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Lu Zhaoyang saw his look of concern over her and could only managed a thin smile to him. "I'm just not used to the new environment."

"Should we change to another place, then?"

"No need. Let's go to Provence and try some red wine. I'm sure it will help with my sleep!"

She replied calmly and went downstairs.

Huo Chen followed behind. He saw through her front and imagined that she must still be in the process of accepting her newfound freedom.

It did not matter to him. Time was the best medicine. She would slowly forget about her unhappy past and become the lively and sanguine Lu Zhaoyang.

The train journey to Provence took three hours.

Lu Zhaoyang rested her chin on her hand and studied the receding scenery outside. For a moment, she forgot that she had left the city.

Huo Chen had prepared everything. Through his request, a friend of his had purchased a white double-storey cottage with a view of a wide lavender field from the courtyard.

There were no other houses within fifty meters of the cottage. It was a beautiful and quiet home that Lu Zhaoyang would be sure to love.

A light breeze swept across the cottage. Lu Zhaoyang stood in the courtyard, admiring the swaying lavender flowers in the distance.

Suddenly, a blanket was wrapped around her thin figure.

"It's windy outside, and there are no buildings around us. It's much colder than the city at night."

"We should go inside then, the scenery won't be going anywhere." Lu Zhaoyang smiled and turned around. "By the way, why is the second floor not renovated?"

"I kept it just for you, so that you can renovate it however you want."

Huo Chen held her hand by the wrist as they walked inside the cottage together.

He had kept all these details in mind. Being new to another country, it would help to keep her distracted by something as she got used to her new way of life.

The second floor was kept empty so that she could design it according to her taste.

"That's fine, I'd like to be occupied, but first, I want to rest for the day. I'll see what I can do tomorrow!"

He knew exactly what her taste was like. She never changed after all this time.

The person she liked had never changed too, but being with him was no longer possible.

Once they stepped inside, Huo Chen guided Lu Zhaoyang to the sofa and said, "Rest. I'll make dinner."

"You?" She was surprised.

To think that a captain knew how to cook!

"What, you don't trust my skills? Don't worry, I should be alright." Huo Chen made an okay gesture to a.s.sure her. "My dear beautiful lady, what would you like to have for dinner?"

"Chen, are you sure we have the ingredients here?"

Lu Zhaoyang scratched her head in confusion. Surely they had just arrived here?

"I don't think so." Huo Chen replied with an awkward smile. Lu Zhaoyang rolled her eyes at him and as he said, "I'll go shopping. You should take a nap."

Lu Zhaoyang took off the blanket on her and said with excitement, "Are you going out? I want to tag along to, is it far?"

Huo Chen was happy to see her enthusiasm. He nodded as he went to take her jacket. "We have a car. It should be a short trip."

Lu Zhaoyang put on the jacket and eagerly went for the door. "Then let's go!"

If she was to live here, she would have to get to know the local culture sooner or later. Besides, she needed to take a walk outside to calm her mind.

The closest shopping mall was only fifteen minutes away by car.

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