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Chapter 1142: Qingyu Island

Translator: Transn Editor: Transn

The development of the Firmament Palace was on the right track. There were about 20,000 elders and disciples in each of the nine palaces.

In addition to the Changqing Palace and the Thunder Palace, the other seven palaces all had descendants.

The development of the Firmament Palace was flourishing.

For the following period of time, Su Mo did not practice cultivation. He took the time out to spend time with Xi ‘er and his father. They lived a relatively leisurely life.

The people from the Netherworld Devil Sect seemed to disappear completely. No matter what they did, the people from the Sky-sea Pavilion was unable to trace their whereabouts.

Su Mo was depressed. The Netherworld Devil Sect had become a thorn in his flesh. He could not be at ease without pulling out this thorn.

The Netherworld Devil Sect might bring damage to the Firmament Palace at any time.

Moreover, the Netherworld Devil Sect was related to the Trial Tester. If it was not completely eradicated, it would bring about trouble.

The world was so big that it was really hard to find the people of the Netherworld Devil Sect without special means if they were in hiding.

At present, Su Mo had two tasks besides finding the people of the Netherworld Devil Sect- finalizing the descendants of the Thunderous Palace and the Evergreen Palace and unifying the Firmament World.

However, he was not in a hurry to accomplish the latter. It would naturally follow suit when the Firmament Palace grew to a suitable size.

When that happened, other big forces would not have the intention of resisting them.

The most important factor was related to the descendants. He still had some work to do in that area.

For the Thunderous Palace, Su Mo already had a candidate- the spiritual beast, Lil Eight.

As for the Evergreen Palace, he had already identified Hong Qingxuan as the descendant. But now, she had suffered losses from this disaster and may find it difficult to be a descendant of the Changqing Palace, leaving him no choice but to find someone else.

Among the disciples of the Evergreen Palace, there were already several with good potential. Su Mo had gotten Teal One to observe them.

In the blink of an eye, five months flew by.

Within that period of time, numerous big powers of the Firmament World had all come to the Firmament Palace to congratulate Su Mo on becoming the top expert in the Firmament World, in order to get in his good graces.

However, in addition to appearing in person and meeting the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, Su Mo did not see anyone else. All of them were received by elders such as Di Shi. He set his mind on cultivation.

In five months, Su Mo had already reached the peak of Lv 4 Martial Royal Realm, but the resources he captured from the Yins had also been exhausted, so he was unable to break through that level.

The Sky-sea Pavilion was once very wealthy, but after its headquarters was destroyed, several resources were lost.

Fortunately, the Sky-sea Pavilion, a money-making machine, was enough to support the operation of the Firmament Palace.

One day, Su Mo was practicing his sword in a secluded garden in the Firmament Palace.

His swordsmanship was extremely quick and forceful, and every movement was measured and profound.

Over the past few years, Su Mo had been under great pressure both physically and mentally, so he worked hard to improve his cultivation.

As a result, he rarely practiced martial arts techniques. Even if he had begun to practice, his skills would not have been refined.

Furthermore, he was less accomplished in five Upper Imperial Level cultivation skills.

He had enough time now, so he often took time to practice his swordsmanship.

The Grand Firmament Swordplay contained a mysterious artistic conception of heaven and earth, universe and sky. Only by mastering this artistic conception could the strongest power of this sword technique be exerted.

Moreover, the martial arts above the imperial level could only be stronger if they were integrated with the power of Ultimacy.

Su Mo’s understanding of immortality and ultimacy was good, but this principle of heaven and earth was so vast. Thus, he only possessed a superficial understanding.

Whew! Whew! Whew!

The sharp sword flashed, piercing the air, and earsplitting sounds filled the air.

The sword radiance was mysterious, because it was sometimes like the vast sky, sometimes like a large piece of land and sometimes evolved into the stars in the sky.

Tart, tart, tart! !

At that moment, the dull sound of footsteps sounded and an old man approached Su Mo fro behind.

Su Mo withdrew his sword and stood. He turned to face the old man, who was Hai Mingjiang.

His face was ruddy and his aura was more profound.

It was obvious that Hai Mingjiang, who had cultivated the Medium Imperial Level cultivation skill, had greatly improved his strength.

“Elder Hai, what can I do for you?” Su Mo asked. Hai Mingjiang was the First Elder of the Illuminious Palace now.

“Palace Master, I’ve found the Netherworld Devil Sect!” Hai Mingjiang said, cupping his hands.

As the Pavilion Leader of the Sky-sea Pavilion, Hai Mingjiang had been responsible for tracking down the people from the Netherworld Devil Sect, and he had been working hard to find them.

“Oh? Where?” Su Mo’s eyes suddenly sparkled as he heard the news.

“Palace Master, a few days ago, our spies found the remains of Corpse Qi near Qingyu Island in the North Sea.” Hai Mingjiang said in a low voice.

“The remains of Corpse Qi?” Su Mo narrowed his eyes slightly.

“That’s right!” Many of the Netherworld Devil Sect experts were from the Corpse Hall. They practiced the Zombie Skill. According to the spies’ report, the residual Corpse Qi was not weak and they should be left alone by the Martial Royal Realm experts!”

Hai Mingjiang nodded and said, many spies from the Sky-sea Pavilion had special Martial Souls, so they were extremely sensitive to the aura.

Su Mo nodded. The Netherworld Devil Sect was indeed practicing Zombie Skill with many people. The First Demon Elder was a corpse in heaven.

Although Wu Sen had a s.p.a.cial Device, the Netherworld Devil Sect had many people. Obviously, it was impossible to for them to stay in the s.p.a.cial Device all the time. They definitely came out for activities or to probe for news.

Therefore, it was not surprising that there was residual aura.

Looking at the Firmament World, there seemed to be no one who could practice Zombie Skill except the people from the Corpse Hall of the Netherworld Devil Sect.

” I will go out for a while. Before I return, no one can enter or leave the Firmament Palace. The Large Protective Formation will be always opened!” Su Mo informed him that during that period of time, the Huntian Luoshui large formation had been closed. After all, such a large sect could not close the main gate all the time.

However, if he left, the Large Protective Formation would be opened for safety.

After all, there was a chance that the Netherworld Devil Sect would launch a surprise attack on the Firmament Palace while he was away.

“Palace Master, rest a.s.sured that nothing will happen!” Hai Mingjiang nodded.

It was impossible for the Netherworld Devil Sect to launch a sneak attack. Wu Sen’s body had been destroyed, so he would not be able to regain strength within a few years, even if his Fighting Soul took over a new body.

Then, after giving out a few orders, he left the Firmament Palace and went straight to the North Sea.

In the Firmament World, the Four Seas were extremely vast. They were much larger than the entire Firmament continent.

The North Sea was one of those Four Seas.

The large North Sea, with a radius of hundreds of millions of miles, extended to the end of heaven and earth.

A few days later, Su Mo arrived at the North Sea, upon which he flew straight to Qingyu Island.

He had found out the location of Qingyu Island. It was one of hundreds of large islands in the North Sea and located in the west of the North Sea.

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