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Chapter 65: I Want Your Small Treasure Trove

“Human brat, don't go overboard!” The Demon Soul King glared at Lorne angrily and warned, “Even if you and Lady Doris have a plan, I will not be punished for killing you since you are the one bringing the elves into my territory!”

Indeed, it had not attacked because it was afraid that there was a special plan between Lorne and the Dragon of Darkness, Doris. Killing Lorne might ruin everything.

But it was now thoroughly enraged.

If this human brat was still so disobedient, he did not mind sucking this brat's soul out and then s.n.a.t.c.hing his body to complete the following mission.

“Is that so?”

“It so happens that I want your small treasure trove.”

With that, Lorne's expression changed, and the coldness on his face became fervor, as if he were a robber who had suddenly seen someone come with a bag of money.


[Powered Jump]!

Lorne directly commanded Rimuru to activate its skill. With a bounce, it directly hit the boss's head, drawing away the aggro.

“d.a.m.n you, human! How dare you anger the great Demon Soul King!”

The Boss was furious. The moment it was attacked, it immediately raised its hand and shouted, “Come out, souls who wander in the world!”

As soon as it finished speaking, countless soul-type monsters formed from black smoke appeared in the air. They floated in the air and looked hideous, like evil spirits wandering in h.e.l.l.

The elves were all trembling in fear.

With a sharp blade in hand, Mayra's gem-like eyes stared strangely at Lorne's back.

She had no idea what this human adventurer wanted to do. They were clearly on the same side just now, but now, their swords were suddenly pointed at each other. It was too hard to understand.

[Fire of Death – Rain of Arrows]

Lorne turned the battle to the other side, then commanded Small Artillery to fire at the evil spirits in the sky.

With the experience of killing the undead mage last time, Lorne knew that he could not leave these monsters alone, or else the boss would heal endlessly.

Swish! Swish! Swish!





-1599 (Critical)

Countless damage numbers floated in the air.

The ground was filled with arrows burning with black flames and arrows spewing green poisonous fog. The two colors dyed the area ahead into a living h.e.l.l.

Because they were summoned monsters, the health of the soul monsters was not high.

After two waves of arrows, half of them died.

The rest were quickly harvested.

“d.a.m.n human, feel the vibration from your soul!”

Seizing this opportunity, the Demon Soul King seized the opportunity. Its blood-red eyes suddenly widened, and a surge of soul power swept towards Lorne.

This was an attack that could not be blocked. At the very least, the current Lorne could not do it.

In the next second, Lorne's entire body shook, and his health dropped by a quarter.


As he lost a large amount of health, Lorne was stunned.

Two seconds of stun was very fatal against a powerful Boss.

How could a Boss like the Demon Soul King, who was skilled in combat, miss such an opportunity? Almost in the next second, it began to let out a strange cry towards the sky.

This was a soundwave-type AOE skill. The stunned Lorne could not dodge it.

But strangely…

Despite the continuous attacks, Lorne did not lose any health.

Not only that.

His health points even returned to full in an instant from the sound waves.

+1060 (Healing)


+1060 (Healing)



Red and green values appeared at the same time, and Lorne did not lose any health.

This was because when faced with an unavoidable attack, Lorne immediately had Rimuru heal him.

Because the little guy's level had reached 10, its magic attack had also increased to 560 points. Coupled with the fixed bonus of the health recovery skill, the single healing effect of Rimuru was 1060 points.

Moreover, it had the [Continuous Spray] skill. It could trigger up to eight heals at once.

This created the current scene.

Under all the attacks of the Boss, Lorne did not lose any health points. Even after the Boss' attacks stopped, three healing numbers still appeared above his head.

“Use Rapid Fire!”

The moment he was stunned, Lorne immediately retreated and commanded his pets to counterattack.

The two bows were drawn at the same time.

The flaming arrows and the green poisonous fog arrows shot out like lasers and hit the Boss accurately.



-1500! (Critical)

-1520 (Critical)


The damage output was maxed out.

The skills of the two Silver pets triggered the maximum of six attacks.

Not only that, but because they killed the soul monsters earlier, the skill [Frenzied Shooting] of the two archer pets stacked.

Skill: [Frenzied Shooting]: After killing the target, it will receive 1% Critical Strike chance, 3% Attack Speed, and 5% Critical Strike effect. (Maximum: 10 stacks. Duration: 20 seconds)

10 stacks could bring about 10% critical strike chance, 30% attack speed, and 50% critical strike effect.

It was also because of this that a series of critical damage was inflicted on the skill just now.

12 terrifying damage numbers appeared on the Boss's head, directly depleting nearly 12,000 health points.

At this moment, the Demon Soul King opened its abyssal mouth, and the black fog immediately poured into it.

Then, a series of green numbers appeared above the Boss.





In a short while, the Boss had recovered 5,000 health points.

This was all help from the dead souls in the forest.

As the merging of tens of thousands of vengeful spirits, the Demon Soul King could absorb the surrounding soul power at any time to recover from its injuries.

“This monster is really shameless!” Lorne could not help but curse.

He felt that every time he fought, he encountered such a self-healing Boss. It was clearly the most difficult monster to deal with, but he kept encountering it.

If it were any other team, they would probably be disgusted to death by this skill.


Such healing could not save its life when fighting against Lorne.

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