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The old man was so angry that his face turned completely red. His eyes shone coldly as he said in his deep voice, "Ku Mi, this is the dragon clan, not your Azure Cloud Mansion!"

Just as Ku Mi was about to speak again, Di Shan opened his mouth and said to the old man, "Retreat."

Although the old man was a Five-clawed Divine Dragon elder, he still did not dare to overstep the boundary in front of the Clan Leader of the dragon clan. He retreated obediently. However, he still looked at Ku Mi coldly.

"What? Do you want to fight?" Ku Mi mocked when he noticed the cold gleam in the old man's eyes. "It's not that I look down on you, but there are only three people I dread in your dragon clan, and you're not one of them."

When the old man heard this, his face turned red again, but he had no comeback at all. This was something he could not refute.

Although he was glaring angrily at Ku Mi, he knew very well in his heart he was no match for Ku Mi.

In their dragon clan, only two people could defeat Ku Mi, and one was on par with him. The remaining others were no match for him at all.

Ku Mi retreated to stand behind Duan Ru Feng when he saw the old man no longer dared to say anything.

Looking at Duan Ru Feng, Di Shan asked calmly, "Mansion Master Duan, I wonder how Di Jue had offended you?" It was as though he was not affected by the fact that Di Jue had almost been killed.

"Di Shan, if somebody almost killed your son, what would you do?" Duan Ru Feng mocked as he looked at Di Shan indifferently.

"Huh?" When Di Shan heard his words, he could not help but frown. He had just arrived so he was not privy to the matter that had transpired. He instantly turned to look at Di Jue.

"His son is Duan Ling Tian." Di Jue who had escaped death appeared much more at ease now. When he saw Clan Leader Di Shan had shifted his focus to him, he instantly transmitted his voice to explain. His voice was filled with a hint of bitterness and helplessness.

Although he did not let go of his hatred toward Duan Ling Tian, his father was the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion. Thus, at this moment, he could only yield since he was no match for the Mansion Master. If he had blindly fought him, it would just be like a mantis trying to block a chariot.

"Duan Ling Tian?" When Di Shan heard Di Jue's words, he furrowed his brows immediately.
Naturally, this name was not unfamiliar to him. This was the person whom Di Jue had asked him to find. He was Di Jue's enemy, and he had claimed that this person had killed his son.
He did not expect the lad from the Mortal Continent would turn out to be the son of Duan Ru Feng, the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion.

Although Duan Ru Feng's age was barely a fraction of his age, he knew how terrifying this Mansion Master Duan was. Rumor had it that the previous Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion who was just slightly weaker than him was killed by Duan Ru Feng. It was due to this reason that Duan Ru Feng rose up to become the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion.

Although he had not fought Duan Ru Feng before, he knew he might not win if they fought.

"Di Shan, regarding today's matter, I'll leave if he dies," Duan Ru Feng said nonchalantly. His voice brooked no argument.

After hearing Duan Ru Feng's words, the group of Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders, including Xue Chan, turned grave immediately. In the end, it was still Xue Chan who stepped out and asked in a deep voice, "Mansion Master Duan, I wonder how did Di Jue offend you to the point that you want to kill him?"

"Xue Chan, I'm warning you. It's better for you to stay out of this matter," Ku Mi said coldly when he saw Duan Ru Feng had no intention of replying Ku Mi, "Even if Lord Mansion Master kills this Di Jue from your dragon clan, he only has himself to blame! Do you know he almost killed our Young Mansion Master? Young Mansion Master is our Lord Mansion Master's only son!"

"What?!" The moment Ku Mi's words left his mouth, apart from Di Jue and Di Shan who already knew about this matter, the other five Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders, including Xue Chan, was horrified.

All their attention shifted to Di Jue at once.

"Di Jue, is this true?" Xue Chan asked in a deep voice.

Seeing Di Jue did not deny it, the few Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders turned grave immediately, scolding Di Jue inwardly for acting so recklessly and bringing such a terrifying enemy to the dragon clan.
Although they felt that Di Jue was at fault, this was still the dragon clan after all. They were the Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders of the dragon clan, naturally, their top priority was the welfare of their clan. They would not reveal their internal conflict to outsiders.

