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So the more that she could not let anyone knows that she was that girl he had a night stand with in Hong Kong!

She could imagine how her brother will get furious when he knew that she slept with Lu Jiaosheng. 

"Did you what I say?" Tan Ja Nin asked when she noticed that Ler Chin Mei was lost in her thoughts. 

"Uhm! I'll take note on what you have said!" 

Tan Ja Nin smiled. She took the herbs and spices and seasoned the shrimp. "How's school?" 

"Hmm, quite busy since I am graduating in Senior High now." 

"What course are you going to take in college?" 

"IT." She simply replied. She wanted this course because she wanted to know Lu Jiaosheng world. 

"That's a nice choice. I'm pretty sure you have been prepared for this course during your years in senior high!" 


"Wait, I think Lu Jiaosheng is an IT expert." Tan Ja Nin suddenly remember. "You can ask help from him in the future." 

"Didn't you just say that I should stay away from him?"

"I just said not to fall in love with him. But he is your big brother bestfriend. You can also treat him like a big brother!" 

But I don't want another Big Brother!

She smiled. 

Tan Ja Nin stood up to open the gas range. They continued chatting until Lee Jin Ho arrived.


"Why are you still here brat?" Lee Jin Ho asked when he saw Lee Chin Mei chatting with Tan Ja Nin at the kitchen.

"My big sis invited me to have dinner here"

Lee Jin Ho looked at Tan Ja Nin and she nodded. 

"So Uncle Shao are still waiting for you downstairs?" 

"Nope! I told him to roam around the city first the. Get back here to pick me up by 9PM"


"So when are you going to introuduce big sis to out parents?" Lee Chin Mei asked. 

"I'm planning to bring her to our villa on Dad's birthday gathering." 

"Oh, it going to be like showing off to our whole clan that she is your girlfriend" Lee Chin Mei exclaimed.

Tan Ja Nin looked at Lee Chin Mei. 

"All of our relatives both from my mother and father side attends every party organized by our family whether it's mom birthday or dad's or mine or big brother." Lee Chin Mei explained. 

Tan Ja Nin suddenly felt frightened. She didn't know how to handle such situation. 

She looked at Lee Jin Ho. 

"Don't listen to her. It's just a simple family celebration like dinner whom the attendees are just us. Dad doesn't like an extravant birthday party thou" 

She heaved a sigh of relief. 

Lee Chin Mei laughed "Why are you so afraid that your relationship will be out in the open? Like why until now, you haven't divulge it to your friends."

"We're just looking for perfect timing!" Tan Ja Nin answered. 

"And when's the perfect timing." 

"It is when the time that Tan Ja Nin gets ready to announce it to the world!"

"Ohhh! I never thought you could be that understanding and will always consider Big Sis preference" Lee Chin Mei snorted. 

"Right! So later try to find a boyfriend who have the same traits like mine." 

"But I'm not allowed to have a boyfrienf yet!" 

"Yes, not until you reach 21."

"But why? Isn't 18 the legal age for girls?" Lee Chin Mei scoffed. 

"Just follow my rules." Lee Jin Ho said.

"Strict brother! Your stricter than our parents. What if fall in love now...haven't you fell in love when you were about my age?

Lee Jin Ho was stunned.

Of course he was. 

But by that time he knew that he never have the girl he likes so he just focused on his studies. 

"Yeah, I think you're a little too strict with her. I think it's okay if she's going to have a boyfriend at her age for as now long as her studies will not be compromised." Tan Ja Nin commented. 

Lee Chin Mei gave Tan Ja Nin a wink!

"Your the best sister-out-law in the entire universe!" 

"Sister-out-law?" Lee Jin Ho frowned.

"Yes because you're not married yet. Why don't you marry her now so I could start calling her my sister-in-law"

Tan Ja Nin face blushed. 

Lee Jin Ho lips curled up when he saw Tan Ja Nin's reaction. 

"His brother Tan Ji Nan is getting married this year...we cannot hold our wedding on the same year because it connotes bad luck!"

