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This was a first for Bevon. Never has he felt so utterly demoralized and humiliated in one. She didn't even break a sweat when battling a fourth-ranked squad for crying out loud. 

Where are these genius popping up from? First, he saw a name on top of the ranking that was his first time seeing. A Niesha Oregi, now this young girl who he doubted was even sixteen years of age. 

With her strength there is no denying making it into the top fifty was a certainty. These were his last thought as finally, he collapsed in a pool of his own blood.

May who was uncaring of his condition once more tallied up her loot,

'Now things are shaping up, 2731 total marker points. How unfortunate we hadn't met later in the day?'

She once more checked her surroundings but was disappointed to find there were no more squads around. 

'I refuse to lose.' May declared in her mind before recalling the nearest point where there had been some activity. After picking a spot she then once more plunged into the forest choosing her next prey.

Like this both her and Taf became the banes of all within the forest. They took markers mercilessly no matter the number of opponents nor their squad ranking.

Taf once for the fun of it plunged himself in an ensuing battle of two squads. Frightened by his strength the two teamed up in a means to contend against his might.

Yet they discovered that he strategically took out one by one their strongest members. What they found strange was that each time Taf attacked he barely motioned with his arm.

It was almost as though even when contending against ten he was holding back as if they were too delicate for him to go all out.

Taf wove through their attacks like they were nothing before tapping with the side of his hands on the back of their necks. Within moments all were left unconscious on the ground.

Everyone unfortunate enough to see the two were left motionless as the tales of a girl with silver hair horrified in the west. While in the east there was the rampaging mouse. With every movement made by the two scores of disciples bid their adieu for what was a short-lived tournament.


Outside the forest, crowds grew even further as they discussed while from time to time glancing on the board. This was their means to get an understanding of how this unfolding with the forest.

After a while a majority of Niesha's victims had exited. Oddly they didn't seem dejected as much by their exit as one would expect.

They all told tales of this unstoppable genius who some even dared say could be as stronger than most in the top fifty. Perhaps this was the reason for them being in high spirits after exiting.

Of course, they were laughed at by most. Sure Niesha currently was doing quite outstanding but this was a stretch.

Everyone within the top fifty was at the full circle of qi condensation or above. Which they knew for a fact Niesha had yet to contend to have fought.

Though her victims pleaded her case the majority still felt they exaggerated. Yet there was one means by which all would be revealed. Currently within the forest were all the contenders with the exception of the top ten.

Therefore if Niesha was as good as they claimed surely this would be reflected on the board. As they stared at the board Niesha remained in the first spot as her total marker points steadily rose.

"I told all of you this girl is something else. With that blade of hers, there are few who could contend with her." A muscular man shouted out in the crowd.

'Stay calm Ferb this is quite early in the proceeding. The top one hundred have bearly entered the fold. Allow them to make their presence felt. I a.s.sure you in a few hour's time there will be new leaders."

One of Ferb's peers then calmly stated as he scratched his thick beard. Most concurred with his theory as the true battle for marker points was further within the forest.

Having just entered it would take quite the time to find targets and then rid them of their markers. The forest spanned quite the distance so to traverse the land in a short span of time was no easy feat.

That is why it took disciples such a long time to exit after being eliminated. Another of Ferbs friends concurred while adding,

"I say give it until midday. Then the board will truly take shape and the real players will take their rightful positions."

'Who do you think will be in the top spot come midday?" The bearded man inquired as he observed the brightly lit board.

A woman who wore a broad hat that covered her hair took a moment to ponder before confidently stating,

"Judging by those that have entered I say #11th ranked Zenki of clan Arosa. It's a short period but with his strength, no one inside is a match." 

. This seemingly was the expected response as the bearded man chuckled,

" Of course you would choose Zenki, however, I disagree. With the talent of the current crop of the Zaro clan, I would say #13th Aria is the one to watch. Previously she was quite lacking due to inexperience and after a year's time I think she would easily contend with Zenki." 

The woman found it hard to find a reb.u.t.tal yet she remembered another face,

"How about that recluse #16th Rita [1]that resides in the swamp for some reason. She was last year's dark horse. Perhaps after a year, there have also been significant strides." 

"Hmm, she is a mystery. Yet I still say Zenki or Aria." Another interjected. In their discussion it was quite apparent they skipped some names nonetheless the ma.s.ses knew the reason.

A majority of the disciples within the top fifty remained stagnant after a period of time. Some had reached their ceiling while others were making preparation on ascending realms.

 so the few mentioned were the ones who had made some promising strides over the years. Similar debates raged on throughout the morning while all made their opinions known as they casually waited for midday.

Even the board wasn't paid as much attention due to the points made by the bearded man.

"What the h.e.l.l!

Did anyone else see that?"

A man shouted as he casual glance at the board. He was certain there were two peculiar names that appear on the board from nowhere. It was such a significant jump it startled him.

"Don't tell me your drunk already, lightweight."

His comrade laughed jesting as he held a bottle of liquor within his hands. It can be seen he was making the best of his previous eliminated.

Yet he was startled to see his friends eyes becoming wider as he viewed the board. This was peculiar so also took a glance.


The liquor in his hands shattered as he hurriedly screamed for all to look at the board. On the board, they saw two names flickering on the board as though they were fireflies. They flickered due to not lingering in any position for more than a second. It was a though they were competing for who could take the biggest leap.

They vaulted by the hundreds as though all before them were simply place holders unworthy of mentioning. From the 900th, 700th, 600th, 400th, 300th, 200th, 100th. One had to understand it has only been merely 90 minutes since the top one hundred entered.

What were the odds of anyone who just entering arriving within the top two hundred? Their objective should be 800th or most 700th based on the time restraints.

To find targets at the rate the two were proceeding they had to have extreme luck matched with overbearing strength.

That was not the most surprising part. What made the tens of thousands of onlookers speechless was the two weren't among any of the known top one hundred. When they saw the squad name attached they were more than confused.

Yet again it was squad Malgrey. This was now too much. Someone was definitely playing a practical joke.

Wasn't it enough they had four members currently in the top twenty, five overall in the top hundred. With Niesha firmly in the first place but now there were two more who were even more terrifying.

Finally, the onlooker got a moment to catch their breaths as the two seemingly halted within the mid one hundred. Anything more and it was a certainty there would be a few among the crowds to have heart failure.

Swiftly they attempted to receive any information about the two.

"Hey, that guy Tafari is the one who calls himself Sir Mouse." Someone shouted finally recalling why the name was familiar. Who didn't know this fellow who so brazenly threatened everyone with his letter written in blood? 

Now it somewhat made sense as by his previous strength shown this Sir Mouse should have the strength equivalent to perhaps the #90th rank. This was after his defeat of Doan which was what the estimation was based upon.

With his personality, of course, he would be a s...o...b..at eager for the limelight. It can be said Taf had his worshippers but the majority thought him an egotistic maniac. They looked forward to when he finally met someone of true strength. 

"How about the girl, May?"

Another onlooker questioned. They could explain this Sir Mouse but this female was an anomaly.

"I recall a girl with odd silver hair accompanying him in the forest. Her name entered was May Grace."

One of the volunteers who had been the one to register the two uttered. This brought more questions than answers.

Where were these geniuses poping of from? Also, why did they all come from some unknown squad?

It goes without saying the tournament became more peculiar as it continued. Now no one knew what to expect but surely even after witnessing all that unfolded through the morning. No one could have foreseen what happened next...

Unedited Version

To be continued...

[1] Chapter 129 - Do you dare (1)

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