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Although Su Mo cut down Jade-faced Playboy, 80 percent of his force was depleted by this opponent.

He knew that this attack was not enough to kill Jade-faced Playboy.


An awkward figure jumped into the sky with gallets flying everywhere. Beams of silvery rays hidden in the gallets were fiercely shooting at Su Mo.

Meanwhile, Jade-faced Playboy lashed his body around and hastily ran far away.

"Can you escape while I'm here?"

Su Mo laughed coldly and lightly waved his splendid long sword, cutting all the silvery needles into pieces.

Instantly, as he stabbed out, Su Mo's sharp sword ray broke through the air.

With a sound of "puff", Jade-faced Playboy, who had just run several steps away, was stabbed through by Su Mo's sword and died immediately with a scream.

Su Mo stepped forward to indifferently gaze at Jade-faced Playboy's corpse.

Jade-faced Playboy was extremely powerful, but for cutting down one arm and hurting him before, Su Mo could not have killed him easily even had he used sword will.

Looking at the corpse, brightness shined in Su Mo's eyes.

How strong would the Blood Qi of a Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm martial artist be?

Su Mo did not swallow the blood essence immediately. He packed the corpse into a separate storage pouch.

Since there is no more breath after death, the corpse could be packed into the storage s.p.a.ce like an item.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four figures flew to the front of Su Mo from far away. They were Huang Houde and the other three.

The four had just waited and watched the fight from a distance without joining it.

They had planned to leave immediately if Su Mo was no match for Jade-faced Playboy. However, if Su Mo could match him, they would find ways to kill him together.

Now, they were all surprised that Su Mo had in a moment killed Jade-faced Playboy by himself.

"Childe, we didn't expect you to be so strong. A martial artist at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm can kill a martial artist who's at Lv 3! Incredible!"

Huang Houde's face was full of horror.

He could not help thinking secretly that even in Gale Island, this young man's talent was at a tiptop rank.

"Jade-faced Playboy has died. My mission was completed as well!" said Su Mo flatly after he put Jade-faced Playboy's corpse away.

"Great thanks! May I ask Childe to stay several days more so I can express my sincere thanks to you?" Huang Houde honestly asked.

Su Mo shook his head and said, "No need to thank me!".

In a minute, Su Mo moved to the lady in purple who was weakly lying on the ground.

"Are you OK? Can you stand up?" Su Mo asked.

Yang Zhixuan shook her head and faintly said, "I... I'm totally powerless now."

Su Mo thought for a while, and then immediately held Yang Zhixuan up by her waist.

When Yang Zhixuan's warm and soft body came into Su Mo's arms, an elegant fragrance greeted him and wobbled his heart.


Yang Zhixuan gracefully cried out with her beautiful pink cheek.

"Let me help you to get rid of the drug efficacy!"

Su Mo said and walked into Jade-faced Playboy's yard, holding Yang Zhixuan in arms.

Huang Houde and the other three walked into the yard following Su Mo as well.

An obscene and misted smell came from the room as they entered it.

Two young ladies lay on the large bed madly twisting their bodies with pink faces and blurred eyes, eager to have s.e.x.

"Childe, the two young ladies both ate aphrodisiacs!" Huang Houde said to Su Mo after checking the two.

Su Mo frowned and said, "Master Huang, do a good deed thoroughly. Please help them get rid of the drug efficacy."

"OK!" Huang Houde nodded and said.

Su Mo put Yang Zhixuan on a chair, looked at her, and said, "Wait for me a second."

Yang Zhixuan blushed with shyness and imperceptibly nodded.

Immediately, Su Mo left the room and walked to the yard avoiding Huang Houde and the other three.

He began to swallow blood essence once he took Jade-faced Playboy's corpse out.

He could not waste another minute in case Jade-faced Playboy's blood essence and blood Qi completely vanished.

As a martial artist at Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm, Jade-faced Playboy's blood Qi was as vast as the Yangtse River running without end.

Although Jade-faced Playboy lost lots of blood with one arm broken, the left blood essence in him still gave Su Mo a pleasant surprise.

Unending blood essence was turned into blood Qi and ran into his body. Su Mo had to focus all his attention to refine it.

The genuine Qi explosively increased in Su Mo's body as did his cultivation.

His cultivation had been in the Early-stage at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm.

