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While Su Mo was trying to awaken Xi'er's Martial Soul, an array of extravagant palaces stood in a majestic mountain range in the Central Continent, tens of thousands of kilometers away from Sunnywood City.

The thousands of towers paved with fine gold and coppery tiles covered hundreds of mountain peaks. They were grand and mysical, as if they were from the heavens.

In one of the extravagant palaces, a majestic figure sitting on a dragon chair suddenly stood up.

The figure gave off an air of sweeping strength and vigor, and his eyes shone keenly like daggers cutting through the air.

"Servant!" His call shattered the silence like a bomb.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!



Immediately, dozens of figures flew swiftly into the hall and bowed to him.

"My daughter's tracks appeared in the East Continent."

The figure stared towards the East, with a rare smile appearing on his stony face.

There was finally news of his daughter, who had been lost for more than 10 years!

"Who would like to venture to the East Continent and bring my daughter back?"

The majestic figure's eyes shone like lightning and swept over his servants.

"Your humble servant is willing!"

"Your humble servant is willing!"

"Your disciple is willing!"

Everyone answered loudly in unison.

"13th Elder, Hao'er, you two go! You must bring my daughter back to me!" declared the figure. With a wave of his hand, a small jade plate flew towards the two men. "This can detect the location of my daughter."

"Yes, Master!"

"Yes, Master!"

A thin old man and dashing youth immediately accepted his order, took the jade plate, and left with a bow.

In Sunnywood City, Su Mo and Xi'er returned to the Master's yard to see his father, Su Hong.

"Father, why did this happen? Why can't Xi'er's Martial Soul be awakened?" Su Mo asked after explaining to his father what happened with Xi'er.

"Let me first examine her!"

Su Hong held her arm in his palm and injected a gust of genuine Qi into her body.

As he was examining, he began to frown.

Su Mo saw his father's expression, and his heart skipped a beat with dread.

"Father, what's going on with Xi'er?" Su Mo could not help but ask again.

"There is some kind of force in Xi'er's body that is preventing her Martial Soul from being awakened!" Su Hong declared with uncertainty. His eyes revealed a hint of concern, and he stopped inspecting.

"Force?" Su Mo was confused.

"I see. It's a seal. Xi'er's Martial Soul can't be awakened because it's been sealed!" he suddenly realized something and said in shock.

"What? A seal?" Su Mo turned to Xi'er in confusion and asked, "Xi'er, how could you have a seal inside your body?"

Xi'er shook her head, looking lost as well.

Su Hong thought, "Sealing is a very advanced method that most people do not possess. I've only seen it a couple of times."

He was even more confused given Xi'er's past.

She was merely a girl from a mountainous village. Why had a martial arts master placed a seal inside her?

"Father, is there any way to break the seal?" Su Mo asked desperately.

Su Hong shook his head and said with a sigh, "I've only encountered seals a few times before. I know nothing about breaking them. The art of seals is too advanced for people like me."

Su Mo's brows furrowed. If he could not break the seal inside Xi'er's body, she would never be able to awaken her Martial Soul.

He could not allow this to happen.

"Mo'er, no one in Sunnywood City can break this seal. It's likely that only masters in the large Sects outside the city can do it," said Su Hong.

"Brother Su Mo, don't worry. It's alright if I can't awaken my Martial Soul!" Xi'er said with a forced smile.

Xi'er did not want him to worry too much about her.

"Don't worry, Xi'er! I promise to find a way to break your seal and help you awaken your Martial Soul," Su Mo said firmly, seeing the disappointment in her eyes.

With his talent, he would eventually be powerful enough to leave Sunnywood City and find a way to break Xi'er's seal.

Since his father could not break it, Su Mo did not have any other options.

Just as he was about to leave with Xi'er, Su Hong stopped him and advised, "Mo'er, the martial arts compet.i.tion starts in three days! Wei Rufeng of the Wei clan announced publicly that he would avenge his brother at this compet.i.tion. He wants to break your limbs and ruin your cultivation. If you run into him, just give up without a fight."

"What cultivation is Wei Rufeng?" Su Mo asked.

"I heard that he's already reached the Peak Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm. He's very powerful, maybe even stronger than Su Tianhao," said Su Hong.

"Wei Rufeng only achieved at the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm. How dare he talk so recklessly?" Su Mo thought.

Su Mo scoffed with a hint of coldness in his eyes and said, "He should know better and learn from his brother's mistakes."

Afterwards, Su Mo and Xi'er left.

Su Hong was shocked at first, then smiled bitterly and his head. His son was growing more mysterious and confusing by the day!

After returning, Su Mo and Xi'er sat down in their own yard.

"Xi'er, in the new year, when the martial arts compet.i.tion is over, I'll take you out of Sunnywood City. There are many masters out there who must know how to break your seal," Su Mo comforted gently. 

"I'm sorry Brother Su Mo. I'm such an inconvenience to you!" Xi'er lowered her head apologetically.

"Silly girl, don't be so polite with me!" He rubbed her head adoringly.

He had developed feelings for this gentle and naive girl.

"Brother Su Mo, I don't want to become a burden to you." Xi'er looked up at Su Mo, her eyes filled with determination. She said, "You're incredibly talented and belong to the world outside. I'll wait at home for you to return." 

"Ho ho! Silly girl!"

Su Mo's heart was moved. He brought her into his arms.

Her body was shaking slightly, but she did not resist him and instead lay her head on Su Mo's shoulder.

Neither of them spoke, but the pa.s.sion was blooming in both of their hearts.

At that moment, Xi'er felt nothing but joy.

Su Mo felt very calm, when he held her.

As someone who had lived two lives, he had never felt as calm as he did at this moment.

In his past life, he had been constantly battling in blood and fire, making him stressed all the time.

Now, holding Xi'er made him feel so calm. A deep sense of attachment arose in his heart.

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