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Chapter 528: 528、Because of her that Ming Yue became like this

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Zhaoyang scowled very briefly, “Xuxu, play in your room. You can go to bed if you feel sleepy—while I…have something to talk to Uncle Ting.”

“Okay~” The little guy nodded obediently as he pushed her towards the door to the living room, “Go now. You taught me this before—never let a guest wait too long.”

“Right—ahahaha…” She smiled wryly as she exited. The moment she gently shut the door, her smile collapsed into hostility when she marched to get the door opened. The impatient man almost barged in when he saw a small gap opened but he was stopped by the beauty. She whispered defensively, “What the h.e.l.l do you want?”

The alpha’s eyes partially closed as the giant hand reached through the door to her, “I just want to have a goooood conversation with you, my way.”

She slapped his palm away, headed out, shut the door behind her, gave the giant man a few pushes as both of them distanced away from the room.

“I know—I know…You don’t want to see me again,” she said. “But I’m not here for you and—since things had gotten to this stage, so how about you move on? I mean, I don’t want to let whatever happened between us to affect Xuxu. He’s still a little boy.”

“…” Huo Yunting’s only interpretation was: I don’t want to see you so please get out of my way.

And he smiled. His usual menacing smile. Despite the days they had been together, she still felt her heart racing but she must stay strong and still!

“Xiang Yuan Corp. is now after Thunderbolt Corp. as well as other corporations by Huo family. As a president, you should really head back to lead your company now. I am having a road trip with Xuxu tomorrow, I won’t be here.”

I knew what Huo Yunting is thinking. He’s probably wanting to avenge his mother. Again. Sigh. More likely he was informed about Xuxu’s ident.i.ty.

I told him every piece of truth I know last night and now look, he just has to put up a show. I’m so tired to give explanations. Why must there be always a chapter with the both of us? Can’t I have a leisure trip with Xuxu, alone?

“I saw what you’ve been doing with that Lady Superstar online. If you guys want to get along, be my guest. I can always make time to sign the divorce form for you,” added Lu Zhaoyang as the man was quiet, though his eyes grew colder. She backed off carefully.

“Lu Zhaoyang, do you think I’ll just let you go like this?”

If she just came back, she should stop imagining leaving him again!


“Whatever. The marriage certificate isn’t that important anyway.”

It’s just a piece of printed paper. I’m fine without it, even if I have a child to raise for the rest of my life.

“This is really not the best time to talk now. I’m feeling under the weather today and you should be aware of the whole situation since last night. I’m seriously too tired to explain every single word to you,” she said as she turned away, pa.s.sing a glance, “Just pretend that we had never met each other before. It’s been like this for the past four years and I’m just fine. You should let it go. Good night.” She made her final words as the last syllable escaped her lips like her last ounce of strength as she opened the door behind her and left hurriedly.

Huo Yunting stood still by the door as he thought she might open the door, sighing and pinching her forehead later.

However, it did not happen.

It had been 2 hours when he realized that. His hope sank when there was no more sound coming from inside. Upon thinking so, his arm finally moved as he lit a cigarette for himself. A veil of smoke soon cloaked up the entire corridor.

She sure reads me pretty well—Did she know I’ll actually stay?

But Ming Yue—Isn’t it obvious that Ming Yue was sculptured after her?

It was because of her that Ming Yue became like this today.

Or Ming Yue might still be that little actress living in her dream that n.o.body knows.


The night pa.s.sed peacefully as Lu Zhaoyang got up from a deep sleep. She went for her phone habitually and checked out the news online.


The headline said so.

Huo Chen was kept at the family corporation for the past two days. He might be a descendant to a superior business family but he spent his life as a soldier. He simply did not have the necessary knowledge or experience in business.

She sighed, finding the situation for the corporation hopeless.

The family corporation had fallen when the brothers came back. It was beyond repair, unable to resuscitate.

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