that cultivator and he will be able to control them.

This is only Shin Jiao's conjecture as he needs more prof and experiment subject to be able to support his theory. But with theory alone, Shin Jiao now has an idea of the necromancer's power. And the only thing he can say is that it is too awesome.

Though it is too dark, brutal, and inhumane, completely in a sense, it is still a force to be reckoned with.

After finishing Shin Jiao went down and saw that the table is already set while the two children are already having breakfast. Jie Ye, on the other hand, is still sitting in a lotus position while the gla.s.ses on her eyes are still on.

Shin Jiao could not help but show a smile on her thirst for knowledge. So he let her be and eat with the two children.

After eating he helped them with the dishes.

"Bao, Hoayin come with me…" Shin Jiao called.

The three went up the stairs and into his room. Shin Jiao then set the little boy on the bed and looks at his severed leg. He could not help but let out a helpless sigh.

"Bao, I will make you a new leg, okay?" Shin Jiao said as he carefully took out some measurements for the boy.

He plans to use an organic crystal, for the boy's leg. This is a unique crystal that Shin Jiao discover while making his own dantian. With the combination of cybernetics and the crystal, he can make anything that would follow the growth of its hosts, which means that the boy's implanted cybernetic leg would grow just like a normal leg.

"Okay, I'm done with the measurements. Tomorrow you're going to have a new leg I promise." Shin Jiao said to the quiet little boy.

Then Shin Jiao noticed the boy's eyes slowly moisten as he cried, seeing this the little girl also cried. This situation made Shin Jiao felt at a loss. He didn't expect the boy to cry, because ever since the accident the little boy almost stopped talking. As if the trauma of the accident turned him into a mute.

Then he suddenly heard rapid footsteps coming up, and then his room's door was suddenly swung open.

Shin Jiao was dumbfounded when he saw Jie Ye who suddenly barges in.

When she heard the cries of her children, Jie Ye was suddenly jolted from her stupor. She then immediately stopped what she was doing and ran as fast as she could upstairs. She didn't notice that her body unconsciously started to emit fiery energy which slowly surrounded her body.

Shin Jiao didn't know what to say at the speed of her comprehension. Right now Jie Ye's body is glowing red with fire all over her. What made Shin Jiao gawked is that the fire seems to be harmless as it didn't even burn her clothes.

While hugging the two kids who are crying, Shin Jiao gave her a satisfied smile.

When Jie Ye saw that nothing was wrong with the two children she heaves a sigh of relief. She could not bear to think of losing the two as they are her life.

When she saw Shin Jiao smiling at her, she felt confused.

Then she suddenly noticed that her body is covered with fire and began to panic.

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