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Chapter 64: This Boss Is Too Easy to Deceive

“It's Lady Doris' aura!”

The Demon Soul King looked at Lorne, the fear in its eyes turning to surprise, “So you are a human traitor who follows Lady Doris!”

Human traitor?!

Hearing this word, the elves stepped back.

Due to the limitations on their power, they could not completely explore the situation on Lorne, so when they heard the Demon Soul King's words, they were immediately terrified.

The elves looked warily at Lorne, keeping their distance.

“My goodness! It's really the aura of the Dragon of Darkness!”

Mayra stood nearby, staring in shock at the motionless Lorne ahead. She had not suspected him because she had sensed the reputation of the Dragon Race of Order on the adventurer.

However, she did not expect that when she used the little strength left in her body to investigate the other party, she really sensed the aura of the Dragon of Darkness!

Could it be that he was really a traitor for the Dark faction?

Mayra froze on the spot, unable to believe what she was feeling.

There was no response from Lorne.

He was clearly being called a traitor, but he did not refute it!

Didn't this mean that he silently agreed to this ident.i.ty?

Thinking of this, all the elves felt despair and trembled. Although they knew what was happening, they could not stop it.

At the same time, Lorne frowned. He roughly understood why the other party had such a judgment. It was most likely because of the [Mark of Darkness].

This negative buff caused him to have a trace of Doris's aura.

That was why this Boss misjudged its enemy.

This was interesting.

He wondered if he could use this to gain some benefits from this guy.

“Since you're a follower of Lady Doris, human, go kill those elves who get in the way.”

Seeing that Lorne was silent, the Demon Soul King spoke.

“What's the benefit of working for you?”

Lorne grinned, “Let me remind you that if you don't give me a reward enough, I will definitely tear you into pieces as the price for exposing my ident.i.ty!”

Hearing this, the elves became even more panicked.

The Demon Soul King was also stunned, but quickly recovered. It said, “Of course there are benefits. As long as you can help me kill these elves, I will give you endless wealth.”


“Do you accept the mission: Kill the Elves?”

“Mission reward: ?”

A dungeon boss could a.s.sign missions?

Lorne found the game increasingly interesting.

However, he did not accept it.

After all, even an invitation from the Dragon of Darkness, Doris, had been rejected.

How could he give in to such a useless boss?

“I don't care about your promise. I want a reward that I can see now!” Lorne said with a cold expression.

The Demon Soul King could not help but be stunned. At that moment, he could clearly sense the killing intent from Lorne.

However, he quickly recovered. After all, the guy in front of him was only a level 10 adventurer. If not for its fear of Lady Doris, it would have already killed this human brat at first sight.

But then again, this human kid was really greedy.

This was good news.

There were also benefits to greed. At the very least, he could use enough money to control the other party. This was much easier to communicate with than those hypocritical Empire experts.

“In that case, I'll give you what you want.”

With that, the Demon Soul King waved his hand.

The next second, a ball of black energy flew towards Lorne.

[Dark Energy]

Effect: Can increase the const.i.tution of dark creatures. Undemonized creatures will be a.s.similated by the darkness.

That was it?

Lorne stared in disgust.

Dark energy was only effective on creatures of the Dark faction.

If ordinary players used this energy, they would automatically defect from the Light faction to the Dark faction.

However, despite his disdain, Lorne still put the ball of energy away.

For him, who had a Monster Merging Simulator, any material was valuable.

Especially for such an energy-type material, there were many chances to use it in the future.

“Is that all?” Lorne put it away, but stared at it coldly.

“Of course, that's not all.” The Demon Soul King said rather proudly, “It has been more than a thousand years since I was born here. In these years, all the treasures that fell into this forest are in my hands. If you want them, do as I say. I, the Demon Soul King, will not treat you badly.”

A thousand years?

Lorne's eyes lit up.

A thousand years ago was the time period when humans fought the Dark Abyss. If that was true, then there should be many treasures hidden in this forest.

Although he did not believe that everything was in the hands of this monster, looking at its treacherous appearance, it should indeed have a huge treasure trove.

“Bring it here and take a look. I don't believe in empty promises.”

Lorne could not be bothered to waste his breath on it.

“Alright, you haven't been completely demonized yet, so you still don't know the value of dark energy. In that case, I'll give you this as a reward.”

The Demon Soul King waved its hand again and handed a rock to Lorne.

[s.p.a.ce Gem]

Grade: Rare

Effect: Expansion of Bag s.p.a.ce by 50 units.

Good stuff!

This time, Lorne's eyes lit up.

He did not expect the Boss to give him a s.p.a.ce gem so quickly.

As a tool that could permanently increase the size of his inventory, it should be very valuable.

Lorne quickly used the gem to avoid any accidents.


“Successful use. Bag s.p.a.ce expanded to 100 units.”

At this moment, Lorne's bag s.p.a.ce panel doubled in size, from 50 to 100 slots.

Seeing that he was so happy, the Demon Soul King knew that he was very satisfied, so he said, “Quickly do it. I can't wait to absorb the souls of these elves.”

However, Lorne still shook his head, “I'm not strong enough, so I'm afraid I can't fulfill your request. Why don't you give me another tool that can increase my strength?”

Lorne felt that this boss was too easy to fool and could not help but want to get more things from it.

However, such actions completely enraged this Boss that was the fusion of thousands of negative souls.

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