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The Blackdragon Domain, as one of the four super domains in the East Continent, was the second most relevant, just behind the Dark Domain.

After over two months of nonstop traveling, the three of them were really exhausted, so they decided to take a rest in the Blackdragon Domain for two days before returning to the Dark Domain.

Sky Dragon City was one of the ten ancient cities in that territory. It was controlled by the Holy Teal Dragon Sect. The city was bustling with several hundred millions of residents.

Divine Dragon Inn was the most luxurious and high-status inn in Sky Dragon City. Only experts above the Enlightenment Realm and the disciples of powerful sects dared to enter the inn.

That was because the price of staying in the inn was so exorbitant average commoners could not afford it.

A top-notch dish in this inn could cost a few hundred thousand lower spiritual stones, while a normal room costs a million lower spiritual stones per night.

Su Mo and his companions were in that inn. They had not come specially to the Sky Dragon City, but they were teleported there.

In the well-lit and luxuriously decorated hall of the inn that was full of customers, the three of them sat near the windows with a table full of all kinds of delicacies.

All of them were made either from the meat of special demonic beasts or exotic spiritual herbs. They were beneficial to a martial artist's cultivation and body const.i.tutions.

Even martial artists of low cultivation could totally break through the realm of their cultivation after consuming these delicacies.

The three of them sat beside the windows, enjoying the feast while watching the crowd in the city.

"Big domains are truly different. Their prosperity and resources are something that Hong Domain could never compare with!"

Wu Sheng made this heartfelt comment after taking a bite of the food and feeling a warm stream in his body.

"Indeed! As compared to the Blackdragon Domain, Hong Domain is truly a pathetic place!" Su Mo sighed faintly.

Upon hearing, Hong Qingxuan smiled and said, "Even a pathetic place could produce extraordinary geniuses! Both of your talents are comparable to the top geniuses in the four super domains!"

Hong Qingxuan's gaze then turned toward Su Mo. Actually, she wanted to tell Su Mo that even the top geniuses from the four super domains were uncomparable to him!

"Ninth Princess, you don't have to flatter us, your talent exceeds ours!" Su Mo shook his head and said.

Hong Qingxuan's talent was indeed undeniably peerless.

As for himself, he knew better than anyone else that he would not be considered a genius if it wasn't for the unbelievable abilities of his Devouring Martial Soul!

"Brother Su Mo....erm, and brother Wu Sheng, you don't have to call me Ninth Princess from now on. Just Qingxuan will do!" Hong Qingxuan bit her lips softly and said that with a smile.

As she spoke, her ears blushed undetectably.

She had intended to say that to Su Mo only, but she felt that it was not appropriate, so she included Wu Sheng as well.

After traveling together for over two months, they were already familiar with one another. As such, they did not mind what she said but just nodded with a smile.


"Sure, we'll call you Qingxuan from now on then!"

The two of them smiled.

Da! Da! Da!

At that moment, a big group of young people entered the hall.

There was a dozen of them, both men and women, all of them with an extraordinary temperament and an arrogant look, except for the leader who just looked lonely.

Su Mo turned around and glanced at this group of people, he was suddenly shocked as he saw their young leader.

Chu Zhantian!

The tall young leader was none other than Chu Zhantian, the top of the List of Top 100 Talents of Blackdragon Domain, whom Su Mo had met previously in the Firmament Palace.

The depressed Chu Zhantian casually glanced around the hall. When he saw Su Mo, suddenly his eyes lit up.

"Senior brother Chu, let's go over to the empty seats there!"

A youth beside Chu Zhantian pointed in another direction, and all of them were about to go.

However, Chu Zhantian unexpectedly walked toward the windows. Although the rest of his group was puzzled, they still followed him.

Clump! Clump! Clump!

Chu Zhantian was expressionless as he dragged his heavy footsteps toward Su Mo and his companions while glaring at him fiercely.

"Su Mo, I didn't expect you to have the b.a.l.l.s to come to Sky Dragon City!" Chu Zhantian said in a low voice as he smiled widely.

"Oh? Why wouldn't I dare to come here?" Su Mo replied with another smile as he stared back at him.

"Just because I robbed your storage ring, I wouldn't dare to come to Sky Dragon City, would I?"

Hong Qingxuan and Wu Sheng looked at the two of them in confusion. They knew Chu Zhantian but were puzzled. "These two shouldn't have had any interaction between each other! They didn't have any conflict in the Firmament Palace, so what's going on?"

"Good! Very good! Excellent!"

Chu Zhantian laughed angrily. His chest started rising as the suppressed anger in him started to resurface again.

"Senior brother Chu, what's going on?"

"Senior brother Chu, who is he? Do you have a grudge against him?"

Chu Zhantian's fellow disciples started asking him out of confusion.

Upon hearing them, he took a deep breath and nodded firmly.

He did have a grudge against Su Mo. He had robbed him his storage ring in the Firmament Palace, not only leaving him severely injured but also completely broke. After he came out, he even had to endure the embarra.s.sment of borrowing money from his junior disciples to buy the elixirs needed to treat his injuries.

Most importantly, as the top genius on the List of Top 100 Talents of Blackdragon Domain, he had never been so humiliated before!

He was super furious, and he could not vent his anger anywhere, so he kept suppressing his rage!

This incident became a severely unsolved issue for him!

If he could not deal with that issue, it could greatly affect his path of cultivation in the future.

Hence, he had been feeling depressed and became lethargic in everything.

And now, Su Mo suddenly appeared in Sky Dragon City. This made him delighted and instantly cleared his unhappiness as he could finally return the favor of his humiliation!

"Kid, which sect are you from?" Chu Zhantian was just about to speak when his junior brother got ahead of him.

He was a skinny young man at a cultivation of Lv 8 True Spirit Realm.

"Does that have anything to do with you?" Su Mo replied coldly. Since that young man was not courteous, he obviously need not be nice to him.

"You're courting death!"

A chilling light flashed in the skinny young man's eyes, and he sneered, saying, "I don't care which sect you are from. If you have offended senior brother Chu, it means that you have offended the Holy Teal Dragon Sect. I will make you pay for it today!"

The skinny young man attacked Su Mo after saying that.

His fist went straight for Su Mo's face. The punch was not weak, as if a mountain was. .h.i.tting, it was comparable to the attack of a Lv 9 True Spirit Realm martial artist.

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