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The Lis' mansion was magnificent.

Although there was no martial artist of the True Spirit Realm in the Lis, they could still make it to the top 10 in Halcyon City.

The reception hall of the Lis was full of visitors.

Master Li Tan sat on his seat of honor, and seven elders of the Lis were seated on his lower right.

The outstanding inferiors of the family were sitting behind the elders.

On Li Tan's left, were three guests.

There were two middle-aged men, and one fair-faced girl who was around 16.

One of the men, whom had a serious look on his face said, "Master Li, I'm here today to talk about Panxue's marriage.

"Panxue has been engaged to Li Feng, but since Li Feng has been crippled and kicked out of your family, what do you intend to do about the marriage?" the man looked at Li Tan and said in a low voice.

He was Wu Yuansheng, Master of the Wus, another notable family in Halcyon City.

Upon hearing what Wu Yuansheng had said, Li Tan smiled and answered, "Master Wu, no worries. Panxue is smart and gifted, of course, I won't let her marry Li Feng."

After pondering for a while, Li Tan added, "What do you think of Li Xian?"

Instantly among the inferiors, a tall and robust youth glanced excitedly at the pretty girl sitting next to Wu Yuansheng.

Li Xian had been coveting after Wu Panxue for she was a great beauty in Halcyon City.

He did not stand a chance previously as Panxue was engaged to Li Feng. Now was his chance!

Wu Yuansheng smiled and said, "Hehe, Li Xian has a Martial Soul of Rank 7 Human Cla.s.s. He is a talent. He's only 18 and has become a disciple of the Scorching Sun Sect. I've heard he had reached Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm. He is more talented than Li Feng."

Li Tan chuckled and said, "Master Wu, how about letting Panxue be engaged to Li Xian instead?"

Both the Wus and the Lis were top 10 families in Halcyon City. Once the two allied through marriage, their cooperation would greatly benefit both sides.

Li Tan certainly did not want to miss the opportunity.

Besides, Wu Panxue was not only pretty, she was as talented as Li Feng before he was crippled.

Wu Yuansheng smiled at the proposal, it was agreeable to him.

"Master Li, I agree."

Wu Yuansheng answered and turned to ask the girl, "Panxue, what do you think?"

Wu Panxue gracefully smiled and softly said, "That's fine with me, uncle."

Wu Panxue was Wu Yuansheng's niece.


Wu Yuansheng laughed and said to Li Tan, "Master Li, we have no problem with it!"

Li Tan was delighted and said with a smile, "Well, let's pick a date for their engagement..."


Li Tan was interrupted by an abrupt bang from outside.

"What's happening?"

Li Tan's face darkened as he bellowed.

A guard rushed in with dripping sweat.

"Master! Someone... someone is barging in!" the guard answered.


Everyone turned pale and simultaneously stood up.

"Who's that? From the Zhangs or the Yus?" Li Tan hurriedly asked.

In Halcyon City, the Lis were feuding with some families and had fought with both the Zhangs and the Yus before.

But Li Tan was puzzled, as they did not have clashes with them recently. Why have they attacked?

"Master, it has nothing to do with the Zhangs or the Yus. It's Li Feng!"

The guard answered, and wiped away the sweat on his forehead.


The hall was in dead silence since everyone was startled at the news.

After a while, Li Tan came to his senses and growled at the guard, "Nonsense! Li Feng has been crippled. How can he barge in?"

The guard was scared and corrected his words, "Li Feng has brought someone with him!"


Killing intent flashed in Li Tan's eyes, and he said angrily, "Li Feng has been crippled. How dare he make trouble for me? He must be tired of living!"

Li Tan glanced around, randomly pointed at an elder, and said, "Sixth elder, please go and kill those troublemakers and bring Li Feng here!"

Li Tan was not bothered that Li Feng had brought someone along to settle the score with them.

Li Feng was crippled, poor and powerless. Which expert could he hire? Must be some small fry.

The sixth elder was enough to handle them.

"Yes, Master!"

The sixth elder was about to go out.

Suddenly, a cold voice was heard from outside.

"Don't bother, we're coming!"

A young man in black stepped in.

He was dragging a man in rags with unkempt hair. He was like a dead dog.

Behind the young man stood a middle-aged man. It was Li Jiang, Li Feng's father.

Li Feng was on his father's back.

The young man in black was Su Mo.

"How dare you attack our family? Are you tired of living?"

Li Tan stared at Su Mo and frowned. He was cautious enough to sit tight.

Li Tan was shocked by Su Mo's cultivation. He perceived that Su Mo was at Lv 7 Spiritual Martial Realm.

It was a surprise that Su Mo had such a high cultivation level at such a young age.

How could this be possible?

Li Tan had never ever heard of such a genius in Halcyon City.

Compared with Su Mo, his pride, Li Xian, meant nothing at all.

"Father... help me!"

At this moment, the dying man in Su Mo's hand weakly made a sound.

Upon hearing the voice, everyone turned pale.

"Is... is that Li Yi?"


Li Tan glared and cried out.


Su Mo flung Li Yi toward Li Tan.

Li Tan rushed forward and flared up after taking a look at it.

The dead dog was his son, Li Yi.

Not only had Li Yi's limbs been smashed, his elixir field had been ruined. He was crippled like Li Feng.

"You're digging your own grave!"

Li Tan suddenly turned and glared at Su Mo. He was filled with strong killing intent, like a wild beast.

Su Mo, however, kept calm and ignored Li Tan's furious look. He flatly said, "Are you the Master of the Lis? Come and apologize to Li Feng."

Su Mo's tone sounded emotionless but was extremely overbearing.

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