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Chapter 69: Trip to Shanghai

The next morning at dawn, I was woken up by Summer's voice outside.  When I left the room, I found all the girls were filled with excitement.

“You guys?  What medicine have you eaten today to be this happy?”  I asked in a surprised voice.

Bing Cha said with a smile, “Bookworm!  Today is the day the game's real life currency market opens.  Our studio's method of earning income is finally open, you're not happy about this?”

“Ha, ha, of course I'm happy…..”  I rubbed my nose and said, “Thinking about it, my card seemed to have been swallowed by the ATM last time and it hasn't been given back yet…..”

Bing Cha laughed and said, “This is very simple, we'll go to the bank together after eating and you can just open it again by bringing your doc.u.mentation.”

I nodded.  I went to find my ident.i.ty card after eating breakfast and then I left the studios with the five girls.  Ling Yue was wearing a pink wool coat with a white shirt, along with a cute red tie. She was also wearing a short pink skirt underneath that.   These clothes seemed very familiar. I suddenly thought of it, when Ling Xue came to the restaurant to find me, she seemed to be wearing the same thing!

So I walked in front of her and looked at her before asking, “Beauty…..Are you Ling Yue or Ling Xue?”

The girl smiled, “Bookworm?  Does your skin itch?”

That's right, it was Ling Yue.  Normally, Ling Xue would call me “Little Fool”......

As if seeing my doubt, Ling Yue said with a faint smile, “Stop looking.  My distantly related aunt bought two sets of these clothes from overseas, one for me and Xue'er!  What, does it not look good?”

Saying this, the little beauty turned in front of me.  The floating skirt was just too charming.

I kept nodding as I said after swallowing a mouthful of saliva, “In the future, if you wearing the same clothes as Ling Xue, it'll be hard to tell you apart……”

Ling Yue said with a teasing smile, “So, don't speak nonsense, otherwise you'll attract trouble~~”

At this time, we arrived at a bank that wasn't too far from my neighbourhood.  It was still early and there weren't many people. Moreover, the bank had opened up a special counter just for game related use, which could be considered considerate.

When I handed over my identification card, the teller quickly made a new card for me before asking, “What account number do you want to bind it to?”

I thought about it and said, “000000002.”

The teller was incomparably shocked.  After looking at me a few times, they put it into the computer and said, “The account number and ident.i.ty have been checked and it has been linked.  Do you need to exchange any gold coins? The current exchange rate is one gold coin to 4.93 RMB.”

I thought about it before saying, “Change a total of two thousand gold coins!”

There was no hesitation as the teller said with a smile, “Alright.  When you enter the game later, you can directly change currencies.”

I nodded before taking back the bank card that belonged to me.  There was ten thousand RMB in this card, this should be enough to give Ling Xue a luxurious treat.

After me, Ling Yue handed over her bank card and her account number, allowing me to see that her account number was 000000001.  It was the one before Ling Xue's helmet!

The teller had a wide smile of shock that he couldn't put away.  Looking at me and then at Ling Yue, he couldn't help saying in a surprised voice, “You guys, truly powerful…..”

Ling Yue gave a generous smile, “I'll have to trouble you!”

It was done very quickly and then Quiet Rain Fall was the third to link here account.  There was already a long line of people behind us, luckily we came earlier, otherwise we would have had to wait until noon!

Quiet Rain Fall exchanged 300 gold coins and Bing Cha exchanged 200 gold coins.  After receiving 1000 RMB, Bing Cha said with a smile, “I need to earn money properly, soon I'll be able to buy a Louis Vuitton bag……”

Ling Yue was speechless on the side, “Don't spend so much money.  The company's production players are all changing Jobs and each one needs 200 hundred gold coins as a Job Change fee, which we need to pay for.  Eh, Bookworm, when you come back tonight, let's go and earn some money in the Hero Memorial Park…..”

I nodded, “Alright!”

When we left the bank, it was already close to 11.  I remembered that I promised Ling Xue I would meet her at 11, so I quickly called a taxi and headed to Su University's campus.

In less than half an hour, the taxi arrived at the campus gates.  There was lush green bamboo forest and girls all around, and on the campus, there was a beautiful scenery of a beautiful and mature girl.

Beside the bamboo, there was a little beauty wearing a pink dress currently looking out.  Who would it be if it wasn't Ling Xue?

I was quick witted and quickly called Ling Yue to hear her ask, “Aren't you going to eat with Ling Xue, are you thinking of me?”

I said, “Remember to drink tea after you finish eating, that way you won't become fat.”

“Oh, it's this…..A waste of your phone bill!”

I revealed a faint smile as I hung up, but I confirmed that the person in front was not Ling Yue!

So, I came forward and said, “Ling Xue!”

Ling Xue immediately turned around and said after seeing me, “Making me wait this long, if you didn't come in the next few minutes, you would be dead!”

I was a bit helpless as I said, “There was traffic on the way…..”

With a gentle breeze, Ling Xue's hair fluttered as her pink skirt slightly moved.  It moved the hearts of many male students around and the girls to the side pinched their waist, ruthlessly saying, “What are you looking at!  Would a rich and beautiful girl like Ling Xue like you? Humph, save yourself the trouble. Look at the man beside Ling Xue, look how handsome….Yi, he doesn't seem that handsome, isn't that tall, and is wearing cheap clothes.  Wu, wu, how could Ling Xue be with someone like that…..”

My scalp itched hearing this.  The eyes of these girls were too sharp, being able to examine a man's value with one look!

Ling Xue was however indignant as he walked over and looked at those girls with a challenging gaze, “What did you say?  What's wrong with him? Isn't he a hundred times better than yours?!”

The girl was stunned and her boyfriend made excuses, “No…..We didn't mean this…..”

I felt very awkward as I said, “Forget it Ling Xue, where do you want to go eat?  We still need to level and earn money this afternoon!”

Ling Xue said, “Get in the car, we'll go wherever you want.  Un, did you bring enough money?”

I opened the back door, but Ling Xue glared at me and said, “Does it wrong you to sit beside me?  Sit in the front for me!”

I hesitated a bit and sat in the front.  After all, Ling Xue was Ling Yue's little sister and I couldn't offend Ling Yue, so it was best not to offend Ling Xue.

Ling Xue slowly turned on the car and turned to ask me, “Where do you want to eat, where is there authentic Sichuan bullfrog?”

I said, “Suzhou doesn't have any, they all dried up on the road, but the most authentic seems to be in Shanghai…..”

“Alright, let's go to Shanghai!”

I was a bit surprised, “Do we really have to go to Shanghai to eat a meal?”

Ling Xue gave a sweet smile, “A person has to be persistent!”

So in less than an hour, we appeared on the street so Shanghai.  According to 114 search, we found the legendary restaurant.

At noon it was filled with people, being completely packed.  We actually still needed to line up!

Ling Xue swept over the waiting area beside the main hall and said with a smile, “Little Fool, let's go over and sit~~”

I nodded.  After sitting for a few minutes, there was the sounds of a quarrel coming from within the restaurant.  There was a mother holding her baby eating alone at a restaurant and there were several young man glaring at this woman as they said, “A person taking an entire table, you should go eat outside instead…..”

The woman said in a surprised voice, “I was here first, where is there a rule like that…..”

The other side took out two hundred yuan bills and said, “Take this, are you satisfied now?  Scram!”

The woman was about to cry as tears appeared in her eyes.

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