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In Skymoon Country, a martial artist in the True Spirit Realm was already considered to be in their peak.

Those who had reached the True Spirit Realm were prestigious and prominent, either as elders among the four sects or powerful overlords.

As for those above the True Spirit Realm, they were the Leaders of the four sects, the unparalleled experts. There were very few in Skymoon Country. Such experts did not emerge so easily.

At Yu Mountain, the atmosphere was seething with excitement for the arrival of the True Spirit Realm experts.

When else would you be able to see so many True Spirit Realm martial artists?

"Look, that's Cultivator Hanxuan, a True Spirit Realm Medium Rank martial artist. His Ice Cultivation Skill is so powerful that he once froze an entire mountain with his palm!"

Dong Yue looked excited.

Su Mo looked up and saw a middle-aged man with a cold face flying through the sky. He emitted a cold fog that surrounded him. Wherever he went, the mist in the air turned into ice residue. It was unusually horrifying.

The True Spirit Realm experts arrived at the peak of Yu Mountain one after another.

On the mountain peak, the martial artists below the True Spirit Realm dared not get near. They could only view from afar.

Time pa.s.sed by. After a long time, another group of experts came through the sky. The group had a total of more than thirty people and consisted of both men and women.

These people all had one thing in common. There was a sun symbol painted on the chest of each robe.

Among these people, there was a cold-looking youth dressed in a crimson robe. His imposing manner was like an erupting volcano, emitting a destructive high temperature.

When people saw the youth, they immediately started screaming!

"It is Jin Yang! Jin Yang is here. I did not expect the first elder of the inner gate from the Scorching Sun Sect to lead the team personally!"

"Wow! So, he is one of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country, Jin Yang? This is the first time I have seen him!"

"He is definitely worthy to be one of the Four Talents of Skymoon Country. He is indeed very special!"

"Jin Yang's here. I suppose Duan Jingtian should be here anytime soon! I can not wait!"

Hearing the screams around him, Su Mo narrowed his eyes and watched the sky closely. "This is Jin Yang, one of the most dazzling talents in Skymoon Country?"

His Qi alone revealed that he was indeed terribly strong.

Su Mo mused that Jin Yang could crush him to death with just one finger.

"Looks like I need to work harder! In comparison to these top talents, I am still so far behind!"

Su Mo silently sighed, but he was not discouraged at all. Given his Martial Soul's talent, it wouldn't take long to surpa.s.s the Four Talents of Skymoon Country.  

On the mountain's peak, as the people of the Scorching Sun Sect arrived, many experts came up to pay their respects to them.

"My respect to the first elder, Lie Huo!"

The leader of the Scorching Sun Sect was a tall elderly man. Half of his hair was already white, but his face was unusually rosy.

He was standing next to Jin Yang, but he was totally different from Jin Yang. Jin Yang's imposing manner was like a demonic devil, emitting a destructive aura.

However, this elderly man did not leak out any aura. It was as if he was just an ordinary old man.

But no one would underestimate him.

He was the first elder of the inner gate of the Scorching Sun Sect and he was a super expert at Lv 9 True Spirit Realm. He was second only to the sect leader of the Scorching Sun Sect.

"Everyone, you may begin the ceremony!"

Lie Huo gazed at the audience without expression. He raised his hand slightly.

The first elder of the Scorching Sun Sect arrived with more than ten elders. Many experts came over to chitchat, especially the unaffiliated True Spirit Realm experts who wanted to curry favor and be close to Lie Huo.

"Jin Yang, how confident are you about this battle with Duan Jingtian?"

An elder of the inner gate from the Sky Yuan Sect asked. He watched Jin Yang, who remained indifferent.

Hearing this, others looked at Jin Yang eagerly.

Jin Yang glanced at everyone. Even facing all the True Spirit Realm experts, Jin Yang still appeared indifferent. He replied, "Win-Lose, it's 50-50!"


Everyone appeared to be lost in deep thought. Then someone laughed and said, "You achieved cultivation of the True Spirit Realm four years ago while Duan Jingtian only ascended to the True Spirit Realm less than two years ago. 50-50? Jin Yang, you are being too humble!"

