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Published at 12th of August 2019 08:45:07 PM Chapter 371: 371

Lu Bai had no doubt that Wen He ticked most of the boxes in terms of looks . But he still could not help shooting her injured arm a glance .

“If you re-encounter Huo Chen, I am afraid you would have died before you could seduce him . ”

“I am going to bed now . You are such a boring guy!” Wen He took her laptop and got back to her bedroom, leaving Lu Bai alone in the living hall to collect his thoughts .

Lu Zhaoyang spent the entire Sunday taking care of Huo Yunting in the hospital . Realizing that it was Monday tomorrow, she took a day off, and Xiang Jinxi approved it . The next morning, Lu Zhayang woke up only to find Huo Yunting was not in his bed .

“Huo Yunting, are you here?” Lu Zhaoyang called out loud but she heard no response .

She immediately got out of bed and looked around the ward .

“Huo Yunting!”

He was not in the room . Lu Zhaoyang rushed out and b.u.mped into Huo Li who had brought them breakfast .

“Huo Yunting, where is he?”

“Brother Ting is missing?” Huo Li was shocked . “Fret not, sister-in-law . I will find him!”

Huo Li handed the breakfast to her and said, “Could—could you please get yourself changed?”

Lu Zhaoyang looked down at her nightgown and quickly went back into the room . She heard Huo Li's footsteps leaving .

Where would Huo Yunting go early in the morning?

Lu Zhaoyang put down the breakfast and called Huo Yunting . The phone rang but no one answered . Lu Zhaoyang was getting more anxious; he had not recovered from his injury yet .

She quickly got changed before dashing out anxiously .

Meanwhile, in a luxury sanatorium in the city .

“Yunting, what happened to you? How did your hand get injured? Did the b.i.t.c.h beat and bullied you?”

Qiu Ran held his son's injured arm with both hands and stared at him . “It is my fault . Mom did not manage to fight for our rights . Now you are suffering . ”

“Mom, don't worry . She cannot do anything to me . ” Huo Yunting's arm still hurt but he did not blink an eye . “Let me help you sit down, mom . ”

“No, take me out of here now, we will go find your dad! If we cannot have a good life, we will make sure they do not get it either . ”

Qiu Ran was emotional and took him out with her .

Huo Yunting pretended to follow her . The doctor who was beside found the opportunity at last . Just when Qiu Ran opened the door, the doctor gave her a tranquilizer jab .

She finally calmed down .

Qiu Ran began to lose her balance . Just as she was about to fall, Huo Yunting immediately held her and gently placed her back on the bed .

There was a terrible silence in the ward . The two doctors and nurses stood behind Huo Yunting, bowing their heads .

Strangely, another newspaper appeared in Qiu Ran's ward .

Qiu Ran went mad after reading it . She grabbed a mobile phone from someone and called Huo Yunting . Huo Yunting looked down at the newspaper, which had been torn into four, with pictures of Huo Zhenning and Xue Yuming on it .

The photo showed the two hug and smile, showing their affection for each other .

Qiu Ran closed her eyes and fell asleep, but her face was paler than when Huo Yunting last saw her . He stood by the bed for a long time and then walked out, leaving the two nurses to take care of Qiu Ran, while the doctors carefully followed him from behind .

The sky outside was getting brighter . The green hill in the distance was already visible .

Such a beautiful place was only a lovely cage .

“Mr . Huo, the newspaper, we really don't know where it came from,” One of the doctors tried to explain .

Huo Yunting waved to interrupt . “Do you expect me to tell you? Go and check it out for me!”

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