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"Su Mo, you're back! Have you completed all the missions?"

Li Feng smiled when he saw Su Mo walking into the court.

"Yeah, I'm back!" Su Mo nodded.

"Senior Brother Su Mo, you're finally back! People are saying you wouldn't make it back!"

An overjoyed Niu Xiaohu immediately got up from the ground.

"Oh, why did they say I wouldn't make it back?"

Su Mo was amused to hear that.

"Many said you would lose your life doing all those tough missions ranked three and three-and-half with your Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm cultivation."

Niu Xiaohu smiled. "I know you would not die and will definitely return after completing those missions."

Niu Xiaohu had confidence in Su Mo.

"I only accept missions I am confident to finish," Su Mo said, shaking his head.

"Su Mo!"

Li Feng called out, his face looking grave. "I heard you have accepted the Duel of Life and Death against Shen Qing at the Decisive Struggle Hall?"

"You are right!"

Su Mo nodded.

After a few moments of silence, Li Feng said in a deep voice, "You are too impulsive! I heard Shen Qing broke through to Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm half a month ago. Aren't you playing with fire by accepting this duel?"

Li Feng was worried. Su Mo had saved his life and he was grateful to him.

Thus, he would not want any mishap to fall upon Su Mo.

"Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm?"

Su Mo's eyebrows knitted but relaxed immediately. He said with a smile, "Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm is not invincible. It is still not for sure who will die in the duel!"


Li Feng was shocked and his mouth twitched.

It was not sure who would die in the duel?

Was Su Mo saying he would kill a martial artist of Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm?

Li Feng had thought he was arrogant, but Su Mo was obviously worse.

His arrogance was superficial, but Su Mo's was from deep within.

"Senior Brother Su Mo, are you confident? If not, please back out from the duel against Shen Qing!" Niu Xiaohu said, reminding him. 

Su Mo felt warmth in his heart. Though they seemed like weaklings, they were worried about him.

"I will respect those who respect me and kill those who do not!"

He said this dryly, cold light flashing in his eyes.

This was his basic principle. He would not draw back whether his opponent was an expert at Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm or a disciple of the Sky Alliance.

Having said that, he waved his hands and returned to his room.

Inside his room, he looked down and became lost in thought.

Sky Alliance?

If they had not caused trouble for him, he was ready to forget about the past. After all, the Sky Alliance was not his enemy.

He only had a conflict with Yan Qi.

If they really wanted to kill him, he would fight back.

After a long time, Su Mo sighed. He waved his hands and a dozen of storage pouches appeared.

These storage pouches were all spoils from his recent trip.

There were storage pouches of Goshawk and Vulture, as well as the Blood Blade and other experts of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade.

He opened all the pouches and the radiance from the treasures suddenly lit up the whole room.

Seeing so many spoils in front of him, his breath immediately became short and rapid.

The properties of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade, Goshawk, and Vulture were much more than the poor Jade-faced Playboy.

Soon, he checked all his spoils. There were 780 thousand taels of golds, 36 pieces of various weapons, 45 Martial Scrolls, 32 bottles of elixirs, eight Spiritual Herbs, and 30 Spiritual Stones.

The spoils this round were far better than the one he previously earned in the Qingyuan Trial Test.

"Killing is really the fastest way of making a fortune!"

Su Mo sighed and checked the spoils thoroughly.

The levels of these weapons were all below the Medium Lv 2, making them useless to him. He could contribute them to the Sect to exchange for contribution points.

The Martial Scrolls were similar to the weapons. Most were of the Lower Lv 2. Only some were of the Medium Lv 2. These were useless to Su Mo as well.

As for the 32 bottles of elixirs, half were healing elixir for injury treatment and the rest were for increasing cultivation.

The eight Spiritual Herbs were all Spiritual Herbs of Lower Lv 2.

There were 30 Lower Spiritual Stones.

"Now that my cultivation has reached the Spiritual Martial Realm, I can now use the Spiritual Stones for my cultivation!"

He put the Spiritual Stones, scrolls, and weapons into the storage ring.

He was left with only 12 bottles of elixirs for increasing cultivation.

These elixirs were all of the Lower Lv 2, which were quite useful for his cultivation.

He picked out an elixir and swallowed it before starting to refine the elixir efficacy to cultivate the Elephant's Strength Skill with the power of the elixir.

The Spiritual Qi of the elixir was quickly absorbed by his body at an incredible speed.

Having cultivated the Elephant's Strength Skill, his body was like a bottomless pit. The more Spiritual Qi he absorbed, the faster his body force increased.

By absorbing one elixir, he felt his body force increased greatly. The effect was comparable to him spending several regular days to cultivate.

"The speed of Spiritual Qi absorption is pretty amazing for this Body Refining Skill!"

Su Mo took a deep breath and continued to swallow the elixir. This time round, he swallowed 10 at once.


After he swallowed those elixirs, the elixir efficacy exploded like a volcanic eruption and pure Spiritual Qi raged in his body.

The Elephant's Strength Skill started to react and large numbers of Spiritual Qi turned into shadows of small elephants roaring silently. Hundreds of elephants roared at the same time, shaking his heart.

Shortly after, the effect of the 10 elixirs was absorbed.

His body strength increased a level higher. The Lv 4 of his Elephant's Strength Skill had reached the peak of the initial stage, making his strength comparable to a martial artist of Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Su Mo didn't stop and poured out 12 bottles of elixirs.

He popped over 140 elixirs into his mouth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the effectiveness of over 100 elixirs released, Su Mo's body was shaken so violently that he nearly could not hold it with his body strength.

He immediately worked on the Elephant's Strength Skill to absorb the pills.

This time around, a strange phenomenon happened in his body.

The violent Spiritual Qi suddenly transformed into the shadow of a huge elephant. The elephant stood tall, with its foot on the ground and its long nose rolled up toward the inverted Milky Way.

The elephant's shadow appeared only briefly before disappearing into Su Mo's body.


Su Mo suddenly felt numbness in his muscles and bones. With the sound of an explosion, his body strength then increased by 10 times.

Su Mo was elated and scanned his body.

His Elephant's Strength Skill has reached Lv 4 of the Peak of the Middle-stage. His body force was as good as a top martial artist of Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.

"Too fast! The efficacy of over 100 elixirs to increase the body is comparable to increasing the cultivation by swallowing blood essence!"

Su Mo was amazed. "Since I can increase my cultivation with these elixirs, they will definitely help me achieve the Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm."

He knew it would delay his progress the moment he decided to cultivate his genuine Qi and body at the same time.

"With my current body strength, I should be able to condense the fourth Spiritual Spiral!"

He rested for a moment before beginning to work on the Nine Spirals Mystique. He began to compact the fourth Spiritual Spiral.

Though his body strength had increased more than 10 times, it was still tough to try and compact the fourth Spiritual Spiral and the third Spiritual Spiral.

He was extremely tired with sweat on his head after trying for an entire day and night. Finally, he successfully compacted the fourth Spiritual Spiral.

When he was done filling the four Spiritual Spirals with genuine Qi, he stopped his cultivation.

It was time to exchange contribution points for items.

This time, he wanted to exchange some treasures, beast souls, and elixirs with his contribution points. The more, the merrier.

Su Mo smiled and was about to walk out of the room when he heard a loud shout coming from outside the courtyard.

"Su Mo, hurry up and get your a.s.s here!"

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