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Chapter 31: Little Fairy Gets Blinded by Anger

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Next, in order to farm more monsters more effectively, Lorne decided to split into two groups to search separately, reducing the time wasted.

The first pair were Lorne and Rimuru.

Although his attributes were very ordinary, with Limu around, it was very easy to deal with a group of Armored Lizards.


The second group consisted of the mantis and the minotaur.

Both of them had excellent combat strength. It was too easy to fight these Armored Lizards.

Just like that, the two teams began to madly sweep through the area.

Under the terrifying output, the Armored Lizards could not resist at all. One by one, the monsters fell to the ground, giving Lorne rich experience points.


“White Iron? No need.”

“This is a Bronze equipment. I'll take it away.”

“Bronze coins, my favorite!”

With Rimuru by his side, Lorne was like a machine cleaning up the battlefield. He only needed to pick up equipment along the way, so the experience points and items in his bag piled up gradually.

However, because he had killed too many monsters, his bag was full. Low-grade White Iron items were basically abandoned in the forest.

As for the worthless Bronze coins, due to the lack of picking restrictions, they became Lorne's favorite loot in this battle.

As he picked up the loot, he calculated his efficiency in killing the monsters.

He discovered that ever since Little Mantis' level increased, his efficiency in farming monsters had grown tremendously.

In the beginning, including the time wasted in finding monsters, he could kill three Armored Lizards per minute. However, after Little Mantis reached Level 3, he could harvest four Armored Lizards per minute.

With such efficiency, he could quickly raise the levels of the pets around him to Level 10. It was a happy thought.


A battle where he did not have to deal damage was not challenging at all. After a while, Lorne felt bored.

In order to get accustomed to such a lifestyle, he opened the game's internal forum and checked the latest news while cleaning up the battlefield.

On the main page of the discussion forum, there was information regarding the latest dungeon [Valley of the Dead].

“Blazing Flame Guild failed to clear the Hard-difficulty dungeon. Everyone has died!”

“The experienced guild, Guild of Creation, failed to clear the Hard-difficulty dungeon. Exploration: 55%.”

“Five top experts of the Dynasty Guild joined forces to explore the [Valley of the Dead] and died at the 50% mark.”

“Thunder G.o.d Guild was wiped out in the Hard-difficulty dungeon.”


Today's posts were basically all related to the dungeon.

Almost all of the guilds attempted to challenge the dungeon, but in the end, they all failed.

What was even more shocking was that they had all fallen by the 50% progress of the dungeon. It could be imagined how difficult the h.e.l.l and nightmare-difficulty dungeons would be in the future.

But that was to be expected.

After all, the current players had just reached Level 10 and had yet to improve their equipment. Their strength was very limited.

Moreover, this was the first dungeon in the entire server. The rewards inside were so rich. If the players could clear it easily, it would be too boring.

Lorne continued to look for posts concerning the situation within the dungeon, but did not find the information he needed.

In the dungeon, ordinary players would not be able to come into contact with the core part and would be killed by the monsters. To large guilds, the information of the dungeon was very important. Before this dungeon was cleared, they would not reveal the information.

At this moment, his friend list lit up again.

Needless to say, he only had one good friend now, and that was Twinkle Rose.

“Tyrant, do you have a moment?”

“What is it?” Lorne replied.

“Oh, it's like this. During this period of time, my guild has been challenging the Hard-difficulty dungeons but kept failing.”

At this point, Twinkle Rose paused. Clearly, she could not bring herself to say such a thing. They had been challenging the dungeon since a few hours ago, but they had still gained nothing. To her, the confident beautiful guild leader, this result was too shameful.

Lorne took the initiative to ask: “And?”

“I want to hire you to challenge an instance dungeon with me. If you really can't do it, then we can only give up temporarily and try it after changing to higher-grade equipment.”

Twinkle Rose suggested.

She felt that the Tyrant was the person who could help her the most. After all, he had killed the first Boss in the entire server and had three mutated pets. If even he could not pa.s.s, then no one could obtain the first clear of the dungeon in a short time.

Hearing this, Lorne was attracted to the word “hire”.

“How much will you pay?”

“If we only enter the Hard-difficulty dungeon, if we don't clear it, I will give you 20,000 as employment fees. However, if we clear the dungeon, I will give you 200,000 dollars. How about it?”

The price that Twinkle Rose offered was very generous. This was the amount that top experts in the Hall of Fame would receive. It could be considered a high acknowledgment of Lorne.

However, in the next second, her eyes widened.

This was because of the reply she received, “What if it's h.e.l.l or nightmare?”

Twinkle Rose rubbed her eyes. She even suspected that she was seeing things. That evil guy not only wanted to clear the dungeon, but he also wanted to clear the h.e.l.l or even the Nightmare-difficulty dungeon!

Was he mad?

Twinkle Rose had two hours of experience in the dungeon and knew the situation inside. The top players of the guild only lasted for four waves of monsters before they were wiped out.

To be honest, according to her thoughts, even if she roped in Tyrant, the probability of clearing the dungeon was very low. Her initial goal was to see the difficulty of the later levels in advance and prepare for the next official raid.

But now, she heard that someone wanted to clear the h.e.l.l dungeon or even the Nightmare dungeon. It completely subverted her world view.

“Big-busted Sister, are you there?”

Big… big-busted…

Seeing this t.i.tle, Twinkle Rose gritted her teeth.

This Tyrant was really detestable.


‘Since you like to brag so much, this lady will play with you. Let's see what else you can brag about!'

Thinking of this, the corners of Twinkle Rose's mouth curled up, “Can you really clear a h.e.l.l-difficulty dungeon?”

“No, Nightmare is my goal.”

“You sure talk big. If you can help me clear the h.e.l.l Dungeon, I'll give you 500,000. For a Nightmare clear, one million. I'll keep my word!”

500,000 dollars was enough to buy a top-grade branded bag.

Twinkle Rose felt that she was really foolish at this moment. It was not because she had spent 500,000 dollars to hire someone to lead the team, but because she actually believed that the other party had hope of clearing the h.e.l.l Dungeon.

Oh, lovely fairy, you must be blinded by anger.

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