"Ku Mi, is there some sort of misunderstanding?" Xue Chan asked in a deep voice as he looked at Ku Mi.

"Misunderstanding?" Ku Mi snorted. "If we really want to talk about misunderstandings, then it should be your dragon clan's Di Jue who misunderstood our Young Mansion Master, right? Let alone the fact that Young Mansion Master might not have even killed his son, even if he did, it seems like he had only helped your dragon clan to get rid of its scourge, right? Don't tell me your dragon clan intends to let that Five-clawed Devil Dragon grow?"

Five-clawed Devil Dragon!

The moment Ku Mi's words left his mouth, Di Jue's expression changed immediately. He did not expect Ku Mi to reveal this.

Five-clawed Devil Dragons were taboo in the dragon clan. His son, Di Yong, should have been killed. He had used deception and saved Di Yong's life.

Although he had saved Di Yong's life, he did not dare to let him remain in the Dao Martial Saint Land. Instead, he sent Di Jue to the Half Moon Island near the Mortal Continent, Cloud Continent. Only he alone knew about this matter.

Although many people in the clan suspected his son, Di Yong, was still alive, they could not do anything at all since they had no proof and could not find Di Yong.

However, now that Ku Mi had revealed this matter, an ominous feeling rose up in his heart.
Di Shan, the Clan Leader of the dragon clan, stared at Ku Mi calmly. However, at this moment, a cold glint flashed in his eyes. It was obvious he was unhappy that Ku Mi had revealed this matter about the Five-clawed Devil Dragon.

However, Ku Mi who had Duan Ru Feng's support did not seem to fear Di Shan at all. Instead, he continued to mock as he said to the group of Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders, "What? All of you didn't know Di Jue's son, that Five-clawed Devil Dragon, had died a few years ago? I must say, your dragon clan's really lucky. Although that five-clawed Devil Dragon managed to survive the first time, he still died in the end… Otherwise, if he had grown strong, he would definitely bring disaster to your dragon clan. All of you must not have forgotten the ancestral lesson of your dragon clan, right?"

The ancestral lesson of the dragon clan stated that one must kill a Five-clawed Devil Dragon immediately to avoid future trouble.
"Di Jue, your son was actually alive!" Zi Jing's face was ashen as she looked at Di Jue.

The other Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders did not have a good expression on their faces either.

"Tsk tsk… Looks like all of you were kept in the dark, huh?" Ku Mi shook his head and clicked his tongue. "Then I'm sure all of you must not know that the young man, Duan Ling Tian, that your dragon clan has been searching for without any restraint recently might even be a great benefactor of your dragon clan! Moreover, he's also my Young Mansion Master."

Ku Mi's words were like an atomic bomb.

Naturally, they all knew the clan had been searching for someone called Duan Ling Tian recently. However, they had thought the Clan Leader wanted to look for him, not Di Jue.

All of the Five-clawed Divine Dragon elders, including Xue Chan, shifted their attention to the Clan Leader of the dragon clan. They looked at him in confusion as though waiting for a clear answer from Di Shan.

Di Shan nodded.

Since the matter had developed to this extent, he knew he could no longer keep it a secret.
Xue Chan and the others' faces turned grave immediately. After such a long time, as it turned out, Di Jue was the one who was causing trouble.

The Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion coming here to kill Di Jue was not without reason as well.

Their dragon clan was really in the wrong.

When Duan Ru Feng and the seven Five-clawed Divine Dragons of the dragon clans were locked in a stalemate, at the faraway Windfall Nation's capital, Duan Ling Tian had also left the capital with Situ Hang, the Great Young Master of Situ Clan, and Situ Hou, the Supreme Elder of Situ Clan, to head to the Drift Blaze Sect to challenge the Drift Blaze Sect's disciple who was ranked 23rd in the Heaven Ranking — Lady Feng!

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