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Chapter 33: A Gift from a Tyc.o.o.n!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


[Death Scythe Mantis] (Little Mantis)

Grade: Bronze

Level: 10 (0/38,000)

HP: 4200 / 4200

Physical Attack: 385-490

Defense: 175

Superiority: 80%

Owner: Tyrant

Skills: [Sharp Blade], [Continuous Slash], [Scythe of Death], [High Speed Movement].


It could be seen that after Little Mantis reached Level 10, its attributes had been greatly improved. With its current attack limit of 490 points, combined with the damage of its skills, it was definitely superior to Rimuru in terms of DPS. It was indeed worthy of being the main damage dealer of the team.

Moreover, it gained another skill at Level 10.


Skill: [High Speed Movement]

Effect: Increases movement speed by 100%. Duration: 3 seconds.


It was a very practical skill.

Although it was not teleportation, acceleration could still increase the upper limit of mobility in battle, especially when fighting against ranged bosses. High speed movement could effectively avoid damage.

However, after Level 10, the EXP requirement for pets became abnormally high.

Little Mantis needed 38,000 to level up to 11.

According to this number, for Rimuru, the EXP needed to reach that level should be 95,000 points. Just thinking about it was terrifying.

After seeing Little Mantis’s attributes, Lorne opened his pet s.p.a.ce.


[Slime King, Alchemy] (Rimuru): Level 5 (0 / 22,500)

[Death Scythe Mantis] (Little Mantis): Level 10 (0 / 38,000)

[Giant Axe Minotaur] (Minotaur One): Level 7 (0 / 6,500)


The EXP that his pets needed was astonishingly high, but fortunately, they were all mature pets and had learned to kill monsters themselves. This was commendable.

“After I raise the minotaur’s level to 10, I can return to the village.”

The combat power of Summoners depended on their pets. In order to clear the Nightmare Dungeon, Lorne needed them to be powerful enough.

Therefore, he still needed to stay here for a period of time.

At that moment, Lorne, who was checking the friend request list, suddenly saw something that made his eyes light up.

“Player [Super Rich] requests to add you as a friend!”

“(Additional information: I have a Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem. G.o.d-tier player, please add me as a friend.)”

Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem?

The name of this tool was too tempting for a Summoner.

He eagerly accepted the request.

The next moment, this player called [Super Rich] sent over the information of the ‘Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem’.


Item: [Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem]

Quality: Epic

Effect: After using it, player’s pet s.p.a.ce+1.


It was really a tool that could increase the pet s.p.a.ce!

Lorne had not expected to see such a precious item.

One had to know that this thing did not even exist in the hands of Priestess Leisha. It was incredible that a Beginner Village player like him had one.

“Friend, how much are you selling this gem for?” Lorne asked nervously.

This kind of special treasure was definitely not cheap. Furthermore, the other party took the initiative to look for him, clearly knowing that he needed this item. Under such circ.u.mstances, even if this fellow asked for 1,000 gold coins, it was completely normal.

However, such a high price would give him a headache. He did not have that much money now.

“This isn’t for sale.”

Not for sale?

He showed the item but did not want to sell it?

Was it to show off?

Or was that guy purely trying to disgust him?

Thinking of this, Lorne was a little unhappy. He had the urge to capture that guy and beat him up.

But at that moment, the player called [Super Rich] replied.

“G.o.d-tier player, don’t misunderstand. I bought this gem specially for you.”

“For me?”

What kind of trick was this?

At this, Lorne grew wary. The man had to be up to something to give the gem away for free.

“Yes, for you.”

“There’s no need to doubt it. The reason is very simple. I’ve been rich for too long, so I don’t feel anything in reality. This time, when I entered the virtual game, I felt that the world was very wonderful, so I wanted to explore this world.”

“But you know that as I get older, my hand-eye coordination is incomparable to that of young people. It’s very difficult to have fun in this world, so I wanted to find someone to bring me along to play. However, this is our first time meeting, so I had to prepare something. I bought this gemstone as a greeting gift. I hope that you won’t mind it.”

Super Rich explained.

Lorne understood his intention now.

To super-rich merchants, as long as something could be bought in reality, they would possess it. They no longer had any interest in a normal life.

However, “Divine Realm” was a 100% virtual reality game that was full of the otherworldly style. To humans, it was an exciting spiritual world. Especially to wealthy people like [Super Rich] who were sick of living in reality, it had an irresistible temptation.

“Everything can be discussed.” Lorne answered happily.

Originally, he would definitely not have agreed to such a request, but he had to admit that this greeting gift did make him have a better impression of [Super Rich]. It also gave him a new idea regarding the fees he wanted to collect for bringing people to clear the dungeon.

The value of the gemstone far exceeded that of a dungeon slot. After all, money could be earned at any time, but such an epic quality gemstone could only be found by chance.

As he thought this, Super Rich said, “G.o.d-tier player, I heard you’re going to challenge the Nightmare Dungeon recently. Can you bring me along? Although I’m not very good at playing, don’t worry. I can pay an extra 100,000 alliance dollars on top of your listed price. I don’t want anything, I just want to be on the system announcement.”

Lorne thought he had misheard.

An epic quality Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem plus 1.1 million dollars!

How could he refuse?

How could he find a reason to reject him?

“No problem. Wait in the village. I’ll be right back.”

Lorne added the other party as a friend, who sent 1.1 million alliance dollars into his virtual bank immediately, and at this moment, he also increased the speed at which he killed monsters in the valley.

Now, he had a million dollars and was about to obtain a Pet s.p.a.ce Expansion Gem, this was definitely a pleasant surprise. To Lorne, the overall value was much higher than the ‘dungeon slot price’ of four million.

Half an hour later, after obtaining enough EXP in the valley, he returned to the Beginner Village.

On the way, he raised the minotaur’s level to 10.


[Giant Axe Minotaur] (Minotaur One)

Quality: Elite

Level: 10 (0 / 19,000)

HP: 2800 / 2800

Physical Attack: 175-245

Defense: 70

Superiority: 80%

Skills: [Powerful Battle Axe], [Charge], [Battle Axe Sweep].

Introduction: ….


Its attributes were not bad, and it also gained the skill [Battle Axe Sweep]. The effect was to deal 100% damage to all targets within 2 yards. It was a skill with good AOE damage.

However, that was not Lorne’s focus now. All he wanted to do now was return to the village and get the gemstone from Super Rich.

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