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The onslaught of brilliant and powerful attacks were about to bury Su Mo.

Everyone from Gale Island instantly grew pale, especially Qing Pingzi and Elder Wei, whose faces were drained of blood.

Although they were both powerful, they would not be able to fend off Scorching Sun Sect, let alone Elder Xue Tan.

They wanted to save Su Mo but would not be able to do so!

Su Mo hovered in the air and remained calm despite the terrifying attacks.

"You're not fit to kill me!"

Su Mo yelled coldly, "All of you are going to die and be buried in Gale Island!"

At this, Su Mo's aura increased rapidly.

He broke into Lv 8 True Spirit Realm!

Yuan Tu's blood essence and Vital Spirit, being equivalent to a dozen Lv 9 True Spirit Realm martial artists' blood essence and Genuine Vitality, sent Su Mo's cultivation straight into Lv 8 True Spirit Realm.

Then, Su Mo used his Martial Soul's devouring power at its maximum level to envelope all the incoming attackers.

"Devour with abandon!"

Su Mo's expression was crazed. His eyes were full of killing desire and his sword Qi was bursting.

At Su Mo's display of devouring power, everyone was gripped with fear. The exceptions were Elder Xue Tan, Jin Yan, and Fire-refining Cultivator, who were in the Enlightenment Realm.

"What's happening?"

"My blood! My Genuine Vitality!"

"Ah! Ah..."

The battle descended into chaos, and all martial artists above Lv 7 True Spirit Realm felt their Qi blood and Genuine Vitality boil chaotically.

The martial artists below Lv 7 True Spirit Realm suffered worse effects. Some were unable to control their Genuine Vitality and fell straight out of the sky. Others exploded into a shower of b.l.o.o.d.y mist, with leaving their dried-up corpses to fall to the ground.

Jin Yang's body was shrouded in b.l.o.o.d.y mist as his Genuine Vitality and blood seeped through his skin profusely. In terror, he retreated hastily.

Some low-level martial artists below Lv 4 True Spirit Realm even burst open immediately, like the Spiritual Stones that Su Mo had devoured.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In that split second, around 100 bodies exploded and fell to the ground like meteors. It happened so quickly that the victims did not even have time to scream.

Hundreds of weaker attacks exploded in waves.

The shattered attacks, endless blood, floating Genuine Vitality, and Martial Souls merged into a river that flowed towards Su Mo.

Su Mo's cultivation continued to increase.

Only Elder Xue Tan, Jin Yan and Fire-refining Cultivator's attacks were largely unaffected. They managed to draw nearer to Su Mo.


Su Mo shouted and met the attacks with his long sword.

The golden glow on his body intensified, and the illusion of scale armor reappeared, making him look like a G.o.d.


The long sword's beam of colorful sword radiance shot towards the three attacks.

It was a simple and direct move that relied not on martial arts techniques, but on all his physical strength and Five Elements Genuine Vitality.


The long sword clashed with the attacks and created a stunning explosion that swept for 50 kilometers.

The incoming attacks were all shattered by Su Mo with one move.


Su Mo was sent flying for hundreds of meters by the powerful force, his Qi blood boiling slightly.

"Lv 2 Enlightenment Realm is truly powerful!"

Su Mo's expression grew grave. Jin Yan and Fire-refining Cultivator's attacks were nothing to him, but Elder Xue Tan's attack was slightly troubling.

Su Mo's current strength was many times more powerful than when he had been in Firmament Divine Realm.

After cultivating Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill, his Genuine Vitality was three times more powerful than before. Also, now that he had entered Lv 8 True Spirit Realm, his strength was at a whole new level.

"He blocked them! How is that possible?"

"What a strange Martial Soul!"

"He is demonic and must die!"

Elder Xue Tan and the other two looked very grave. Su Mo's power had exceeded their expectations once again.

At Lv 8 True Spirit Realm, he had blocked the combined attacks of three experts in the Enlightenment Realm. It was unthinkable!

They were astonished by the devouring power of Su Mo's Martial Soul. Besides the three of them, none of the others could resist its power!

In only a couple seconds, hundreds of people had exploded into b.l.o.o.d.y mist, while others were quickly drained of their blood and Genuine Vitality.

"His Martial Soul is quite strange. Everyone back up!"

Jin Yan yelled a warning to the others.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Before he could finish speaking, a series of screams sounded.

A purple bolt of lightning shot through the air.

It was Lil Eight, who was faster than any martial artist in the True Spirit Realm. He wove through the crowd with his mouth open wide enough to swallow anyone in sight.

Lil Eight's scaly claws easily pierced the Body-protection Genuine Vitality of a Lv 9 True Spirit Realm martial artist and tore him to pieces.

Those men's blood, Genuine Vitality, and Martial Souls were absorbed by Su Mo's Martial Soul and increased his cultivation.

"Haha! Good job, Lil Eight!"

Su Mo could not help but smile at Lil Eight's ferocity.

Lil Eight's abilities exceeded his expectations, as he could now easily contend with a Lv 1 Enlightenment Realm expert.


Su Mo turned to Elder Xue Tan's group with killing desire in his eyes and rushed towards them.

"Infinite Supremacy!"

"Infinite Heaven and Earth!"

Su Mo slashed his sword at Elder Xue Tan and Jin Yan while swiftly shooting toward Fire-refining Cultivator.

All three opponents were quite powerful, so it would be hard to kill them all at once. Therefore, he chose to first target the weakest one, Fire-refining Cultivator!


Su Mo moved like lightning and instantly neared Fire-refining Cultivator. He raised his long sword high and swung it down heavily.

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