"Then marry her next year then!" Lee Chin Mei exclaimed.

"Okay, I will be relaxing my rules now. You can have a boyfriend for as long you two met the criteria."

"Should I be glad or not?" Lee Chin Mei scoffed. "What is your criteria then?" She asked.

"First, your priority will still be your studies. Second, you can only see him once a week and only during weekends. Lastly, no petting, no kiss, no s.e.x! You can only do holding hands!" 

Tan Ja Nin could not help but smile. Isn't he a little too strict on the last criteria? Although she agreed on the no s.e.x thing but no kiss? Isn't it sweet to experience your first kiss with your first boyfriend?

Lee Chin Mei face suddenly turned pale. 

She could not let everyone knew her most deepest secret. 

If his brother knew it. She was doomed and it will be the end of Lu Jiaosheng's life. 

"You don't have to worry, I don't have any plans of having a boyfriend until I reached the age of 21"

"That's good then!" Lee Jin Ho smiled feeling victorious. 


The following day, Lee Jin Ho met with Lu Jiaosheng at the Privè Club. He could stay up late outside since Tan Ja Nin will be attending a family dinner with the Ho's to discuss the wedding plans for Tan Ji Nan and  Ho Min Lin. 

Lu Jiaosheng was already at the Privè Club when he arrived. It was unsual for him to be early because he always came late in most gatherings. 

He might have really an important things he will say to him. 

"What do you want?" Lu Jiaosheng asked him. "Drinks is on me." He was already have a gla.s.s of wine. "I just bought a gla.s.s. We can order a bottle of your preference." 

Lee Jin Ho gave him a mischievous grin. 

Should he order the most expensive one? 

It also a rare occasion that Lu Jiaosheng will be footing the bill. 

So he might as well take advantage of it now. 

But what's the catch?

He knew Lu Jiaosheng. 

He will never spend money unless he will get a nice return. 

He ordered a screaming eagle sauvignon blanc which cost between $US 5500-6000 

Lu Jiaosheng was stunned but could only agree. Too much money for just a bottle of wine. 

But the thing that he would be asking help from him was more than the price tag of this wine. 

"So what do you wanted to say to me then?" Lee Jin Ho asked while he started sipping the wine from the gla.s.s. 

"I saw her!" Lu Jiaosheng said. 

Lee Jin Ho knitted his brows. "You saw who?" 

"The girl in Hong Kong!" 

Lee Jin Ho made a pregnant pause. He was aware that Lu Jiaosheng was trying to find that girl again but he can never comprehend if he has something to do with it. 

"She's here in China!" Lu Jiaosheng added.

"Ohh!" He said. So the girl that he was trying to find in Hong Kong again was in China all along?

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I think she lives here"

"How do you know it? What's make you think of that?"

"I saw her yesterday wearing a school uniform...so she must probably studying in one of the schools here in China"

Made sense. Lee Jin Ho said. But then again, what it is something to do with him then?

"Did you get a chance to talk to her?" He asked.

"Nope. I don't have an opportunity that why I'm quite frustrated about it." 

"Oh, so you just saw her but haven't talk to her. So what are you going to do now. Are you going to hire a private investigator to help you find her." Lee Jin Ho asked.

"That's one of the option that I am thinking about. But the thing is, I haven't had taken a picture of her so it would be hard for the investigator to know details about her. I also don't know her name"

"Well you can hire a forensic or a criminal sketch artist so the investigator would have at least preference on what she looks like." Lee Jin Ho was laughing as he suggested it. 

Lu Jiaosheng hissed. "She wasn't a criminal!" 

"She is."

Lu Jiaosheng frowned.

"She stole your heart!" Lee Jin Ho laughed insanely as he said it. 

Lu Jioasheng did not laugh with him. He was taking this matter seriously. Lee Jin Ho stopped laughed when he noticed his serious expression.

"So how can you find her again?" He asked.

"Maybe you can help me?"

"Me? How can i help you?" Lee Jin Ho said in surprised voice. 

"I saw her entered in your bachelor's pad building. So she might be one of your neighbors!"

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