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Su Mo had a long discussion with everyone in the Sus' meeting hall.

Although everyone was reluctant, they all agreed to evacuate. They didn't dare disobey Su Mo, and they knew that they didn't stand a chance against the powerful enemy that even Su Mo and Gale Island weren't capable of defeating.

All the Sus' elders sighed, but they had no gripes against Su Mo since everything in the family currently relied on him.

Most importantly, everyone had blind confidence in Su Mo's talent. They knew that he would definitely achieve outstanding height and lead the Sus to glory when he grew up in a few years!

A momentary loss was nothing to them!

"Mo'er, don't worry! I'll arrange everything and summon all the tribe members!" Su Hong frowned and said with a grave face, "However, a lot of people, including Su Yu and Su Tianhao, are all in the Sky Yuan Sect. I'm afraid that they can't make it here in a amount of short time!"

Su Mo also frowned, but those in the Sky Yuan Sect were probably not in great danger since Sky Yuan Sect would eventually give in to Cold-blood Hall.

Most importantly, he could not afford to wait any longer, or no one would be able to leave!

"They could stay in Sky Yuan Sect. Just try to send them a message before we leave!" Su Mo said.

"Alright!" Su Hong nodded.

Su Mo then discussed the details of the evacuation with everyone before leaving the meeting hall.

He walked toward Li Feng's residence. He still had a few drops of the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te, which could repair his shattered elixir field.

In his yard, Li Feng was reading a book of stories and myths, including some legends of the Hong Domain.

"Su Mo, you're back!" Li Feng was overjoyed to see Su Mo and brightly smiled.

"Yes, I just got back!" Su Mo nodded.

He saw a huge change in Li Feng. Although his elixir field had been shattered and he had lost his cultivation, he had an air of elegance.

Su Mo nodded inwardly. Perhaps Li Feng's injury allowed him to see life with more clarity.

He sighed inwardly. After experiencing this tragedy, Li Feng might excel greatly after recovering his elixir field.

Su Mo took out the jade vase holding the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te.

"Li Feng, guess what this is?" Su Mo smiled and teased.

Li Feng was shocked and then closely squinted at Su Mo's jade vase. Then, his breathing quickened.

"Su Mo, this is..."

He knew that Su Mo was teasing him because he had a treasure that could heal his elixir field.

Although he had gotten used to life without cultivation and had moved on, at this moment, he couldn't help but grow excited about regaining his cultivation.

"This is the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te, which can heal your elixir field!" Su Mo said, nodding seriously and feeling nervous. Although the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te had miraculous healing qualities, he would only know if it could heal Li Feng's elixir field after Li Feng took it.

"Can... can it really heal my elixir field?" Li Feng took a deep breath and asked with a trembling voice.

"There's a 90% chance that it will!" Su Mo replied.

"90%!" Li Feng was stunned. That basically meant that it could heal his elixir field.

Su Mo pa.s.sed the jade vase to Li Feng. It still contained three drops, which should be enough.

Li Feng held the jade vase with trembling hands.

"Take it!" Su Mo looked at Li Feng encouragingly.


Li Feng took a deep breath, opened the jade vase, and swallowed the three drops in one gulp.

Afterward, he closed his eyes to concentrate on the changes in his body. He felt a warm stream travelling through him and it congregated toward his elixir field.

Su Mo stood in front of him and watched silently.

As time went by slowly, Li Feng stood in place. After a full 15 minutes, all the aura from heaven and earth gathered toward him.

Su Mo finally smiled. If Li Feng could absorb aura, that meant that his elixir field had recovered.

Su Mo let out a sigh of relief. Li Feng had lost his elixir field because of him, and now he had restored it.

A large amount of aura from heaven and earth rushed toward Li Feng and his cultivation recovered at an astonishing speed.

After a while, Li Feng's aura reached Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm and it continued to grow.

His cultivation used to be at Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm, and now that his elixir field was healing, he faced no cultivation bottlenecks. As long as he kept absorbing aura, he would soon regain his past strength.

"Great! Li Feng, this is an Upper Lv 2 Spiritual Herb. It'll help you completely regain your cultivation in seconds!" Su Mo said with a smile.

He gave Li Feng a sprig of blue gra.s.s.

This Upper Lv 2 Spiritual Herb was the weakest in his collection, but it was perfect for Li Feng as he would not be able to withstand stronger herbs.

Li Feng opened his eyes and took the Spiritual Herb. Although he did not say anything, his eyes revealed great grat.i.tude.

Su Mo moved to sit on a nearby bench and waited for Li Feng to recover his cultivation.

After another 15 minutes, Li Feng had completely absorbed the Spiritual Herb, and his aura returned to Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm. Then his body suddenly shook and he actually broke into Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm!

Su Mo watched this silently and felt happy for Li Feng. Perhaps this tragedy was a blessing in disguise.

Li Feng was not extremely talented and only had a Rank 7 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul.

With his normal cultivation speed, he might not have leveled up in the past six months. Now, not only did he regain his cultivation, but he also leveled up.

The 10,000-year Stalact.i.te also had a lot more beneficial properties. Besides healing injuries and increasing cultivation, it also strengthened the martial artists' body const.i.tutions. This, in turn, allowed them to better cultivation.

After a while, Li Feng opened his eyes once again. His cheeks were flushed and he looked like a different person. The only strange thing was the many black specks on his skin.

These were the toxins that the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te had flushed out of his body.

When Su Mo took the 10,000-year Stalact.i.te, he had also flushed out a lot of toxins. However, because he was fighting, the toxins were shattered by his Genuine Vitality before they could exit his body.

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