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Chapter 56: The 100th Challenge, Killing G.o.d With One Slash!

The black-robed skeleton man who was holding a black scythe let out a cold laugh.

“I didn't expect that there would be an adventurer who could recognize me. That's right, I am the G.o.d of death!”

After hearing this answer, Mike raised his staff and directly shot a small fireball at the G.o.d of death.

The fireball exploded on the spot, but it did not pose any threat to Death G.o.d.

Death G.o.d laughed sinisterly again,

“Hehehe, what you see is just a projection. The real me is in the Underworld.”

Mike nodded slightly to show that he understood. Then, he asked,

“So, why did you suddenly come and look for me? What about the challenge on the 100th floor?”

Death G.o.d laughed sinisterly and answered,

“Since I'm here, I naturally have a reason.

“In fact, the person I'm looking for isn't you, but someone who can reach the 100th floor.

“Because I have something for you to do, hehehe.”

Death G.o.d raised his sickle and circled around Mike, seemingly sizing him up.

Mike knew that this Death G.o.d was going to give him a mission.

He did not expect that the 100th floor of the Tower of Challenges could trigger a mission. No one had ever known of this.

After all, the highest record had always been the 58th floor, thus it was normal that no one knew about this.

Mike said calmly,

“Since there's a mission, then hurry up and issue it.”

“Hehehehe.” Death G.o.d seemed to especially like making this kind of ear-piercing laughter.

He looked at Mike with his “eyes” that had no eyeb.a.l.l.s and said,

“What I want you to do is not a simple thing. Before I hand it over to you, I have to a.s.sess your strength first.”

“In other words, I still have to fight on the 100th floor. Tsk, how troublesome. Just hurry up and release the enemy.” Mike curled his lips with an annoyed look.


Death G.o.d raised his sickle and said to Mike,

“It seems that you still don't understand the situation. The challenge you will face on the 100th floor is me!”

“You?” Mike sized him up. “You want me to fight with a projection? Aren't you acting shamelessly?”

“Of course you won't be fighting my projection. Hehehehe. Death G.o.d finished circling around Mike and stood in front of him. He said, “I will release my divine sense clone to come here. You will be fighting with my divine sense clone.”

“Of course, you absolutely can't win. Even if my divine sense clone only has 1% of my original body's strength, you still can't win.”

Mike curled his lips and did not say anything.

Words were often powerless. Actions spoke louder than words.

Death G.o.d obviously did not realize Mike's thoughts, he continued saying,

“You only need to use your full strength to fight against my divine sense clone. If I feel that you can meet my requirements, this mission will be handed over to you.

“Hehehe, the reward for this mission is very generous. You can rest a.s.sured.

“Then, are you ready, human adventurer?”

Mike yawned out of boredom and urged, “We could've started fighting long ago.”

Death G.o.d laughed sinisterly and said,

“Hehe, then attack me. I'll let you attack me first.”

Hearing this, Mike's face was distorted as he tried to hold back his laughter.

He did not mean anything else.

Because he genuinely found this sentence hilarious.

Letting him attack first was no different from declaring the end of the battle.

However, since Death G.o.d had already offered, Mike naturally had no reason to refuse.

“If that's the case, then take this.”

With a slight shake of his left hand, the Gun of Meredith in Mike's hand immediately underwent a transformation.

[Sword of Meredith (sword form)]

[Quality: legendary]

[Level: 25]

[Attack: 200]

[Special attribute: could not be dropped]

[Special effect: Infinite Sword Shadow, Heart of Meredith]

[Infinite Sword Shadow (G.o.d-tier pa.s.sive enhancement): each attack will trigger 10 slashes.]

[Heart of Meredith (G.o.d-tier pa.s.sive enhancement): when faced with a stronger enemy, all latent power in the wielder's body would be activated.]

Mike changed his weapon into sword form.

Because of the Heart of Meredith skill, sword form was the most suitable enemy to deal with powerful enemies.

Was Death G.o.d powerful?

The answer was without a doubt.

After all, the opponent was a “G.o.d”. Even if it was 1% of his strength, a “G.o.d” was still a “G.o.d”.

This was also the reason why Death G.o.d thought that it was absolutely impossible for Mike to win.

At this time, Death G.o.d had already changed from a projection state to a divine sense clone.

So, an ID appeared above his head.

[Death G.o.d — Arthas]

His level was…

Level 999!

On the other hand, Mike?

He was just a level 25 human adventurer.

In the eyes of Death G.o.d, he was no different from an ant.

If not for the fact that he could not do the mission himself, how would he take a fancy to an ant?

“Hehehe, adventurer, you don't have to be afraid. Just attack me.”

Mike smiled slightly and carried the Sword of Meredith on his shoulder. He asked in return,

“If I accidentally kill your divine sense clone, you won't seek revenge on me, right?”

Hearing this question, Death G.o.d — Arthas was slightly stunned at first, then he could not help but laugh out loud.

“Is this what 'ignorant are fearless' meant? What a joke.

“Your worries are unnecessary.

“If you can really kill me, I will give you a reward!”

Death G.o.d — Arthas said confidently.

At the same time, the skeleton raised his left hand gently. A black book suddenly appeared in the air above his left hand.

“What is this?”

Mike raised his eyebrows.

The reward from Death G.o.d would naturally be good, but he still wanted to know what this thing was.

It was best to explain this in advance. Otherwise, if the other party gave him a trash book that looked exactly the same, wouldn't he be at a loss?

Death G.o.d — Arthas laughed sinisterly:

“This book is a divine artifact — Law. As long as you have this book, you can modify the essence of anything!”

After Mike heard it, his eyes revealed a fervent light.

Black, divine artifact!

These two words were enough to explain the value of this thing.

“In that case, can I start now?”

“No problem.”

Death G.o.d — Arthas was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

The next second, the Sword of Meredith directly slashed over and cut Death G.o.d — Arthas in half.

His eyes were filled with shock.

A huge number appeared above his head.

[- 999999999999999]

One slash, G.o.d slain!

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