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The sky above Northern Mang Mountain was crowded with people. It was buzzing noisily. It was only natural for it to be noisy when there are so many people gathered in one place. The enthusiasm of the people from and outside the capital was palpable.

"It's the Second Imperial Highness, King Rong!" Someone shouted suddenly.

The entire place fell silent as everyone's eyes followed the gaze of the person who had shouted.

In the distance, a group of people arrived in an imposing manner.

The person in the lead was a middle-aged man who was standing on a golden bird. He held a feather fan and a silk kerchief in his hands. He looked gentle and elegant, the exact picture of a middle-aged scholar.

Many people knew who he was. He was the Second Prince of the Windfall Nation's Imperial Family, King Rong! Moreover, most people in Windfall Nation thought he was most likely to inherit the throne in Windfall Nation.

Naturally, nothing was set in stone because he had a strong compet.i.tor who was just slightly inferior to him for now. His compet.i.tor was none other than the Fourth Imperial Highness, King Qian!

Three men with an indifferent expression on their faces followed closely behind King Rong. They were respectively dressed in a long black, white, and grey robe. They blended into their surroundings as though they were one with Heaven, emitting a tremendous pressure that could be felt by the people present on the scene.

With just a glance, everyone could tell the three old men behind King Rong were Saint Stage powerhouses!

There were seven other people behind the three old men. All seven of them were dressed in a uniform of imposing silver armors. They were the seven guardians King Rong had brought with him. Although they were a group of young and middle-aged men, one should not be fooled by their appearances. Every one of them was at the Imminent Saint Stage. Even if they were not as strong as those on the Heaven Ranking, they were only slightly inferior to them.

"There are so many people?" The lively scene surprised King Rong. He did not expect the battle between Duan Ling Tian and Lin Dong would attract so much attention.

The venue, time, and date were only announced yesterday so the news could not have spread too far. However, it seemed as though everyone was here.

"Second Imperial Highness, King Rong!" The leaders of the forces who supported King Rong, including the Situ Clan, took the initiative and made their way to King Rong as soon as he appeared to greet him.

Bai Li Hong and the others stood in the distance. They did not follow Situ Hao and the others to greet King Rong.

"He's King Rong? He's the one who pressured the Situ Clan to renounce Duan Ling Tian?" Chen Shao Shuai asked with a gloomy expression on his face as he looked at King Rong.

"Humph! How dare he look down on Duan Ling Tian… Soon he'll learn how stupid his arrogance is!" Nangong Yi cursed in a low voice.

King Rong merely nodded at the other people who came to greet him. However, he made a point of praising Situ Hao. "Situ Hao, well done!"

"Thank you, Second Imperial Highness." Situ Hao, naturally, knew what King Rong was praising him for. However, he still had to force a smile on his face even though he felt bitter in his heart. At this moment, he really hoped Master Duan would not show up.

Meanwhile, Situ Hang who was standing behind Situ Hao had a solemn expression on his face. His heart was filled with dissatisfaction toward King Rong, but he did not dare to express it since he was afraid it would affect his clan.

"King Qian is here!" A low cry reverberated in the air suddenly, catching everyone's attention again.

The people from King Qian's estate appeared in the distance. The group of people led by King Qian also arrived in an imposing manner.

King Qian walked in the lead as two old men followed behind him. Behind the two old men was another old man and two middle-aged men.

In comparison to King Rong, King Qian's entourage was noticeably smaller. He had probably brought fewer people with him so that he would seem more amiable to the people.

On the contrary, the silver-armored guardians standing stiffly behind King Rong emitted a sense of coldness. This would cause most people to feel uneasy.

As soon as King Qian arrived, he looked at King Rong before he smiled and mocked him, "Second Brother, didn't you come to watch the Death Duel? You're not going into battle, why did you bring your three elders and guardians? Isn't it a little too much?"

After listening to King Qian's words, many people in the surrounding looked at him derisively. They all felt King Rong was behaving ostentatiously. It was even worse now because they were comparing him to King Qian.

In comparison to King Qian, King Rong's entourage was indeed a little excessive.

After King Qian finished speaking, King Rong's eyes flashed for a moment. However, his expression remained calm as he said with a slight smile, "Fourth Brother, apart from the two elders, didn't you bring a few extra men to run errands as well? It seems like us brothers think alike."

Run errands?

As soon as King Rong finished speaking, the two middle-aged men and the two old men behind King Qian changed their expressions immediately since King Rong's words were a humiliation to them. No matter what, they were still Saint Stage powerhouses!

The remaining old man only smiled bitterly. He did not seem to be offended. Many years ago, he was indeed an errand boy in King Qian's estate.

Out of the two middle-aged men, one of them had a face that was familiar to the people present on the scene.

"Isn't he the former Second Master of Situ Clan, Situ Ming?" Soon after, many people began to recognize Situ Ming.

"Humph! Situ Ming actually betrayed his clan even though they had nurtured him. What an ingrate!"

"Someone like him is just a disgrace to the Situ Clan."

Many people who were righteous began to scold Situ Ming.

Naturally, those words had angered Situ Ming. However, he did not dare to speak up in front of King Rong. His eyes were cold as he looked at those who mocked him. Still, he was surprised when he discovered there was a large number of people who were mocking him.

Could he kill all of them? Even if he could, King Qian would not have allowed it.

After all, he belonged to King Qian's Estate now. Each of his moves represented King Qian's estate. If he openly killed these people, it would definitely affect the reputation of King Qian's estate.

Reputation was what mattered most to King Qian now. He was someone who was vying for the throne. Naturally, he would not allow others to tarnish the reputation of King Qian's estate.

Someone stared at the middle-aged man next to Situ Ming and said, "That person next to Situ Ming looks familiar."

Shortly after, someone cried out in a deep voice, "I remember now! He's Ye Feng!"

"Ye Feng? Who's Ye Feng?" Many people were puzzled. It was obvious this was the first time they had heard of Ye Feng.

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