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"Earlier today, everyone had a shocked witnessing this rare display you could see inside the Empire Dragon Hotel. n.o.body expects this to ever happen! No. No one actually sees it coming, that it will happen today!" A female s...o...b..z newscaster's introduction of her Flash Report.

After stating this, the prepared footage along with her narration was began playing, and aired all over the country and in every street in Mainland City. It shows here the arrival of the convoy and when Shun steps out of the car, then helps Ca.s.sie to get out from it.

Next one is their entrance of the hotel's front door until they entered the private elevator including the sweet moments of the couple whispering to each other and their HHWW-- holding hands while walking... plus, that romantic gestures by President Crow to his fiancee.

"Today, exactly 7:45 in the morning, President Shun Williams Crow arrives at the hotel along with her fiancee, Miss Ca.s.sandra Young. Yes, you heard it right! This beautiful lady is the future Mrs. Crow!"

The show business Newscaster narrates further until the end of her Flash Report.

"Alright! That's a wrap!" The news director shouted.

"Good job everyone!" CEO James Ryan claps loudly. "Alright, lunch is on me later!" he announced. His employees cheer happily. Truth is, it was treat by his boss, Shun Crow who plans this all along.

James was approached by his secretary and whispered about something. He nodded, then leave the studio.

"h.e.l.lo!" greeted by the man who casually sitting on his sofa drinking some beer and his foot resting on top of the coffee table.

"Lucas, this early in the morning?" he means the beer.

"What? Isn't I should be rewarded?"

James seated at one of the single sofas and kicked Lucas foot from the coffee table.

"Ouch! You should treat me gently!" he joked.

"How is it going?" he asked Lucas without delay.

He is his cla.s.smate back in the US when they'd studied filming. However, Lucas pursues photography and James continued on the Media and Entertainment Industry, yet both they work for Shun.

Lucas places the memory card on the table. James picks it up and inserted to his Tab then began swiping the photos. He was really impressed, Lucas indeed the best photographer he'd ever known at the present. Most of his shoots showing a real drama that added to the photos naturally.

"I thought, I would have waited a decade before I could take a photo of the boss," Lucas murmurs. He was often hired by Shun for important covers, both openly or secretly. And yet, what he dreamed to act like a paparazzi is none other than to his boss. He has been itching to take a photo of him as much as he could satisfy himself.

"I'll forward this to the boss to choose which are he wanted to publish."

Lucas just shrugs his shoulder while finishing his beer.

"You wanna stayed for lunch later?" James asked him after he sent everything that saves up from the memory card then takes it out and gives it back to Lucas.

"No, thanks. I don't want everyone to see we are close..." after saying this, Lucas gets up and stretching.

"I will use your secret door," he said.

James looks up at him then nodded. "Yeah."

* * *

UKG Developer Company

"Boss! Boss, have you seen the news?" his a.s.sistant runs towards his office after seeing the headline news in social media.

"Can't you see I am playing the news over and over again?" he sarcastically told his a.s.sistant, then he laughs. Julius Kang was currently staring at his huge TV screen.

"Look at that! Heaven really in favor me! Hah! I don't need to find that girl!" He said frantically. He could smash his table happily by the good news.

"Now, what are you waiting for? Tell the men to get their job done and I want a quick result!"

"But boss..." his a.s.sistant scratching his head.


"As you see, President Crow has been surrounded by a lot of his bodyguards. Besides, the city filled with SWAT teams, armies, and Mainland Police because of the present IBA Conference."

"Hmm... you are right. This is also not a good time to get involved in crime. The Montfort has been generous to us!" He continued laughs.

Jason sighed furiously, then clenches his fists before he left his father's office from eavesdropping.

* * *

Meanwhile back at Crow Corporation Meeting Room, the executives stepping out from the room after their meeting ended about the hotel accommodation of the delegates.

Most of the business tyc.o.o.ns and Representatives staying at Empire Dragon Hotel and The Peninsula. Shun wanted to hear all the reports if the guests did not face any problems with their stay.

His executives reported that everything went well and they haven't face any problems yet but just the too much demands of other delegates because of their culture. But the hotel making sure to be prepared and already aware and the guests are pleased afterward when their requests were granted.

After most everyone left, his directors stayed in the meeting room to discuss private matters related to Ca.s.sie.

"Boss, my men finished interrogating the man we caught earlier," Daichi began reporting.

"He is working to Julius Kang but he recently working as well with the young master of the Montfort."


"Said, he sold all information to Master Levi Montfort and he is working directly to him aside of pretending to work with the Kang," Daichi added.

"Hmm... so you were saying, that Levi Montfort bought his loyalty over Julius Kang?" Hah. The power of money indeed. Though, he was impressed with how quick this young Montfort made a move.

"Yes, boss."

"Alright, give him what he needed."


"I want him to report to me if what his report to Levi Montfort."

"Okay, understood," Daichi answered. He wants to scratch his head. Clashing of money and power. He thought.

"Here's all the information of the reporters and paparazzi that present today," Rudolf handed him three folders.

"The third folder are the reporters who have records in the past. Reporters who are questionable and paparazzi that selling sensitive coverage on their careers." Rudolf began delivering his report.

"And here is Mark's report... the video he recorded just a while ago."

Shun reaches the Tab Rudolf pa.s.sing toward him. He watches the video then smirks. As he predicted, Julius Kang won't do bold plans this time around. The security in the city was tight until the Conference is over.

"You've already predicted this, do you?" Kier asked.

"Hmm..." Shun gives back Rudolf's Tablet.

"Meisha, I want you and Blaire to attend the Ball tonight. Vice President Lee requesting to excuse him tonight because it was his youngest daughter's birthday. The family plans for a private celebration."

"Understood," Meisha responded then reaches Blaire's hand under the table. The couple exchange sweet gazes.

"Alright, let's have lunch at Inagiku Restaurant. I'll go get Ca.s.sandra, see you all there," Shun announced then he sits up from his chair and strides towards his secret door.

They were a bit surprised but surely, this is part of Shun's plans.

* * *

At the moment, inside Shun's office is Ca.s.sie patiently read a book while Shun has a meeting. Earlier, Shun plays soft music for her not be bored left alone. She more understands now of how big responsibility Shun have and yet, he makes sure to give a lot of time for her even before when she stayed on the island.

Ca.s.sie felt someone sit beside her... his meetings look ended now. She stops reading and put down the book. After she turns to face him, he instantly planted soft kisses to her lips. He holds her neck to deepen the kiss.

"Are you bored waiting alone here?" he asked her after that kiss. His fingers caressing her neck, and between her shoulder blade.

Ca.s.sie felt tickles. "No. I am fine. I actually enjoyed. I am more bored back at home," she said cutely.

Shun notice she was blushing. He stopped caressing her beautiful neck and he heard her sighed.

"Let's go down to the restaurant... let's have some lunch. You wanna try some j.a.panese cuisine?" He saw her eyes sparks then nodded a lot.

He gets up from the sofa, then offer his hand to help's her get up.

"You know I really enjoyed when uncle Martin brought me to j.a.pan on my 15th birthday," she began telling him.

"Oh, I see... do you want to go visit sometime in summer?" he asked her.

"Really? Can we?" she asked excitedly. Ah been awhile...

"Of course, let's do that..." Shun remembers something. He stopped walking and look at Ca.s.sandra.

"Hmm?" She was noticing how he seems dazed for a moment. He is now looked funny with his eyes growing bigger while staring at her.

Is it possible? That the person he has a glimpse back in j.a.pan three years ago is actually Ca.s.sandra?

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