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Chapter 42: Inhumane

“Small Artillery, kill it!”

In the end, Lorne chose to kill it.

Other than the fact that the boss was too ugly, there were several other reasons for Lorne to give up.

The first was the synthesis material.

Right now, Lorne did not have any materials that were suitable for fusing with this Boss. Even if he tried, it would be very difficult to obtain a stronger creature.

Next was the progress of clearing the dungeon.

Lorne did not know if accepting the other party as a pet meant that he had pa.s.sed the dungeon requirement.

Although there was a high chance that he would pa.s.s, Lorne did not feel the need to take the risk.

Instead of thinking about this, it was better to kill this Boss and obtain the materials dropped by it to prepare for the synthesis later.

After all, this was only the first Boss in the dungeon.

He had to look further ahead.

With that in mind, Lorne gave the order to kill.

The pets no longer held back. They all unleashed their greatest strength.

Several combo skills were used at the same time, instantly dealing more than 6,000 damage.

The Salamander King could not stop them.

Under the barrage of this storm, the first Boss guarding the valley quickly fell to the ground unwillingly, turning into a pile of rotting bones.


“Congratulations on killing the boss—Poisonous Salamander King!”

“Current dungeon completion level: 50%!”

A pleasant system notification sounded.

The ground was also filled with loot.

There were five items, four of which were bronze in color, and the last was silver in color.

[Poisonous Armor]

Quality: Silver

Health: +400

Defense: +30

Const.i.tution: +15

Type: Armor

Level Requirement: 10

Additional effect: Physical Damage Reduction+3%.

Additional effect: After receiving an attack, it will automatically counterattack with poison. It will cause 5 points of true damage to the target every second. Duration: 20 seconds. It can cause poison to a maximum of 10 targets at the same time.

Introduction: A poisonous armor that can automatically counterattack the enemy.

This was a Silver-grade equipment. Although its attributes were worse than Lorne's Sage Set, it was still great.

Especially with the additional special effect, this poison counterattack could give the main defensive tank an excellent clearing ability.

At the same time.

On the other side.

Twinkle Rose and the others finally picked up the bronze coins that were scattered on the ground. They made preparations and tried to to catch up to Lorne.

But at that moment,

A system notification sounded in everyone's ears.


“Congratulations, your team member [Tyrant] has successfully killed the boss—Poisonous Salamander King!”

“Current dungeon completion level: 50%!”

Hearing this notification, the useless members of the team could not remain calm.

They had only cleaned up the battlefield for a few minutes, but Tyrant had already killed the next Boss?

How was this possible!

“Is he really cheating?”

Twinkle Rose bit her lip in disbelief.

It should be known that their Silver Snow Guild, and even the top guilds in the world, could not even defeat the Hard-difficulty monsters.

However, Tyrant killed the Boss in just a few minutes?

“How can such an important virtual game allow cheating to happen? Little girl, you have to believe in our leader's strength.”

'Super Rich', who had climbed up from the bottom until he became a tyc.o.o.n, had never believed in those illusory things. In his eyes, any success had a reason and was closely related to other people's efforts.

But his words elicited scorn from Twinkle Rose.

He was so rich, but he had to be a bootlicker. He was hopeless.

At this moment, there was a message from Lorne on the team channel.

“The boss dropped a mediocre equipment. Does anyone want it?”

With that, he hung up a picture of the equipment.

When Twinkle Rose saw it, her mouth widened.

This was actually a Silver-grade equipment!

Furthermore, its attributes were so powerful!

If the tank wore this equipment to farm monsters, the efficiency of leveling up would increase by at least 20%!

It was such a top-grade Silver-grade equipment. In the mouth of that guy, it was actually a 'very mediocre equipment'? Did he know how to play games?!

“I want it!”

Twinkle Rose was the first to speak, “The Silver Snow Guild offers 60,000 alliance dollars.”

At this stage, the highest price for Bronze equipment was 10,000 alliance dollars.

Because only Bosses would drop Silver-grade equipment, the price was extremely expensive. The lowest price was about 50,000.

Twinkle Rose offered 60,000 alliance dollars, which was already far beyond the market price.

But how could others not try to buy the equipment?

A knight in the team directly said, “65,000.”

“I'll pay 70,000.”

Another person also spoke.

The price of the equipment immediately increased to 70,000.

However, none of them wanted to give up. Twinkle Rose gritted her teeth and continued bidding, reaching 90,000 in one go!

Increasing the price bit by bit would only make the price higher and higher.

It was better to directly increase the price by tens of thousands and display her determination and desire.

This way, the group of buyers who did not have much money would immediately choose to give up.

Twinkle Rose's thoughts were clear.

This move was indeed hard for the other two to withstand.

After all, the normal price of a Silver-grade equipment was only about 50,000. If they increased the price, it would be twice the price of equipment. They were not extravagant to this extent.

Seeing that the two of them were speechless, the beautiful guild leader was overjoyed. She even thought of the scene of wearing this equipment and farming monsters crazily in the future.

At this moment, Super Rich, who had been silent, asked weakly.

“Is this equipment very powerful?”

Super Rich was a newbie in the game. He did not understand the value of this equipment, so he asked.

Twinkle Rose looked around as if she did not hear him.

No matter what, she would not explain.

After all, this guy had spent 500,000 dollars on the global chat. If he was interested, it would be hard to obtain the equipment.

The other two did not dare to offend the Silver Snow Guild because of this, so they did not speak.

Seeing that no one spoke, Twinkle Rose felt that victory was in her grasp.

But at this critical moment.

Lorne, the auctioneer, appeared at an inappropriate moment.

“Very impressive.”

Lorne explained, “The top equipment at this stage in the game are Bronze-grade. Silver equipment is the peak at this time period. Moreover, this equipment has high defense and automatic poison damage functions. It can make up for the lack of skill and maintain a high farming efficiency.”

“I see.”

Super Rich suddenly realized something, “I want this equipment. I'll pay 100,000 alliance dollars.”


Hearing this price, the other two looked at each other.

This was the difference between them and a super tyc.o.o.n. Looking at him, bidding 100,000 was as simple as drinking water. There was no need to think.

At the side, Twinkle Rose also bit her red lips. She wished she could kill that scoundrel Tyrant. It was already a huge loss for her to buy an equipment for 90,000, but this scoundrel actually wanted to earn more. He did not even care about a girl's wallet. He was simply too evil.

How horrible! She was supposed to spend the money on some cosmetics…

“I'll pay 110,000.”

Twinkle Rose bit her lips and said angrily.

'I'm a natural beauty. I don't need much cosmetics…'

But then…

Super Rich added plainly, “Then I'll round it up to 200,000.”


The three allies beside him suffered heavy internal injuries.

At this moment, they finally understood what it meant to be extravagantly inhumane.

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