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Chapter 1031: h.e.l.lo, demonic school hunk (Part 55)

Li Si Nai knit his brows and wanted to go up to stop them, but he found Nan Luo Ze grabbed his hand.

“It isn’t like you don’t know Luo Qing Chen’s personality, if she’s trying to fight that new student in this situation, it means she has her ideas.” Nan Luo Ze looked at Mi Zhi with a scrutinizing gaze.

This girl, she wasn’t simple.

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen could tell that Mi Zhi really wanted to agree, but she pretended to hesitate and reject, “I…..I don’t want to compete with you, not to mention that you’re injured and shouldn’t move too much.”

How good and gentle, but Luo Qing Chen could see the dark look in her eyes.

“You don’t want to or you don’t dare?” Luo Qing Chen raised her brow and raised her tone!

If this was her first time doing this, she might just choose to slap her and go to the hospital to wrap up her wound, plotting against her next time!

But after being through so many worlds, she didn’t feel satisfied if she didn’t abuse people!

Not to mention that this girl was such a fake girl!

“Aiyo, why are you so arrogant!”

“Xiao Hui is right, just compete with her Mi Zhi. This really is a joke, can’t you see that you’re a girl!”

“Right, won’t you be smashed? Not to mention that Su Xiao Xiao wasn’t smashed!”


Everyone discussed in small voices and they didn’t forget to look at Li Si Nai not far away, out of fear that they would suffer.

But seeing that he didn’t move, they became more bold.

“Mi Zhi, compete with her, I support you!”

“Me too!”

“I also support you!”

A few boys stood out to support Mi Zhi, but the other boys didn’t say a single thing. Even Su Jing just narrowed his eyes and tried to find a few clues.

“Alright!” Mi Zhi’s eyes lit up when she agreed, but she still acted like she was reluctant, “I’ll just casually throw, you can do the same.”

The final rule was ten b.a.l.l.s and the one who scored the most would be the winner.

To be fair, one person would shot at a time and everyone would watch.

Su Xiao Xiao looked at Han Zai Zi anxiously. His expression was a bit indifferent, like he didn’t want to stop her!

In his eyes, Luo Qing Chen was a very strong person. It was the same when she used the birthday cake knife to cut that person.

When the phoenix appeared, it stunned all. If she wanted to be proud at this moment, how could he stop her!

-System, exchange for sure hit three pointer skills!

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken. Successfully exchanged for sure hit three pointer skills.]

This was her first time competing with a ball in all these worlds, it really was a bit new.

She definitely had to make use of her exchange points and learn how to play basketball!

The first one to shoot was Mi Zhi. She was a bit nervous, but her dribbling and shooting were quite professional.

“Xiu.” With a smooth arc, her first shot naturally landed in the net.

“Woah! Mi Zhi! Mi Zhi! Mi Zhi!” Those boys all cheered out.

Luo Qing Chen suddenly felt a bit of admiration for Mi Zhi. Just in a single cla.s.s, she could make these people cheer for her like this, it really was…..a bit capable.

She casually came forward and took the ball from Han Zai Zi. She narrowed her eyes and didn’t prepare at all. Her red wrist was red and swollen, but she still created a perfect arc.

“Dong.” The ball landed right in the basket and everyone let out a shocked cry!

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