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Boom! Boom!

The unparalleled sword Qi swept through the saber shadows, and were all destroyed.

"What a powerful attack!"

The white-robed young man was surprised, and he attacked again with another fierce chop.

"Take my next move, Illusive Wild Spirit Cut!"

The saber shadow appeared again and transformed into various demonic beasts such as a tiger, cow, wolf, and eagle. The thousands of demonic beasts growled and roared as they charged toward Su Mo.

"Incredible! What level of martial arts techniques is this?" Su Mo was startled.

"Although this white-robed young man suppressed his cultivation to Lv 8 True Spirit Realm, the power of his attack is equivalent to that of an average Lv 2 Enlightenment Realm martial artist."

"He already has such strength at Lv 8 True Spirit Realm cultivation. If he displays his cultivation at Lv 1 Enlightenment Realm, how powerful will his combat strength be?"

This person was really unbelievable. He was the strongest in combat strength among all the geniuses Su Mo had met so far.

The white-robed young man's strength ignited Su Mo's long-lost fighting desire.

"Very good!"

Su Mo shouted. Then, as his aura rose, embraced by his five-colored Genuine Vitality and coupled with his golden scale armor, he looked like a G.o.d in armor.


Su Mo moved forward instead of retreating. He dashed into the sky and flew toward the thousands of demonic beasts.

"Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!"

Su Mo shouted loudly as his sword radiance shined brightly, and the five-colored sword Qi was continuously shooting out from him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The demonic beasts that were charging forward exploded one by one and dissolved into a monstrous strength that swept across the surroundings.

"Hahaha! Great! With your current strength, you're already qualified to join Towering Sky Peak!" The white-robed young man laughed out loud.

However, he did not stop and shouted, "Take my third strike!"


He instantly dashed 300 meters into the sky.

The white-robed young man's eyes narrowed as he raised his long saber over his head. Endless saber momentum embraced him and unparalleled saber-will gathered at his long saber.

His long saber chopped down.

"Illusive Air-collecting Cut!"

When the saber swung down, heaven and earth changed color, and the horrifying saber Qi tilted down. It was as if the world was going to be split by the saber. Su Mo focused on this strike.

This unparalleled stroke was powerful enough to kill a Lv 2 Enlightenment Realm martial artist. Su Mo felt all of the hair on his body stand up as he faced the coming saber.

He was totally shocked. His opponent was indeed incredible and demonic.

"Luckily it's me. If it were another Lv 8 True Spirit Realm martial artist, this saber would have split that person into pieces!"


Su Mo's nine Spiritual Spirals were vibrating, and endless Genuine Vitality flowed to his sword, making it much larger.

"Infinite Heaven and Earth!"

Su Mo did not yield. Instead, he faced the horrifying saber Qi with another swordplay.

The horrifying saber Qi and unparalleled sword Qi collided instantly to form a huge cross. The saber Qi was split into two, while the sword Qi was also split up.

"So powerful!" The white-robed young man's expression finally changed, as Su Mo's strength was beyond his expectations.

"I've already taken three of your moves. Why don't you take three of mine?"

Su Mo said coldly in the sky and then rapidly dashed toward him.

"Melee combat?"

The white-robed young man narrowed his eyes as Su Mo's body was glowing with golden scale armor. He could tell that Su Mo was an expert in body cultivation.

However, being an evil genius, this young man had seen all kinds of experts, so he was not afraid of a body cultivation expert!

"Come on!"

He also rapidly dashed toward Su Mo.

Both of them moved like two meteorites crossing and ultimately colliding.


A shocking explosion was heard on Towering Sky Peak, and even those on the other mountain peaks could clearly hear the two clash!

Hong Qingxuan was watching Towering Sky Peak from Dark Sky Peak.

Hong Qingxuan already knew Su Mo chose Towering Sky Peak. She became worried as she watched the vaguely flickering battle glow.

Su Mo's choice was beyond her expectations, but since he chose it, she would still support him.

Although she knew Su Mo was powerful, she remained concerned and was worried that he would not gain Towering Sky Peak's recognition!

Those people might be arrogant, but their combat strength was extremely powerful, so even she would not have the confidence to fight at the same level of battle!

A gust of wind blew past, and an absolutely beautiful shadow appeared beside Hong Qingxuan.

"Xuan'er, don't make a mistake!" a hollow voice said as the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven shook her head and sighed.

"Why do you say that, Master?"

Hong Qingxuan looked at her Master, Dark Sky Peak's master, the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven, with a puzzled look.

"You've fallen in love!" The Fairy of the Ninth Heaven said indifferently.

"I...I haven't!"

Hong Qingxuan was blushing as she spoke softly, but her words were apparently insufficient.

The Fairy of the Ninth Heaven looked toward Towering Sky Peak. Her beautiful eyes were calm like water.

"Falling in love will only affect your mood. If you want to go far, you've got to abandon everything!"

The Fairy of the Ninth Heaven said and sighed.

Hong Qingxuan bit her lips lightly with a complex expression. She did not entirely agree with her, but her words made sense.

Her Master, the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven, was known as the Top Beauty in East Continent. Her talent was unbelievable since she was young, and she had countless admirers, but she was never tempted. Be it ranked one on the List of Top 1,000 Talents from East Continent, or those top 10 young supremes on the List of Top 10,000 Continental Talents from those years, none could capture her heart.

The Fairy of the Ninth Heaven was only pa.s.sionate about martial arts, and her devotion to cultivating enabled her to attain her current achievement even before she reached 70 years old.

Even now, there were still many admirers trying to woo her, including Zuo Qiuting, the Sixth Elder of Golden Dragon from the Holy Teal Dragon Sect, but they were all destined to be rejected!

This was because her Master had never thought of falling in love. Her goal was to reach the peak of the Martial Royal Realm before her 300th birthday. Although this goal was incomparably distant, her Master still worked relentlessly hard on it.

While watching the battle at Towering Sky Peak, the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven said, "His talent might be higher than yours, but you've already obtained the legendary Martial Emperor's powerful Legacy, so he won't be able to compare with you in the future!"

"Therefore, you two are not compatible. You must abandon all your feelings for him, cultivate in seclusion, and strive to attain the Enlightenment Realm soon!"

After saying this, the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven pondered and said again, "If you really want to fall in love, after you reach the Martial King Realm, I can introduce some young supremes who are on the top rankings on the List of Top 10,000 Continental Talents. They are your best options!"

After listening to the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven, Hong Qingxuan kept silent. She wanted to refute, but she knew it would not change anything.

After that, she took a deep breath. "Time will prove it all!"

She believed Su Mo was not weaker than anyone, and it would not be difficult for him to be crowned in the List of 10,000 Talents!

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