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The hall was silent, and Su Mo and the other two did not speak again.

After a while, a wave of footsteps resounded outside the hall. Ji Shuirou led several martial artists of the Ji clan inside.

Seeing the mess in the hall, Ji Shuirou felt puzzled and asked in surprise, "What's going on?"

The next moment, she found that only three men were in the hall, while Song Yang was gone. She asked the others, "Where's Mr. Song?"

Su Mo did not answer, and He Qian and Dong Yue opened and then shut their mouths while looking at the collapsed wall.

Looking at their eyes, Ji Shuirou was in a daze and felt very confused.

Two martial artists of the Ji clan stepped forward to the collapsed wall, had a look, and suddenly cried, "Miss, someone is under the broken wall!"


Ji Shuirou was startled and walked forward. Then, several martial artists of the Ji clan moved the rubble away, and a figure revealed itself. It was Song Yang!

Blood flowed from all the seven openings of his head, and Song Yang had no breath of life.

He was dead!

Ji Shuirou frowned. A disciple of the Scorching Sun Sect had just died while in her clan. If she was not able to properly handle it, her clan might be destroyed.

"Guys, what the h.e.l.l's going on?"

As Ji Shuirou asked the three men, her face was livid.

There were only four of them here, so the death of Song Yang certainly was related to these other three.

However, Ji Shuirou did not dare to call them to account. No matter what, their power and backgrounds were far above the Ji clan's.

Ji Shuirou looked at He Qian because, among the three of them, only He Qian was able to easily kill Song Yang.

"Miss Ji, I killed Song Yang!"

Su Mo said in a flat voice, "He provoked me, so I killed him. This matter has nothing to do with your clan, and if anyone questions it, you can tell them the truth."

Ji Shuirou was astonished by Su Mo's words, because she knew that Su Mo's cultivation was only at Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Su Mo's cultivation was the lowest among them, but he just said that he had killed Song Yang!

Were his abilities the same as He Qian's? Or even more powerful?

Ji Shuirou went silent, as did the other two. Apparently, what Su Mo said was true.

After a long time, Ji Shuirou sighed and made a forced smile. "Guys, since Song Yang has died, I'll rely on you to finish the mission!"

Ji Shuirou was helpless with Su Mo, but Su Mo's strong abilities were beneficial to her because they would make them safer.

"Miss Ji, you're welcome!" they replied.  

Ji Shuirou commanded her servants to dispose of Song Yang's body and said to Su Mo and the other two, "Guys, let's go!" 

At the western city gate of Maple Leaf City, 10 people riding cyan-maned horses rushed out of the city gate and galloped toward Blackhill City.

They were: Su Mo, He Qian, Dong Yue, Ji Shuirou, and six martial artists of the Ji clan.

The six martial artists were all at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm, as was Ji Shuirou.

Blackhill City was near the border of Skymoon Country and was 2,000 kilometers away from Maple Leaf City. Even if the cyan-maned horses were good at running, it still would take at least four or five days for them to get there.

"Mr. Su, you're so powerful at such a young age, so you must be the genius disciple in Gale Island," Jiu Shuirou said to Su Mo every now and then on the way. 

She was interested in Su Mo. He was at Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm, but he was able to kill a martial artist at Lv 3, which was very rare, even among the Four Sects.

So she was willing to make overtures to him.

"Haha! Genius is an exaggeration for me!"

Su Mo smiled, shrugging.

"Mr. Su, you're too modest. With such a talent, you'll definitely be well-known in Skymoon Country!"

Ji Shuirou a.s.serted with shining eyes.

"Well, I hope so!"

Su Mo smiled without any pride on his face.

Being well-known in Skymoon Country?

Did he only have this ambition?


His ambition was to move forward and stand on the top of this continent and completely take control of his own destiny.

He remembered that there was a famous saying in his first life: when waking up, take control of the world; and when drunk, lay on a beauty's legs. 

That was Su Mo's goal.

They marched quickly. In just over two days, they had traveled more than 1,000 kilometers.

On this evening, it was getting dark, so they stopped in a city along the way.

They booked several upper rooms in an inn, then ordered some food and wine and sat in the lobby, eating and chatting.

"Guys, if there are no accidents, we'll arrive in Blackhill City in two days before noon," said Ji Shuirou after she poured liquor for the three men while they were all sitting at the table. 

"Miss Ji, don't worry! With the three of us as escorts, no one will dare to rob you in Blackhill City!" Dong Yue said with a smile. 

Hearing that, Ji Shuirou gave a little chuckle and said, "That's great!"

"Miss Ji, the Blue Black Flower Seed is in the Doublehawks Faction. If they do not want to give it to you, what will you do?" asked Su Mo, drinking a mouthful of liquor. 


Ji Shuirou was silent for a moment, and then she said, "That's exactly what I'm worried about! However, if I double the price, they will probably sell it to me."

Su Mo shook his head. "If the Blue Black Flower Seed is of great use to them, even if you offer two times or even three times the price, they would not necessarily sell it."

"Miss Ji, no need to worry!"

He Qian sneered and said, "If the Doublehawks Faction doesn't want to sell the Blue Black Flower Seed, I'll destroy them for you. Anyway, the Doublehawks Faction has done all kinds of evil, so destroying them would also be a good thing for the people."

"Mr. He, never do that!"

Ji Shuirou said in shock, "It's said that the two leaders of the Doublehawks Faction, Goshawk and Vulture, are both at the Peak Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm, and they're good at joint combat. They're able to jointly withstand 10 moves from a martial artist of Lv 4 without being defeated. Besides, they have many followers. There are dozens of martial artists at Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm among them. It's not a good idea to have a conflict with them."

"Oh, withstand 10 moves from a martial artist of Lv 4 without being defeated?"

He Qian shook his head and did not care at all, saying, "The martial artist at Lv 4 that they fought must have been the weakest one. If they fight with a Lv 4 martial artist of the Sky Rapier Sect, they'll be defeated within five moves."

Ji Shuirou wryly smiled. She did not want to debate with him.

She knew that the disciples of the Four Sects were inevitably arrogant and looked down upon the other martial artists.

She only hoped that He Qian would not be reckless and mess things up.

They ate and chatted. Just at that moment, a large group of martial artists came into the inn. As they entered, they were chatting and looking excited.

"It's amazing! Duan Jingtian, the big Core Disciple of Gale Island, will have a battle with Jin Yang, the big Core Disciple of the Scorching Sun Sect on the top of Yu Mountain!"

"Each of the four talents of Skymoon Country has an Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul. They're called the peerless geniuses. The battle between them is so exciting!"

"Who do you think will win? Duan Jingtian or Jin Yang?" someone curiously asked. 

"It's hard to say. It's said that their abilities are almost at the same level. I'm afraid it'll be a difficult fight!"

"Actually, when it comes to talent, I prefer Duan Jingtian."

"Why?" The others were curious.

"Do I have to explain why? The other three elitists are all close to 25 years old, but Duan Jingtian is only 22. You can see whose talent is the best with just a glance!"

The others understood.

Hearing the words of those men, Su Mo and the others were surprised.

Did Duan Jingtian challenge Jin Yang?

A battle between two talents of Skymoon Country?

Su Mo's eyes flashed with a bright light.

Duan Jingtian?

The pride of Gale Island?

He really wanted to see the battle.

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