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He observed his woman carefully. Somehow, her face reddened in pure rage gave him a sense of irritation, though the feeling faded away very soon after.

"Huo Yunting! You just wanted us to get busted as soon as possible, so that the entire family of yours gets hunted down by the world. Is that what you want? Does that make you feel happy?" Lu's restless breath landed upon his chest.

"Why the h.e.l.l your heart is this dark, your mind is so twisted? I had done everything you asked, what else do you want me to do?" Towards the "kind" remark, he sneered.

Seriously, I have married myself to you. I have been tainted by you on bed. I have become your very "hardworking" secretary. My whole life is under your command now. It's only reasonable if you would, at the very least, be less unsatisfied.

Yet… Yet! You only had gotten worse!

"Well, don't you see what I want you to do now?" His large hands toured her exposed back.

"Huo Yunting!" She shouted, though as usual, it did not work.

She eventually had to bite his arm, very, very painfully through his exquisite suit.

The pain did not stop him, as he licked his lips, with a gentle push that sent her onto the bed.

She hissed, releasing her bite due to his sudden action.

The next second, Huo practiced his signature thrust behind her as he rested his tall body upon her back, causing her difficulties in breathing right, "B-buzz off!" Her eyes were glaring, almost like a set of cannons to impale her foe.

Huo Yunting smiled, leisurely placed his right hand upon her back, with his left hand sliding through the skirt, "You done? It's my turn now."

"No! No! I don't want to do anything with you, Huo Yunting! Stop it!" She shook her head vigorously, struggling in his grip.

It doesn't have to be like this!

Huo Yunting dealt with his wife the simplest way - he aimed and stuffed her grooving lips with his.

His tongue had taken over her respiration. He would be under command for her breathing, resistance would be futile, just like her stuck body.

The skirt was taken off, bit by bit like her soul.

Lu Zhaoyang was eventually Huo's fancy props, only to be played when in mood, to be dropped when moody.


The next morning came with the refreshing sunlight peeking through the curtain gap. The room was messy, with two most attractive bodies of XX and XY species laying upon it.

Disturbed by the chilliness, Lu made a tumble and rolled towards her only heat source. Drowsily she snorted and then sank herself into the warm, hard chest of her owner, going back to slumber.

The ringtone suddenly started echoing inside the s.p.a.cious room. Lu bolted to the bedside, during which the giant hand grabbed her and pulled her back to the bed.

"Not yet," whispered Huo with his eyes closed, as he snuggled after a upward pull of their silk blanket.

In his embrace, Lu could not move an inch, as his breath tickled her neck. The imagery of their pa.s.sion replayed in her mind.

The phone was still ringing.

"Hmm… phone… my phone…" Her weak voice rang like a kitten.

"Screw that."

"Screw what? You have caused so much trouble, your parents probably know everything."

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