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Chapter 37: New Material Found!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“It's only the second day of the server launch, how is he so strong already?”

“Didn't they say that Summoners are the weakest cla.s.s? That's not right.”

“Did we enter the wrong game?”

“What a terrifying pet. Its single attack output is as high as 400+!”

Seeing the undead monster before them killed, several of their teammates began to doubt their eyes.

They did not expect this.

They were all Level 10 players, why was he so different from them?

Did he have the aura of a protagonist?


This was not some random web novel.


The few of them were speechless.

However, in the next second, something that made them even more speechless happened.

Under the command of Tyrant, the mantis pet no longer attacked the monsters. Instead, it began running through the entire valley. Along the way, it made a loud sound, attracting all the monsters nearby.

“My G.o.d, is he mad?!” Twinkle Rose stood rooted to the ground, her beautiful eyes staring at the hundred or so monsters in front of her in shock.


That was a group of elite monsters!

In there, every undead swordsman was an elite monster with powerful attributes and all of them had their own life leech abilities. He had gathered more than a hundred such monsters. Was he seeking his own death?

“Watch carefully. My leader's methods are not something you can imagine.” Super Rich stood proudly at the side, not hiding his admiration for Tyrant.

“Your leader?” Twinkle Rose gave him a disdainful smile, “Don't worry, your leader will be cut down by the monsters soon enough. Remember to compensate me.”

Although she also admitted that Tyrant was powerful, the monsters in front of her were not simple. There were more than a hundred elite monsters. Not to mention a player, even a Boss might not be able to block more than a hundred slashes at once.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

In the valley, the undead swordsmen who had discovered the intruder let out hoa.r.s.e roars. They held their swords and began chasing after the Death Scythe Mantis, threatening to mince the bold intruder to pieces.

Unfortunately, the slow-witted undead could only follow behind Little Mantis who was traveling at a high speed. They could not get close no matter what.

“Don't come close. I'll be right back.” With that said, he led Rimuru into the fray.

Behind them, Twinkle Rose and the others did not move. Even without Lorne's reminder, they would not have come close to such a terrifying battlefield. There were more than a hundred monsters, and if the aggro was drawn to them, all of them would suffer. They would definitely be slashed to death.

By this time, Lorne had entered the core battle.

“Rimuru, it's your turn to perform.”

Lorne touched the Slime King on his shoulder. He had not sent it out just now mainly to protect everyone.

But as he slew the undead creatures, Lorne suddenly noticed that there were some undead archers hiding in the nearby woods.

Archers were long-range attackers, and in Lorne's team, they just happened to lack long-range attackers.

Therefore, he changed his strategy and began to draw all the monsters together, in order to prevent the other four teammates from approaching.

Although there would be a day when people would discover that he had the Monster Merging Simulator, he still wanted to hide this ability as much as possible. At the very least, he could not reveal his ability to others in less than two days.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Because of Rimuru drawing the aggro, the undead swordsmen used their swords to hack at it.

The sharp edge easily cut through Rimuru's viscous body, and because there were so many monsters, more than a dozen swords slashed at it.

But, interestingly, Rimuru's body was untouched.

It had lost almost no health.


+20 (Healing)


+19 (Healing)



A series of numbers appeared above Rimuru's head, but each time it was attacked, it regenerated some of its health, each dealing less than 30 points of damage.

The range of the melee monsters was limited. There were no more than ten that could hit Rimuru at one time.

Of course, in order to attract the aggro of the monsters behind, Rimuru would take the initiative to rush into the center of the monsters and use its jumping skill to move back and forth among them.

But even then, it did not take much damage. Each wave of attack might have only dealt 300 points, but that was all that mattered to Rimuru, who had 112,500 HP.

At the very least, for a short period of time, Rimuru would be able to hold back the hundred or so monsters.

Seizing the moment, Lorne led the mantis and the minotaur into the forest behind them.

He quickly found an undead archer.

This was also a group of soldiers who had died in the Empire. After being affected by the power of the undead, they stood up again. They were wearing rotting light armor and tattered hempen cloaks. There were two scarlet eyes on their indistinct faces. At this moment, they were holding a large bow and looked extremely hideous.

[Undead Archer]

Grade: Bronze

Level: 10

HP: 1950 / 1950

Physical Attack: 170-240

Defense: 60

Skills: [Rapid Fire], [Rain of Arrows], [Power of the Undead], [Frenzied Shooting]

Introduction: The soldiers who died during the war were reawakened by the evil forces and became terrifying undead. They wandered aimlessly in the valley, resisting all intruders.

Bronze-grade monster?

That surprised him.

At first, he thought that merging them would waste the materials in his bag.

But not if it was a bronze monster.

Although it was only an increase in quality, its attributes were much stronger than that of an Elite.

Without synthesis, it already had a limit of 240 Attack points.

If it was combined, how much would its strength increase?

Perhaps more than 600 points.

After all, even the mantis had 490 Attack points after reaching Level 10.

After merging the undead archer, its quality would definitely increase by another level. At that time, it might become a Silver monster or even a Boss.

Thinking of this, Lorne was excited.

He took a deep breath and commanded the mantis to attack.


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