With the refinement of blood Qi, it upgraded to the Middle-stage at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm, and then to the Late-stage at Lv 1.

Finally, it reached its Peak at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Su Mo's cultivation stayed at the Peak Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm after he completely refined all the blood Qi. He could have upgraded his cultivation almost to Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm.


Having found Jade-faced Playboy's storage pouch, Su Mo restrained all his breaths, and then punched the corpse into a residue.

When he returned to the room, Huang Houde and the other three backs removed the drug efficacy from the two young ladies.

The low-grade aphrodisiacs were easy to remove.

"Childe, what should we do with that girl?"

Huang Houde looked at Yang Zhixuan and asked.

"I'll remove the drug efficacy of Atony Powder in Three Breaths for her. You can go back."

Su Mo waved his hands and again refused Huang Houde's invitation.

Huang Houde and the three left with the two young ladies.

Only Su Mo and Yang Zhixuan stayed in the room.

Yang Zhixuan tensed as she found the obscene and misted smell, watchfully glaring at Su Mo.

"Don't worry. I'll never force a woman to do the things she doesn't want to."

Su Mo smiled when he noticed Yang Zhixuan's relaxed expression and then transferred genuine Qi into her body to remove the drug efficacy.

Atony Powder in Three Breaths was an extremely potent drug with very strong efficacy that even a martial artist at Lv 5 or Lv 6 Spiritual Martial Realm could possibly not resist it if he took it.

It took Su Mo four hours to remove drug efficacy in Yang Zhixuan.

Four hours later, the efficacy of Atony Powder in Three Breaths was totally removed, and Yang Zhixuan's inner force gradually recovered.


He felt relieved and stood up.

Looking at Yang Zhixuan's beautiful face, Su Mo could not help thinking of Xi'er.

It had been a long time since he separated from Xi'er. "Has she awakened her Martial Soul? She might have awakened it already. What level of Martial Soul did she awaken?" Su Mo thought.

A moment later, Su Mo shook his head and said to Yang Zhixuan, "Done, you're all right now!"

A grateful expression flashed in Yang Zhixuan's eyes. Nibbling her red lips, she said, "Thank you for saving me. May I know Childe's name? I'll pay you back in the future."

"How will you pay me back? Marry me?"

Su Mo teased her.


Yang Zhixuan was embarra.s.sed and blushed with shyness.

"Ha ha! Bye!"

Su Mo laughed, walked out of the room, and then departed.

"Childe, can we meet again?"

Chasing out of the room, Yang Zhixuan asked.

"We will meet if it's predestined."

The light voice came from Su Mo.

Staying still and bowing her head, Yang Zhixuan was lost in thought. Soon, her face creased in a knowing smile. She murmured, "I'll find out who you are!"

Miles away from the Yellowstone City, it was Su Mo that rode away at a gallop on a wide and ancient road.

Next, b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade, Sirius Mountain!

"What is in Jade-faced Playboy's storage pouch?"

Taking out the storage pouch, Su Mo checked it with his mind, but immediately, he fell disappointed.

Jade-faced Playboy was a poor man. There were only ten thousand taels of gold, two scrolls, and three bottles of elixir in his storage pouch. The rest were useless sundries.

Finding out that the three bottles of elixirs were aphrodisiacs, he crumbled all of them without hesitation.

He did not need aphrodisiacs.

For the two scrolls, one was a manual of cultivation method at Upper Lv 2, named "Joint Joy Manual".

The other was a manual of martial arts techniques at Lower Lv 2, named "Tianyin Twelve Skills".

The two manuals of cultivation method and martial arts techniques were the unique skills cultivated by Jade-faced Playboy.

"Joint Joy Manual" was a mystical Dual Cultivation Method.

"If a man with sinister designs gets this cultivation method, he may do harm to countless young girls as Jade-faced Playboy did."

Shaking his head, Su Mo took out the scroll named Joint Joy Manual and burned it into ashes with his flowing genuine Qi.

"What is it... ?"

Su Mo moved his mind, and then a tortoise sh.e.l.l of a palm-size appeared in his hand.

Staring, it was thickly covered with small characters. Even Su Mo could not recognize them quite clearly.

Thinking for a while, Su Mo put genuine Qi into the tortoise sh.e.l.l. The characters were hung in the air and amplified before him.

"Nine Spirals Mystique!"

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