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Chapter 45: Spatial Node, Unforeseen Event!






A series of high damage numbers floated in the air.

Against Lorne's attack, the undead mage could not fight back.

Its health points decreased rapidly like running water.

But Lorne's attacks did not stop.

Arrows shot out constantly, making him look like a emotionless shooting machine.

In this case,

after a series of wild shots,

the undead mage's health had fallen to less than 10,000 points.

However, at this moment, the Boss, who felt that its life was in danger, finally changed its attack style.

“Foolish human brat, see how powerful the Death Scythe is!”

The Boss let out an angry roar.

With that, it walked out of the black fog. The huge bone scythe in its hand was also wrapped in a layer of black light.

[Death Scythe]: The Undead Mage swings the scythe and turns into a close combat fighter. Attack range increases by 100%, attack speed increases by 100%, attack damage increases by 100%, and is immune to 30% of damage.

This was clearly the Boss' ultimate move!

Lorne could feel the powerful pressure of the bone scythe.

With double the damage, only one slash was needed to take his life.

Especially with the terrifying double attack range.

This effect was very fatal to players, because it was very difficult to determine their safe location. If they were not careful, they might die by the hands of the other party.

“Rimuru, block it!”

Lorne did not continue controlling Small Artillery, but instead focused on dodging.

This Boss had already placed all its attention on him, so he had to dodge seriously.

Fortunately, when he added points, he treated “Agility” as his main attribute. Coupled with the stats from equipment, Lorne's current speed was not slower than the Boss.

As long as he controlled the rhythm, he could easily kite the boss.

With unusual calm, Lorne began leading the undead mage around the room, perfectly keeping the distance between them at about 30 yards.

This was a relatively safe distance.

Other than archers, it was difficult for other cla.s.ses to hit such a long-range target.

Furthermore, this was a melee-type undead mage.

With a roar, it held the scythe and charged at Lorne, bent on slicing him in half.

Unfortunately, that plan did not succeed.

With Rimuru blocking it, it could not get within ten yards of Lorne.

Instead, during this period of chasing, it had suffered too many attacks. Its health decreased rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it was below 5%.

It could be merged now!

Lorne made everyone stop, then activated his talent skill at the Boss.


This time, something unexpected happened.


“This monster is in a special state. It cannot be synthesized as a prototype!”

An indecipherable notification popped up.

This was the first time that Lorne had encountered such a situation.

“Special state?”

Seeing this, Lorne finally noticed the name of the boss. It said, “Undead Mage – Soul”, as if it was only a controlled soul and not a complete monster.

Lorne did not know if that was the reason.

But he did not think too much about it.

Since he could not treat this Boss as a prototype, he would kill it and get the body part material.

After all, it was a Bronze-Grade Boss. The materials dropped would definitely not be ordinary.

Without thinking, Lorne ordered his pets to kill it.

After a series of shots from Small Artillery, Little Mantis, who was wandering near the undead mage, quickly stepped forward. Its sickle-like arms slashed out countless sword lights that covered the Boss.

The final scythe tore through its throat, ending the brutal battle.

-860! (Critical)

A scarlet-colored critical damage floated out, and the undead mage's health was completely emptied. It lost its vitality and became a pile of rotting bones.

At this moment, a ball of white and a ball of black energy spread out from the skeleton.

The white energy only quietly emitted light, calm and peaceful.

However, the ball of black light transformed into the shape of a demon's head. It struggled in the air, as if it were on the verge of collapse.

It let out a hysterical roar at Lorne, “d.a.m.n you, human brat! How dare you offend the Great Necromancer, Hall! Just you wait, one day, I'll tear you into pieces!”

“How noisy.”

Before it could finish, Lorne waved his short staff and shattered the evil soul.

It was already dead, why did it have to say so much nonsense?

With that in mind, he grabbed the ball of white light.


“Congratulations on obtaining the material: A cleansed pure soul.”

This was a body part material?

Lorne was surprised at his harvest.

This was because the materials he had obtained previously were mostly parts of the monster's body.

But now, he had obtained a soul.

It seemed that there were many forms of synthesis materials, and there were countless possibilities for the synthesis of monsters. Everything had just begun.

“There are no other loot?”

Lorne looked at the skeleton of the undead mage, but there was not a single bronze coin around.

Moreover, the dungeon notification did not appear.

Was there a special situation?

Lorne recalled what the Light Priestess Leisha had said. It seemed that there was something special hidden in this dungeon.

But this seemed to be the end.

Apart from the coffin,

there was nothing to note.

With that in mind, Lorne carefully walked in its direction.

Only this coffin was suspicious.


When he was close enough, something like an air wall blocked his path.

At the same time, a notification appeared in front of him.


“Warning! Unable to approach. The spatial node has not been completely opened.”

Spatial node?

Lorne saw another strange phrase.

If he was not mistaken, this was the information that Priestess Leisha wanted.

“Should I destroy it?”

Lorne thought that might be his mission.

Since it was an arrangement by the Dark Abyss Faction, it must be disadvantageous to the Human Empire. If he could destroy it, it should be a meritorious deed.

Moreover, this dungeon could only be entered once. If he ignored this magic circle, it might really bring disaster to the surrounding forces.

With that in mind, Lorne ordered his pets to destroy the array under the coffin.

Small Artillery's black bow was drawn directly, and an arrow burning with undead flames instantly shot at the center of the magic circle, destroying the runes in the magic circle.

But at that moment,


A powerful and strange force descended.

All the flames in the hall were instantly extinguished, and the entire hall fell into deathly silence.

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