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"Do you want him to die or be tortured? It's your choice!" Su Mo said flatly as he looked at Li Feng.

Everyone was baffled by his words.

Su Mo sounded like a mighty emperor who could decide the life and death of a person.


Before Li Feng could speak out, Li Yi started laughing. "Where did this lunatic come from? Do you want to kill me? Do you even know who I am?" Li Yi said sarcastically.

Li Yi was amused by Su Mo's words.

To die or to be tortured?

As the young master of the Lis, this was the first time that someone had spoken to him in such a manner.

Although the Lis was not the biggest clan in Halcyon City, they were still a formidable power.

Although Li Yi's cultivation was mediocre, everyone would show respect to him due to his status.

Yet, the man who was standing before him had said that he would decide his destiny. While Li Yi was amused, he also felt humiliated.

Su Mo did not even look at Li Yi. He asked Li Feng, "Li Feng, if you're not going to say anything, I'll kill this man right now!"

Su Mo was about to kill Li Yi.

Li Feng hurriedly replied, "Stop it, Su Mo! You can't kill him!"

Su Mo was confused, so he stopped and asked, "Why not?"

Li Feng replied, "Li Yi is the young master of the Lis. If you kill him, the Lis will come after you!"

Li Feng had to warn Su Mo. Although he knew that Su Mo was powerful, if he had killed Li Yi, the Lis would not let him off.

Li Yi was full of arrogance after hearing Li Feng, and yelled at Su Mo, "Did you hear him? Let me go now or I won't go easy on you!"

Li Yi's arm was still in Su Mo's grasp. He had tried to break free but to no avail.

Li Yi was not dumb. He immediately knew that Su Mo was way stronger than him.

Hence, he held back from fighting and decided to threaten Su Mo verbally instead.

Li Yi was going to ask the experts in his clan to kill Su Mo after he was released.

However, Su Mo had completely disregarded Li Yi.

After collecting his thoughts, Su Mo asked Li Feng, "How strong are the Lis? What levels are their masters at?"

"The Lis are quite powerful in Halcyon City. The Master is at the Peak Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm. He's the strongest."

"At the peak at the Peak Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm?"

Su Mo nodded. As long as there was no one in the Lis that had reached the True Spirit Realm, they would not be able to beat Su Mo.

Su Mo turned around to look at Li Yi for the first time, and said harshly, "I won't kill you now, but since you had called Li Feng a cripple, then you shall become a cripple too!"

Su Mo then stabbed into Li Yi's elixir field in his lower abdomen with his finger.


There was a blast as Li Yi's elixir field shattered.

Li Yi had turned into a cripple in the blink of an eye.

Su Mo then threw Li Yi onto the ground.

Li Yi was dumbfounded!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Li Feng's parents were shocked and scared. Since Li Yi's cultivation had been ruined at their place, the Lis would definitely kill them!

Li Feng was feeling distressed as well. He let out a sigh.

Su Mo had not heeded his advice!

"My elixir field... my cultivation!"

Shortly, Li Yi collapsed onto the ground and started shouting hysterically. He was pale as a sheet.

"I'm going to kill you!"

Li Yi looked at Su Mo resentfully.

Li Yi then turned to the three guys beside him and shouted, "Why are you still standing around? Go and kill him now!"

The three youths gritted their teeth and dashed toward Su Mo.


The three of them shouted.

But all of them flew off like empty sacks in the next moment.

The three of them were merely at the Qi Cultivation Realm. Su Mo casually waved his hand and they were blasted off.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three youths. .h.i.t the walls of the stone shed with a loud bang.


They screamed in agony. Shortly after, they dropped down from the wall and appeared to be dying.


Li Yi felt nothing but fear when he saw the three of them dying from Su Mo's casual wave of his hand.

"Master, please stop it now!"

Li Jiang, Li Feng's father, shouted. He was almost crying.

Li Jiang was terrified. Su Mo had ruined Li Yi's cultivation and beaten up the three other disciples of the Lis. The Lis would kill them once they knew about it.

"Master, you must quickly run for your life!"

Li Jiang shouted again, "We need to pack up and leave Halcyon City as soon as possible. If not, it will be too late!"

Li Yi heard Li Jiang and started laughing hysterically. He then said, "Haha! Escape? Do you think you can still escape? All of you are going to die today!"

Li Yi had lost his mind. His eyes were filled with immense killing intent.

"You have become crippled, and yet you are still acting recklessly," Su Mo said as he shook his head. He then walked toward Li Yi.

"What are you trying to do? Don't come near me!"

Li Yi was shocked and he tried to move backward.

Su Mo raised his foot and stomped down hard on Li Yi.

Crack! Crack!

The sound of bones breaking was heard continuously. Su Mo had broken Li Jiang's limbs, leaving him lying paralyzed on the ground.

Li Yi was now no different from Li Feng.


Li Yi's cries were extremely daunting.


Li Feng's parents were stunned. Li Jiang was pale as a sheet. Instead of listening to him, Su Mo had crippled Li Yi.

After crippling Li Yi, Su Mo turned to Li Feng and asked, "Li Feng, what's the location of the Lis? I'll head over there now to avenge you!"

Su Mo was going nowhere. He could not take it lying down that his brother had been ill-treated by the Lis.


Li Feng and his parents were startled by Su Mo's words.

Li Feng's parents were slack-jawed and stared at Su Mo in disbelief.

"Is Su Mo going to the Lis?"

"Isn't he digging his own grave?"

Li Feng frowned. He paused for a while and then asked, "Su Mo, what is the level of your cultivation now?"

Li Feng did not know how strong Su Mo was, but he knew that given Su Mo's confidence, he must have become much stronger.

Despite so, no matter how strong Su Mo was, he could not possibly be a match for an expert of Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm.

"As long as there is no master from the True Spirit Realm, they will be no match for me," Su Mo replied indifferently.

Although he did not answer Li Feng's question directly, his reply was more than enough.

Li Feng and his family were taken aback by Su Mo's reply.

Li Jiang could not calm himself down. "How can this young man be so strong?"

Li Feng was shocked as well. "Has Su Mo's strength reached such a high level?"

Li Feng took a deep breath to calm himself down and nodded at Su Mo.

Li Feng trusted Su Mo. If Su Mo had said so, then he must be true!

"Father, can you help me up? I want to go with him!" Li Feng said firmly.


Li Jiang was startled, but he did not listen to Li Feng.

Li Jiang was not entirely convinced by Su Mo. How could a young man that was about 16 years old, have the strength equivalent to the peak of the Spiritual Martial Realm?

Li Jiang had yet to see such a genius in his life.

"Don't worry, father! We'll be fine with Su Mo around!"

Li Feng rea.s.sured his father, and continued, "The Lis must apologize for treating me this way!"

Li Feng hated the Lis.

They had not only expelled him, but they had chased his parents out as well.

This was pushing them into a corner!

If Li Feng's parents could still work at the Lis, they would have the income to support Li Feng, even if the Lis refused to support him.

Li Feng would not be in such a pathetic situation then.

However, his whole family had been chased out of the clan.

In addition, the disciples of the Lis frequently looked him up and humiliated Li Feng!

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