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Chapter 527: 527、The Actual Mistress is Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huo Yunting probably would never know he was once described as a mosquito by his wife to a little kid.

“It’s okay, Yang Yang. I’m here tonight. The mosquitoes will go for me. Yang Yang is safe,” said Xu Xu, waving his fleshy little arms.

“Good boy!” Said Lu Zhaoyang as she patted the little boy, brushing his head gently.

Meanwhile, Huo Yunting and Huo Li were still waiting for the elevator. While the fanboy was still teasing his Brother Ting out of boredom, they did not know that there was somebody at the corner. Ming Yue’s eyes shone bright like the moon in darkness as she watched them entering the elevator.

She did not leave promptly as she was waiting for Huo Li. She watched everything—how Huo Li brought the boy to one room and left the building with Huo Yunting.

And she was standing right in front of it by then.

She remembered that little boy who showed up unexpectedly that morning and could not help but imagine if the resident there was his mother. Squinting her eyes, she swiftly pulled out her phone and whispered into a quick call, “Help me investigate something.”

It was an easy investigation as the detective sent Ming Yue a full alb.u.m of photos between Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang in public within a few hours.

Ming Yue nearly screamed hysterically when she was back to her apartment, showered and opened the attachment on her email.

“Hah…” She sneered and finally realized why she was the chosen one by the man.

It’s simple—It’s merely because I look like her .

Lu Zhaoyang.

Yes, obviously I’m just a decoy after her! A carbon copy! A clone!

Now the actual mistress is home, of course I’m no longer needed!

What? You said I might have a chance? Don’t make me laugh, look at how old that boy is! He probably could talk now!

Ming Yue’s body shivered at her thoughts as she breathed in and out deeply before slamming her laptop shut.

Yeah, a subst.i.tute! A stand-in! Ming Yue you are just a body-double!

“HAHAHAHA!!!” Ming Yue laughed with a piercing, hoa.r.s.e voice, especially after realizing the actual mistress was more charming and good-looking than her! She was a real knock-off after all!

Judging how he left me in the room last night, he’s probably sleeping with his real mistress. Please, Ming Yue, what are you?

She thought as she lifted the gla.s.s next to her and poured every single drop of bitter juice down her throat.

“Crazy rich Asian marriage? True love for three years? Lies! ALL OF THEM! LIES!” Shrieked Ming Yue in rage and threw her gla.s.s to the floor before collapsing back on the sofa.

Look at the luxury around me. Huo Yunting gave them. If there’s no Huo Yunting, there’s no Ming Yue. What trash will I be?

No—No—Ming Yue you can’t just give up and fall. You have to do something, yes, yes—do something…


The second morning, Lu Zhaoyang woke up and immediately headed for her luggage to pack up quickly. She brought the little guy half-sleeping to another hotel.

I know this sounds stupid but I just want to do it—I don’t want what happened last night to repeat—I just want a moment of peace and quie-

And that night, Lu Zhaoyang heard the door knocking. Having spent her life for the past 526 chapters, she could tell the person by her door.

She refused to open the door yet the little guy remained awake in his bed, as he stared into her eyes with curiosity, “Yang—Yang Yang, why aren’t you opening the door?”

“Haven’t I taught you this before? Never ever open the door for people you don’t know,” mumbled Lu Zhaoyang as she went packing up again. She had to leave.

If this man isn’t going back to the city, I’ll go.

“Xuxu, how about a trip to some other places tomorrow?”

“Okie dokie. I’ll go anywhere Yang Yang goes!” He clapped his hands in joy.

And the person knocked on the door even harder.

“Lu. Zhao. Yang. I know you are in there! Don’t make me break the door!” His voice roared threateningly at the door.

“It’s Uncle Yunting!” The little guy was excited, “Yang Yang! Open the door!”

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