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Su Mo was absolutely thrilled to have found the very thing he had been searching for. His gaze never wavered from those jadeite stones that studded the Emperor's Throne.

He was sure that they were Divine Jade for they perfectly matched the description that he had committed to memory.

This jadeite stone was pure white, clean and without flaws. It glowed dimly and gave off a sense of mystery.

Su Mo exclaimed in amazement. He had been hunting everywhere for it, only to come across it by accident.

He had come to Wate Domain in search of the Dark Stone, which was an alternative to the Divine Jade.

He did not find the Dark Stone, but had now come across the Divine Jade. He was very lucky indeed.

His Sky-crushing Sword appeared in his hands and he started to pry the Divine Jade from the Emperor's Throne.

It didn't matter to him whether or not he sat on the Emperor's Throne. His first prority was to get the Divine Jade.

He was not sure whether the Divine Jade added any effects to the Emperor's Throne, or if it served a purely decorative purpose.

None of that mattered to him. If he had to destroy the Emperor's Throne to get the Divine Jade, he would do so in a heartbeat.

Everyone's gaze was focused on Su Mo as they waited for him to sit on the Emperor's Throne.

It was a great honor to be able to sit on the Emperor's Throne, and it signified that the person would have a high chance of advancing to Martial Emperor Realm in the future. This was a historic moment.

No one wanted to miss this moment and they all wanted to witness Su Mo's moment of glory.

Their jaws dropped in shock and they looked on in bafflement as Su Mo drew his sword and started hacking at the Emperor's Throne.

What was he trying to do?

They could not understand his actions. It wasn't until Su Mo plucked the last Divine Jade from the Emperor's Throne that the crowd finally reacted.

"My goodness, he's wrecking the Emperor's Throne!"

"Fu*k. Is he insane?"

"Uh...Has he gone mad?"

"Holy smokes! It's such a precious item and he's just destroying it without a second thought?"

The crowd burst into an uproar. Everyone looked at Su Mo in anger and resentment.

The Emperor's Throne might not have an effect on one's cultivation, but it had a huge significance for martial artists. It signified the existence of Martial Emperors, and so they looked upon it more reverently than any other treasure.

Even if they would never be able to scale the stairs, they still treated it with due reverence.

Now, this Su Mo was wrecking the Emperor's Throne all because of some jadeite stones on the Throne!

"Su Mo, stop it!"

"How dare you! Are you insane?"

"Stop it right now. You are defiling the sacred Emperor's Throne!"

The crowd protested angrily, commanding him to stop.

Jiang Fengran's expression darkened. Su Mo's actions were really deplorable!

Teal Fire King's expressions continued to change rapidly. No other words could describe its entertainment value.

He was shaking with anger as he watched Su Mo keeping the jadeite stones into his storage ring. He knew that Su Mo wanted to find the Dark Stone and now he was gleefully extracting these jadeite stones.

This could only mean that the jadeite stones on the Emperor's Throne were the very stones Su Mo had been searching for.

Teal Fire King was incensed. He brought Su Mo to this place in hopes that he would perish here. Now, Su Mo was not only alive and well, but he had also found the things he had been longing for.

"d.a.m.n it!" Teal Fire King secretly roared as his jaw clenched in anger.

He was going mad with rage.

However, he did not dare to express his rage for fear of Su Mo noticing. This could cost him his life.

Su Mo ignored the protests of the crowd and continued extracting the Divine Jade.

The inner sides of the Emperor's Throne were all inlaid with Divine Jade. Although they were firmly set onto the Emperor's Throne, Su Mo had no trouble extracting them.

He wedged his Sky-crushing Sword in between the Divine Stone and the Emperor's Throne, and gently flicked his sword upwards. Then, the Divine Jade would easily fall out.

Su Mo quickly extracted all the Divine Jade from the Emperor's Throne. He had collected a total of 18 stones.

This was a huge amount. Each piece of Divine Jade was about the size of a chicken's egg, but he only required a Divine Jade the size of a finger nail to craft a Natal Spiritual Sword.

Therefore, each piece of Divine Jade was enough for him to craft 20 Natal Spiritual Swords.

After he finished collecting the Divine Jade, he carefully examined the Emperor's Throne again to make sure he did not miss out on a single DIvine Jade.

The crowd was incensed. How dare Su Mo pluck out more than ten jadeite stones from the Emperor's Throne? This was simply abominable!

Su Mo ignored the crowd's protests. He stood in front of the Emperor's Throne, then slowly turned around to sit on it with a smile.


The moment Su Mo sat on it, the Emperor's Throne radiated with dazzling gold light.

This gold light was so bright that it was blinding and shot out for thousands of meters, casting a golden glow on the entire ancient palace.

Su Mo's aura suddenly changed and he seemed to grow rapidly taller. He gave off a mighty Emperor's aura that could be felt all across the palace.

He looked domineering and imposing, as if he was an Emperor surveying his empire, or a G.o.d looking down with disdain at the mortals.

He looked authoritative, imposing, invincible and cold; all these mighty auras could be detected from his body.

All in the ancient palace felt an immense pressure descend on them as they looked upon Su Mo's aura. They suddenly felt like falling on their knees to worship him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The crowd hastily retreated because they feared that they might actually end up worshipping him on their knees.

"I wonder how long this Emperor's aura will last?"

"One who sits on the Emperor's Throne would have the Martial Emperor Realm Qualification. Anyone who sits there for more than ten breaths would have the Great Emperor Qualification!"

"Of the eight that had achieved this feat Shangguan Hao had lasted the longest. He sat on the chair for a total of nine breaths!"

"Su Mo's talent is really astounding; he might be able to last 5 or 6 breaths!"

The crowd retreated to the gate of the great hall and engaged in animated chatter, all trying to guess how long Su Mo could sit on the Emperor's Throne for.

The longer one's Emperor's aura lasted, the strong one's talent would be. This was a determination of the extent of one's talent.

If one's Emperor's aura lasted for ten breaths, this would mean that the person had the Great Emperor Qualification. This was completely unheard of.

Shangguan Hao's Emperor's aura had lasted for nine breaths; he had been a whisker away from getting the Great Emperor Qualification.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Three breaths!

As time ticked by, the crowd's gaze on Su Mo never wavered. They were waiting to see when his Emperor's aura would start to dim.

Teal Fire King started to shake and his fists were instinctively clenched hard. This was making him extremely anxious.

"He wouldn't be able to last for more than six breaths!" he scoffed. He refused to entertain the possibility that Su Mo might have the Great Emperor Qualification.

Six breaths would be an astonishing feat in itself.

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