Everyone nodded their heads.

Duan Jingtian might be more talented than Jin Yang, but at the age of 22, he was so young. Besides, his ascendance to the True Spirit Realm was still short. His foundation was not yet solid.

For this battle, everyone was more optimistic about Jin Yang. They believed he had a higher chance of winning the battle.

Jin Yang was a man of few words. He didn't talk, he merely stood silently staring off into the distance.

He was waiting for Duan Jingtian to arrive.

The time had come. He should be here!

Even though Duan Jingtian was the one who had initiated this battle, he was also looking forward to it.

Although "Four Talents of Skymoon Country" referred to the top four strongest talents in Skymoon Country, the four of them were also ranked according to their competencies.

The leader of the four talents, undisputedly was Yun Jiankong, the legendary swordsman of the Sky Rapier Sect.

The second of the four talents would be Xie Tianjue of the Sky Yuan Sect.

Jin Yang was ranked third.

Duan Jingtian was ranked fourth.

Although Duan Jingtian was ranked fourth, it did not mean that his strength was the weakest.

It was only because Duan Jingtian was younger than the other three and had became famous slightly later than them, that he was ranked fourth.

Before Duan Jingtian made a name for himself, Skymoon Country had had only three talents. Once he reached legendary status, the Three Talents of Skymoon Country became the Four Talents of Skymoon Country.

Although Duan Jingtian had achieved fame later than them, Jin Yang had never underestimated him.

Duan Jingtian was a mysterious man, he had become prominent at a rocket speed. Jin Yang knew that he was slightly more talented than him and hence, he took this battle very seriously.

Jin Yang was waiting.

All the True Spirit Realm experts were waiting.

Millions of people at Yu Mountain were also waiting.

Su Mo was also waiting.

All of them were waiting for Duan Jingtian to arrive.

While waiting, Su Mo recognized a few familiar faces.

Yan Qi, Feng Zilan, Shen Qing and more than ten disciples of Gale Island were among the crowds.

They were members of the Sky Alliance. Their leader was going to battle with Jin Yang. Of course they were here to watch the battle.

In fact, it was not just them. The rest of the Sky Alliance members and numerous Gale Island disciples had also come.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly. Finally, after another two hours,

A light shone on the horizon and once again, a large group of figures arrived.

He was coming!

Everyone was excited.

After a while, the light approached. It was a group of people from Gale Island.

The leader of Gale Island was also an elder. He had a small thin build and a pair of sharp eyes.

They landed at the peak of Yu Mountain. However, after looking around and not finding Duan Jingtian, many were disappointed.

"Tang Yuan, where is Duan Jingtian? How come he is not here yet?"

The first elder of the Scorching Sun Sect, Lie Huo asked with a frown, looking at the leading old man from Gale Island.

"So it's Elder Lie Huo. I don't know Duan Jingtian's whereabouts, but since he dared to challenge, I do believe he will be here soon," the leading elder of Gale Island said, shaking his head. 

He was Tang Yuan, the second elder of the inner gate of Gale Island.

"What? Do not know his whereabouts?"

Lie Huo frowned. He sneered and said, "Has he become a coward? Is he going to give up on this battle?"

"Hmm! Lie Huo, you can just wait and see. See if he is afraid!"

The second elder Tang Yuan huffed coldly.

Among the three big Sects, the relationship between the Scorching Sun Sect and Gale Island was the worst.

Not only were the seniors of both sects hostile to one another, but even their disciples were frequently in conflict.

"Let us wait for another two hours. If he is still not here by then, we will go..."

Lie Huo did not finish his sentence. He suddenly stopped and turned his head, looking towards the sky. There were bursts of shock waves coming from that direction.

They were waves of aura. An appalling aura that became perilous and swept through the sky.

Everyone, including Su Mo, immediately turned their gaze to the edge of the sky. They saw a golden rainbow breaking through the sky at lightning speed.

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