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Chapter 23: The First Instance Dungeon Appears!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

[First Instance Dungeon: [Valley of the Dead]!]

The top post on the forum was particularly eye-catching. Lorne was also shocked by the information on it.

He had thought that after the mission ended, the game would be quiet for a period of time.

However, he did not expect that not long after he had logged off, the game had actually issued a notice for the first dungeon in the entire server!

He quickly opened it.

[Valley of the Dead]

Type: Special Instance Dungeon

Difficulty: ???

Level: 10

Entry Requirement: Limited to players in the Beginner Village.

Clear reward: Attribute points, Reputation points, Experience points, Gold Coins, Luck, and Bronze Chests.

First Clear reward: Global Announcement, Silver Treasure Chest, Unknown Item reward.

Rule: All monsters in the dungeon will not drop experience points, but equipment and other loot will be dropped. Moreover, the more monsters you kill, the higher the exploration completion percentage will be. The reward after the dungeon clear will also be increased accordingly.

Introduction: Due to the fact that Beginner Village No. 2451 blocked the Slime King's attack, the empire believes that the adventurers are powerful enough. Therefore, they have announced the Valley of the Dead hidden in the s.p.a.ce near the Beginner Village, hoping that powerful adventurers can complete the exploration of the valley and clean up the minions of the dark forces.

This was a level 10 dungeon. The difficulty was unknown, but from the amount of rewards, it could be seen that this dungeon was not simple.


Just the rewards for clearing the dungeon included ‘attribute points' and ‘luck'. These were rewards that players had to fight for.

The reward for the first clear was even more insane.

There was a ‘global announcement' on it that would be seen by all the players in the world. It was equivalent to a global advertis.e.m.e.nt, and it would be forcefully issued to everyone.

To those financial groups that wanted to create a business empire in the virtual world, this was definitely an opportunity that they had to seize.

It could be seen from the fact that the guilds had already announced that they were determined to obtain the first clear of the dungeon and become the world's number one!

To them, winning this battle was equivalent to telling the world that their guild had the ability to become the number one guild in the world. This would attract countless players to join, and the guild's strength would madly rise, thereby quickly pulling away from other large guilds.

In contrast, it put a lot of pressure on Lorne.

The top players of large guilds had their gaming mechanics and awareness at the limit. In addition, they could team up to enter the dungeon, which gave them a greater advantage.

But that did not concern him.

With Rimuru and the minotaur with him, he only needed to go online and create a new combat-type pet to make up for the lack of damage.

At that time, with Rimuru's high health and the damage output of the other two pets, forcefully clearing the dungeon would not be a problem.

The next day, Lorne woke up very early. He took a cab to the People's Hospital in District 3006 of the Energy Zone.


The poor people had to notify the authorities in advance when they entered the Energy Zone. After that, they would go through the approval of many departments. Only after they pa.s.sed all of them would they be allowed to go through.


Lorne had been familiar with the process since two years ago.

Every Monday and Friday, he came to see her.

When he arrived at the special ward, he looked in through the small gla.s.s window and saw a young girl lying quietly on the bed. Her body was connected to medical equipment everywhere.

For the past three years, he had watched his sister through the small window. He could not even approach her to say a few words, because the environment inside had to be kept clean. Every time he entered, he had to go through a very complicated inspection and disinfection process. At the same time, he had to pay additional fees.

“Don't worry, Roanna. I will heal you.” Lorne clenched his hands.


Unlike his previous helplessness, he was filled with hope this time, because he had found the path to the greatest wealth and had obtained some achievements on this path.


Then he came to an office.

The woman in front of him was none other than Roanna's doctor-in-charge. It was also because of her that they had not been forced out of the medical room despite the debt of one million dollars.

Lorne only had 50,000 in savings and could not pay the minimum amount, but he still came because he wanted to ask Director Sally to help him buy time until the end of the month.

The hospital was heartless. Without instructions, no one knew when they would act recklessly. If they forced the equipment to stop, it was possible that Roanna would really lose her life.


Director Sally agreed to Lorne's request, but she said that the deadline was at the beginning of next month. If Lorne could not repay the loan on time, she would not be able to stop the hospital's decision.

Lorne thanked her and left the hospital.

He was not worried about money.

To the current him, 1 million was not a difficult figure to earn.

Lorne was very confident that in just one or two days, after completing the dungeon and the special mission of the missionary, he would definitely earn a million, or even more. At that time, he would get Director Sally to help him find the most famous experts in the world and let them treat Roanna effectively.

At home, he put on his simple gaming helmet and logged into the game, Divine Realm.

With a flash of light, he returned to the familiar Beginner Village.

At this moment, the Beginner Village had returned to normal. The buildings that had been destroyed by the Slime King had been refreshed. Even the NPCs had been revived.

The players were all accepting missions. After 12 hours, most of them had reached Level 10, but they still could not leave this place.


As the dungeon had not been cleared yet, the way to the main city was temporarily sealed. Now, all the players in the world had to wait until the h.e.l.l-difficulty dungeon was cleared before they could go to the main city.

The appearance of Lorne immediately stirred up the Beginner Village.

“Look! It's Tyrant!”

“He still dares to show his face in the Beginner Village. Isn't he afraid that the guilds will find trouble with him?”

“Tyrant s.n.a.t.c.hed the guilds' Boss and has so many high-level equipment on him. The grudge has already been formed. He can't hide.”

“Looks like the Beginner Village is going to be lively again.”

The surrounding players discussed.

It seemed that yesterday's incident had dealt a huge blow to the higher-ups of the large guilds. They had actually been staring the moment he appeared.

But Lorne did not care. He pushed through the crowd to the temple, where he found the missionary that he had been waiting for.

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