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Published at 17th of July 2019 02:20:07 PM Chapter 580: 580


Lil Eight landed in the palace, and then Su Mo put it back into the spiritual beast pouch .

“Strange . What's going on?”

Su Mo was very confused as the palace was dead silent and he could not see anyone around .

“Is there something wrong?”

Su Mo's eyebrows furrowed slightly .  “The Red Blood Branch and the Cold-blood Hall were eradicated . n.o.body could threaten the imperial palace now!”

When he released his spiritual consciousness it instantly enveloped the whole palace . His face then turned extremely terrible .

“Die trying motherfu*ker!”

His eyes suddenly turned cold, and he then moved swiftly to the depths of the palace .

Li Feng was shocked by his words and then followed him quickly .

In a few seconds, Su Mo came to the center of the palace, which was in front of the main hall .

His eyes fell on a youngster who was dressed in a python-patterned robe and he was sitting at the gate of the main hall .

“Xuan Feng!” Su Mo said sullenly .

The youngster was the one that tried to rob him of his Divine Map in the Skysea Lake .

Su Mo then found everyone inside the main hall .

The imperial family, the Firmament Sect members, and the Sus members were in the hall that was stuffed with ten thousands of people .

Su Mo was greatly relieved to see the people unharmed .

At this moment, all eyes in the hall were on Xuan Feng . They were pale and scared .

This young man was too strong . His aura alone made them lose their strength to fight .

“Mo'er, run!” Su Hong shouted while he saw Su Mo .

“Su Mo, this man is not someone you can fu*k with . Run!”

“Run, now!”

“Leave here quickly!”

Qing Pingzi, Elder Wei, and the others also cried out to him . They were well aware of Xuan Feng's horrible strength, and thought Su Mo would die if he stayed!

However, Su Mo ignored the crowd and stared at Xuan Feng .



How could he abandon everyone and escape?

Xuan Feng opened his cold eyes slowly and he looked at Su Mo .

“Su Mo, long time no see!”

Xuan Feng's mouth curled wickedly .

“What do you want?” Su Mo asked coldly . He dared not to move aggressively on account of the crowd behind Xuan Feng .

“What do I want?”

Xuan Feng snorted and said, “Last time in the Skysea Lake, you took my Divine Map and craftsmanship Legacy . And now you ask me what do I want?”

A bleak Murderous intent started to suffuse from Xuan Feng .

“That's hilarious!”

Su Mo snorted coldly and said, “They belonged to master Ou Lianzi . When did they become yours?”

Xuan Feng's eyes shone, and then he stood up .

He asked coldly, “Tell me . How do you wish to die?”

He did not threaten Su Mo with the Sus or the Firmament Sect because Su Mo was nothing in his eyes and it was not worthy threatening him .

“You need to have the strength to kill me!”

Su Mo narrowed his eyes and got ready to fight . He dared not to underestimate the Lv 3 True Darkness Realm Xuan Feng, a super talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents .

“No wonder you're so confident . You've upgraded!”

Xuan Feng sized Su Mo up and continued, “But, you're still a creep in front of me!”

While speaking, he walked toward Su Mo, as he walked closer his aura grew stronger .

After he took ten steps, his aura became overwhelming and overbearing like a huge mountain . The crowd was even more scared by this, quivering .

“Su Mo, what should we do?”

Li Feng asked, and his face looked serious . He was also quivering under Xuen Feng's aura . Xuan Feng was way stronger than the hall master of the Cold-blood Hall!

“You step back first!” Su Mo also looked serious .

He did not have the full confidence to beat Xuan Feng .

Back in the Skysea Lake, he defeated Xuan Feng over his potent physical strength because their cultivations were both sealed .

However, he was not scared to fight .

A super talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents?

No one knew who would be the winner!

Li Feng nodded and he immediately retreated far away . He knew that he was too weak to help!

“Su Mo, the last time you beat me because I didn't have cultivation . Now, I'll let you witness what a super talent is!”

During his speech, a silver light glowed in his hand, and a shiny long saber appeared .

He suddenly skyrocketed above Su Mo, and brought his saber down with the dazzling saber radiance .

“Dominative Dragon Cut!”

The silver saber radiance looked like a mad dragon, descending violently toward Su Mo's head .

This stroke was earth-shaking . The saber pierced through the clouds, and its ma.s.sive power made people feel like their soul had been shattered .

Su Mo looked extremely solemn and he felt pressure which was suffocating him . And this was only the first stroke .

His body turned golden and he was surrounded with a four-colored Vital Spirit . He hurriedly rose up to the Sky-crushing Sword to block it .


The saber radiance met the long sword with a huge explosion . The impact was so ma.s.sive that it instantly shattered the stone bricks under Su Mo's feet, and numerous bricks flew away .

The wall of the main hall filled with cracks under the impact .

Su Mo's body trembled and he was knocked off hundreds of meters backward .

“Powerful indeed!”

Su Mo felt that his arms became numb, and his blood and Qi ran into disorder .


In order to prevent the crowd from any harm, Su Mo skyrocketed high .

“Where to?”

Xuan Feng snarled and followed .

Above the clouds, Su Mo and Xuan Feng stood face to face .

“You will die, and no one can save you this time!” Xuan Feng said coldly .

“You don't know who will die . How can you be so confident?” On Su Mo's calm-looking face there was a strong desire to fight and it showed in his eyes .

“Is that so?”

Xuan Feng narrowed his eyes . He was surprised and shocked while looking at Su Mo's calm face .  “Has he some sort of powerful hidden card?”

However, whatever Su Mo's hidden card was, he would kill Su Mo!

As a super talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, Xuan Feng had a confidence of invincibility!


Xuan Feng gave a battle cry and moved again .

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