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Chapter 1395: See How You Can Try To Sneak An Attack Again?

In the high skies, Wu Shang’s face was completely black. He had thought that he would be able to easily kill Su Mo and had not thought that Su Mo would be such a challenge.

His Souls of the Dead Skill was very strong and he even had several variations of it that displayed his true powers. However, with Su Mo’s invincible skills now, how strong his Soul of the Dead Skill was also rendered insignificant.

Time pa.s.sed by and the minutes ticked away.

In the skies, away from the wall of skeletons, Su Mo calmly observed Wu Shang who was on his guard. He appeared to be as tough as steel.

Skeleton warriors surrounded him from all directions and he was highly alert. Su Mo did not have any chance to sneak an attack upon him.

It seemed that he could only try and force his way through the skeleton wall for an attack.


Su Mo took action first. The Sword Radiance in his hand exploded out and instantly morphed into nine strokes of ma.s.sive three colored Sword Qi that rushed towards the skeleton warrior’s wall.

Dong dong dong!!!

The powerful sword force could not be blocked and before the skeleton warriors had time to react, they were sliced apart completely.

Then, the Sword Qi that reduced the skeleton warriors into pure bones maintained its power as it headed for Wu Shang.


Once the Sword Qi appeared, Wu Shang was not afraid and he found out where Su Mo was. Waving his large hands several times, palm prints the size of small hills flew out to where the Sword Qi originated from.

Dong dong dong!!

The palm print and Sword Qi collided, causing an explosion with a ma.s.sive destructive force to occur. Waves of aura and force rolled out and spread out in all 8 directions.

Then, once Wu Shang had destroyed Su Mo’s attack, he scanned his surroundings again. Where was Su Mo?

Su Mo had disappeared again!

“d.a.m.n it!” Wu Shang was furious. This kind of battle made him very irritated.

He was strong enough but without being able to find out where Su Mo was, it was useless.

Then, he waved the Honourable Soul Banner in his hand, causing the shattered bones of the skeleton warriors to unite again and revive the skeleton warriors.

Right at that moment, Wu Shang’s heart jumped. He felt a strong devouring power covering him and the group of skeleton warriors.

Under this sudden force, the bones of the skeleton warriors stopped in their places and the Dark Force in his body rapidly churned.


At that point, the s.p.a.ce above his head suddenly wavered and a dazzling cold radiance shot through his Dark Force protective array.

“Not good!” Wu Shang’s heart skipped a beat. Without any time to think, the Divine Pills in his body jolted up and he immediately tried to suppress the devouring power. Then, he reached out to try and grab the cold radiance above him.

A grey glove was worn on his hands and he fearlessly dared to reach out with his bare hands.

In the next moment, the cold radiance and Wu Shang’s palm touched each other.


An ear piercing metal sound sounded and a dazzling fiery red radiance shot out through the surroundings, causing the Dark Force to instantly shatter.

The cold radiance originated from a sword and it was trapped in the hands of Wu Shang.

“Ha ha! Su Mo, let’s see where you can hide now.”

Wu Shang laughed out loud. Although he could not see Su Mo with his own eyes, he could feel from when he grabbed the sword that Su Mo was currently holding onto the long sword and he was just directly above him.

The moment he said those words, all the hairs on his body stood up and a sense of imminent danger engulfed him.

“What?” Wu Shang’s face took a drastic turn. Before he could think of what kind of danger he was facing, he immediately released his grip on the long sword and retreated backward.


Wu Shang tried to close the distance between him and Su Mo but he was too late. Three streaks of sharp sword radiance instantly tore through his body and fresh blood shot through the sky.


A scream escaped Wu Shang’s lips and his body stopped moving only after he was thrown back a kilometer from the impact.

“Spiritual Sword!”

Lifting his head to look before him, Wu Shang’s face was completely pale. Su Mo had revealed himself and three Spiritual Swords danced around him.

“Wu Shang, present me your life!” Su Mo’s face was stoic as he walked one step at a time towards Wu Shang.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Wu Shang’s face changed. At that point, blood was spurting out from the three holes on his chest.

This injury was not severe, but a large ma.s.s of sharp Sword Qi had entered his body and was destroying it.


With a wave of the Honourable Soul Banner in his hands again, the skeleton warriors who had yet to be destroyed immediately pounced towards Su Mo again while the shattered skeleton warriors quickly re-gathered.

Wu Shang took advantage of this time to suppress the Sword Qi in his body, thus destroying it.

However, at that point, Su Mo had disappeared already and the ma.s.s of skeleton warriors once again lost their target.

“This…!” Wu Shang was so angry, he was on the verge of puking blood. How was he going to deal with this guy? He had not imagined that Su Mo would actually be so hard to deal with.

The group of onlookers was slightly surprised. The fight now was leaning towards Su Mo’s victory.

Not only was Wu Shang unable to outwit Su Mo’s tactics, but he was even injured. The mighty Forbidden Sorcerer Skill was completely worthless.

Outside the True Sage Territory, chaos engulfed the area as everyone discussed matters amongst themselves.

“Wu Shang is injured!”

“Su Mo’s invincible technique has allowed him to take the victory within his hands!”

“Seems like Wu Shang is going to lose!”

“No wonder Su Mo is ranked first on the True Sage Board. There was a reason behind it: Su Mo’s invincible technique has allowed him to be a hidden a.s.sa.s.sin!”


Waves of voices rose over another, but these voices were piercing in the ears of the Sorcerer Tribesmen.

The Grand Priest, as well as the rest of the Sorcerer Tribe geniuses, all wore ugly looks on their faces. If Wu Shang lost, their Sorcerer Tribe would lose their reputation..

However, they had no choice but to quietly observe the situation and pray that Wu Shang would be able to overcome Su Mo’s invincible technique.

The Grand Priest sighed out loud. It seems that he would be the one to take action eventually, Wu Shang didn’t seem to be able to kill Su Mo.

Since the Grand Priest was outside the True Sage Territory and was only observing through a virtual screen, he could also not pinpoint where Su Mo was with his invincible technique.

“Natal Spiritual Sword User?” The Sage of Swords lightly laughed. He could tell in a single glance that the Spiritual Sword that Su Mo used just now was the Natal Spiritual Swords. This was because he was also a Natal Spiritual Sword User.

However, three Natal Spiritual Swords for a Martial Emperor was far too little.

Within the True Sage Territory.

At that point, Wu Shang stood high in mid air and the color of his face drastically changed. If he didn’t figure a way to deal with Su Mo’s sneak attack, he would probably lose.

Like a lightbulb had gone off his head, he thought of a plan.


Wu Shang suddenly yelled out as the Dark Force within him churned. A protective array of Dark Force once again formed around him.

This protective array rapidly expanded and within a single breath, it had stretched to almost a few hundred meters wide.

The ma.s.sive protective array was like a large, invincible balloon that hung in the air.

“Su Mo, let’s see how else you will try to sneak an attack. Quickly show yourself!”

After he raised the protective array, Wu Shang immediately roared out. Although this method of his seemed dumb, it was indeed very effective.

Within a few hundred meters of the protective array, he would have sufficient time to react if Su Mo sneaked an attack on him again.

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