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Hundreds of miles outside of Sunnywood City, a young man in cyan stepped out of the forest.

It was Su Mo.

He looked at Sunnywood City with a cold face.

"The Weis, the day that I return again will be the last day of your lives."

Then, taking a deep breath, Su Mo recognized the direction and strode away.

There was a large lake named Star-water Lake located in the southern part of Skymoon Country. Its area was more than 3,000 square kilometers and was almost one-fifth of the area of Skymoon Country.

Star-water Lake had a great reputation in Skymoon Country, not only because of its large area but also because Gale Island, one of the four sects of Skymoon Country, was located here.

There was a city named Waterside City that was located by the lake.

Waterside City was an extremely prosperous city. People walked on the streets in an endless stream, and horses and carriages were everywhere.

"It is indeed a large city. Sunnywood City doesn't hold a candle to it!"

Walking on the street, Su Mo looked like a b.u.mpkin stepping into the city because he was curiously looking here and there.

Sunnywood City was only a small remote town with a population of about 300,000, while Waterside City was a large city with a population of more than two million. They could not be mentioned in the same breath.

At this time, Su Mo was fatigued from his journey.

After more than 10 days of travel, he finally arrived at Waterside City.

Waterside City was the closest city to Gale Island. One could directly access Gale Island by ships at the wharf outside of the city.

When Su Mo arrived at the wharf, hundreds of people were gathering there.

People were surrounding a big wooden sign that was erected in the wharf and looking at something that was written on it.

After stepping forward, Su Mo found that it was a notice board posted by Gale Island. The notice said that there would be a warship from Gale Island to pick up the disciples for the examination in the morning two days later.

Su Mo understood that Gale Island made a unified arrangement because countless people came to take the examination.

Then, Su Mo booked a room at an inn.

After that, he sat in a window seat in the lobby and ordered some food. As he was eating, he was also listening to the discussions around him.

The inn was called Greeting Guests Inn, which was luxuriously decorated.

The business at the inn was very good. The lobby was full of guests, many of whom were boys and girls. Judging from their appearances, they also apparently came from afar to partic.i.p.ate in the Gale Island examination.

"I heard that the standard of recruiting disciples in Gale Island was improved this year?"

"Yes! When they recruited disciples in previous years, the minimum standard for a Martial Soul was Rank 4 Human Cla.s.s, but this year it is Rank 5 Human Cla.s.s!"

"Compared to the previous years when they recruited 1,000 disciples each time, they are only recruiting 500 disciples this year. They would rather have quality over quant.i.ty, so the standards are naturally raised."

Listening to the discussions around him, Su Mo could not help being surprised.

A Martial Soul of the Rank 5 Human Cla.s.s was rare to be seen in Sunnywood City over the past few decades. Now only Su Yu had a Rank 5 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul among the young disciples in the city.

However, a Rank 5 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul was just the minimum standard that Gale Island had set this year.

Su Mo sighed that only the four sects of Skymoon Country could lay down such a criterion.

At the same time, thinking that before long he could compete with numerous geniuses, Su Mo felt excited, and his blood boiled.

Just then, two boys and a girl walked into the lobby. The moment they stepped into the inn, they attracted everyone's attention.

The girl was in a blue dress, fair-skinned with an exquisite face, and was quite beautiful. One of the boys was in fine clothes, and thin, with a face that was full of pride.

However, the young man among them was the most attractive one. He was about 15 or 16, handsome with deep eyes and, judging from the pure and powerful momentum he did not hide, Su Mo knew that he was a martial artist of the Spiritual Martial Realm.

Raising his eyebrows, Su Mo had to admire that his cultivation was in the Spiritual Martial Realm although the young man was roughly the same age as him.

"Brother Yan Qi, it seems there's no seat!" the girl in the blue skirt said to the handsome boy in the middle after her eyes swept the lobby and found that it was full.

"It's easy, let's sit down over there."

Seeing that Su Mo was sitting alone, the thin boy stepped toward Su Mo.

The other two followed behind him and walked over.

"We're going to sit here. You can go sit with the others!" said the thin boy with a commanding tone, coming over to Su Mo.

Su Mo raised his head and glanced at him, but he completely ignored him and continued to drink.

The thin teenager frowned and shouted, "Boy, I'm talking to you! Didn't you hear me?"

Su Mo said with a trace of a smile on his face, "Oh, what's up?

"I said go away, we're going to sit here."

The thin teenager sank his face and was overbearing.

"I'm sorry, you'd better go sit with the others!" Su Mo said indifferently, shaking his head.

There were morons wherever you went. They were really arrogant to forcibly occupy another's seat.

"You... !"

He was stunned, but then said in a cold tone, "Boy, your courage is impressive, but do you know who we are?"

"What does it have to do with me?"

Su Mo raised his head and sneered.

"You're asking to die!"

He was enraged and then pointed at the handsome boy just walking up to him, saying, "We're from the Yan clan in Purple-hill City, and he's our young master, Yan Qi."

Once the young man said that, a commotion was caused in the lobby.

"He's actually Yan Qi, the young master of the Yan clan."

"The Yan clan the overlord in Purple-hill City. Besides, it is said that Yan Qi, the young master of the Yan clan, is a super genius with a Martial Soul of Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s. He reached the Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm when he was just 15."

Hearing those words, the thin teenager raised his head higher with a proud face, as if people were talking about him.

That handsome boy and the girl in blue were smiling.

"Martial Soul of the Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s?"

Su Mo fixed his eyes and felt quite surprised as he could not help glancing at the handsome junior.

"Now you know who we are? Get out of here!" seeing the surprise in Su Mo's eyes, the thin teenager coldly shouted with a proud look.

"The Yan clan? Yan Qi? Never heard of them. I only heard a dog barking in front of me." Su Mo sneered.

Now that they did not respect him, he would not be polite to them.

"You're asking to die!"

The thin boy and the girl in blue were enraged. They were going to beat Su Mo, but they were stopped by Yan Qi.

Yan Qi said in a cold tone with light flashing in his eyes, "Who are you? Why do you despise our clan?"

Yan Qi was not an idiot, as seeing that Su Mo was not afraid of them, he guessed Su Mo's ident.i.ty. Su Mo probably had an impressive background now that he dared to despise the Yan clan.

His clan was only the overlord of Purple-hill City. Several of the clans in Waterside City were not weaker than his clan.

However, after looking Su Mo up and down, he found that Su Mo was a very ordinary person and had nothing special, so Su Mo should be a disciple of a small clan.

"If you want to gain the respect of others, you must learn to respect others first," Su Mo indifferently said, glancing at Yan Qi without answering his question.


Yan Qi's eyes flashed a hint of mockery, then he sneered, "Respect is based on power, do you have any?"

Su Mo fixed his eyes. Yan Qi's words sounded harsh, but it was true in this world.

The strong could win others' respect, while the weak could only be bullied by others.

"Brother Yan Qi, he can never be forgiven for despising our clan."

The girl in blue had a soft voice, but her words were full of killing desire.

"Yes, he is so arrogant that he despised our clan, which is unforgivable," the thin boy said with a gloomy face. Su Mo had called him a dog, which made him very angry.

"Yan Xing, destroy his cultivation, then let him go!"

Yan Qi nodded and said in a flat voice. It sounded like he was showing his mercy by destroying Su Mo's cultivation.

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