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The call might be from the Huo family, well, after the incident, who else would it be?

If she did not pick up the call, to show things were not as dramatic as the Huo family imagined although in fact they were, it would be harder to explain to the family.

"Well, let them know all they want to, they'll know it sometime soon anyway," muttered Huo Yunting as he turned over and pressed her to the bed. He opened his eyes, "But, to be honest, it would be so much less fun if they already guessed it right beforehand."

"Huo Yunting, don't get so full of yourself."

"Said that to yourself, I'll make you full tonight."


Her cheeks reddened, embarra.s.sed, which was a trigger for his naughty desire, "Well, full or not, you know the best."

She turned her head to leave the pervert alone. The phone stopped ringing, yet like a haunting spirit, it rang again. It annoyed her, unlike Huo who fell back onto the bed again and fell asleep in few seconds with her in his embrace.


Huo Family's Residence

Huo Zhenning was sitting on the sofa as he skimmed through newspaper fresh from the porch. He was going to check out the Finance section, which somehow… appeared to be missing? He flipped through pages again, only to realize that the Entertainment section he presumed was actually the Finance section, with a familiar man, well-dressed, placing an expensive necklace on an attractive lady.


The t.i.tle printed.

It was Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang who attended the auction last night.

There were also a few little pictures chained up like a comic strip, with them getting to the stage, receiving an interview and leaving in their Rolls-Royce.

Huo Zhenning almost felt his heart bursting, as he hauled the paper to the ground.

"What the h.e.l.l is going on?"

"Darling… calm down," said Madam Xue as she placed down her mobile phone with the voicemail whispering. She walked to him, "Yunting never really accepted me, he couldn't, it is hard for him to say such words. So… don't pressure him anymore."

She was very sure that the reporters were fabricating stories for clickbaits, since Huo Yunting hated her to the core, no way he would love her daughter.

"For pete's sake, he couldn't even tell the world that she is his sister. Now, look at what he has done. The misunderstanding! Does he even know how to talk?"

Jesus, why do I even have such incapable son?

Thought Huo Zhenning as he slapped his thigh. Glancing at their photo on the headline, it irritated him to the core.

"Well…" There was nothing much Madam Xue could say, she just felt bad for her daughter.

Yunting… does not recognize me after all… not even as a stepmother.

So it is only natural that he would never recognize Yang Yang as his sister.

Clearly he did this on purpose, only to drive both of us mad.

I can see that.

I can also see that Yang Yang never wanted to be Yunting's personal secretary.

I mean, look at her. She used to be such a bright child and now she doesn't even talk much to me… and every meeting we have lasted briefly.

It must be a ch.o.r.e to work for Thunderbolt Corp.

But what can I do? My daughter is the sole key to a better relationship with Yunting.


I'm sorry…

She picked up the newspaper and withdrew her gaze, "Dear, how about we don't get involved in this? I believe Yunting knows what to do."

It was only clear that with their involvement, things would get worse.

"Forget it. He wouldn't even bother to do anything about it," said Huo Zhenning loudly as he pinched his forehead.

This d.a.m.n son of mine just wanted to test my patience after all.

And yeah, it worked, it worked like a charm.


Huo Zhenning got up from the sofa and stormed upstairs.

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