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Chapter 68: Ling Yue's tears

Like this, the surrounding players saw me and Ling Xue's powerful attacks and adding in the number one female mage Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon, Bing Cha, Rain Fall, and the others behind us who were't easy to bully, their courage ran out and not another person dared come forward.

After a few minutes, we had already entered Sunset City.  Entering the city again and seeing the guards' friendly looks, I felt like the world was at peace.

After entering the city, Ling Yue was also relieved.  She said with a smile, “Quickly go and complete your quest!”

The forgotten soldiers that we brought moved to the center of the city on their own, walking towards Sunset City's royal palace.  Not long pa.s.sed before a NPC military officer came out and excitedly said, “Lost warriors, you're finally home! I represent his majesty to pay tribute to your unyielding courage!”

The forgotten army's officer wearing tattered armour said, “Yes sir!  Only if we didn't have the help of these two adventurers, we might have not escaped from the hands of those undead.”

The NPC officer was a bit surprised before he said to Ling Xue and I with a smile, “Brave adventurers, thank you for your contributions to the Sunset Kingdom.  I will give you rich rewards!”

After a bit of chit chat, it was finally time for the rewards.


System notification: Your party has completed the quest [Forgotten Heart].  You have gained 350000 experience, 200 gold coins, and 500 prestige. You have obtained the quest reward [Lost Necklace]!

I was a bit stunned.  I quickly opened my inventory and looked at the silver necklace silently sitting in the corner.

[Lost Necklace] (Silver Equipment - Necklace)

Strength: +16

Agility: +14

Added effect: Increase the user's attack speed by 5%.

I was pleasantly surprised.  An attack speed increase of 5%, wasn't this just what I needed?

The other archers added their stats into agility, increasing their attack speed, making their arrows like a machine gun.  As for me adding it into strength, I couldn't keep up in attack speed and my arrows were like an old man pushing a cart, going one after the other.  Now that there was the 5% increase from the Lost Necklace, it was a large increase for me!

To my side, Ling Xue revealed a sweet smile, looking completely satisfied.

I couldn't help asking with a smile, “Ling Xue, what kind of item did you get that made you this happy?”

Ling Xue giggled and immediately shared an item in the party chat.

[Water Moon Cut] (Skill Book): Uses water attributed battle energy to sent out a crescent moon energy light blade, dealing a forced attack with 120%-150% damage to all surrounding enemies.  The effects increase with the level. Requires being a level 40 swordsman to use.

Instantly my mind went blank.  This skill was just too overbearing, even being at the low level had a maximum of 150%.  Moreover, it was a small range AoE attack!

When I equipped the Lost Necklace, Ling Xue had also learned the Water Moon Slash.  She gave me a faint smile and said, “Little fool! You are the first person to see the Water Moon Slash!”

After saying this, Ling Xue raised the Light Flow Sword and injected her energy into the sword.  After a roar, the Light Flow Sword created a beautiful crescent arc in front of her. The blue light released had a powerful might behind it and it pierced one's skin, so it could be imagined what kind of effect it had if one was. .h.i.t by it.

At this time, Ling Yue sent a message saying, “Bookworm, take Xue'er to get her Job Change, then you can log off to rest~”

I happily followed the order and went to the Job Chance Center with Ling Xue.

The swordsman instructor uncle had a fierce pair of eyes.  When he was looking over Ling Xue's beautiful body, I felt very dissatisfied.  When I was planning to cooperate with the archer instructor beside him to take care of him, Ling Xue had already accepted the Job Change Quest.  She blinked as she said, “He had me send a letter to blacksmith w.a.n.g's shop in the east…..”

I was stunned, “It's that simple?”

“That's right!”

I wanted to cry but had no tears, “Why is my life so bitter.  Not only did I have to go to the far off Luo Lie Village, I also had to kill the Tree Monster Elder…..”

Ling Xue patted my shoulder with a smile and said, “Don't try to make it sound cheap, didn't you receive a good skill book?  You're still complaining. Look at you, I really want to punch you!”

I couldn't help being speechless, “Let's go!  Let's go to east blacksmith shop!”

“Un, alright!”

So Ling Xue and I left side by side, laughing and talking as we headed to the city's east, looking for the blacksmith shop.  When Ling Xue gave the letter, she had completed the Job Change Quest. Returning to the Job Change Center again and handing in the quest, she didn't receive any extra rewards, but the words “Beginner” was removed from her Job t.i.tle.

Looking at the time, it was already one am.  Ling Xue said, “Little fool, log off! Come to school tomorrow at 11 and find me.  Remember Su University's east campus! Call me when you come.”

I nodded.  Looking at my friend's list, half the people had logged off.  The Xue Yue Studio girls had all logged off. A few people from Sword Flame were still on, but Purple Rhyme had logged off, most likely because girls like to sleep early.

I took off the game helmet.  Walking into the living room, I poured a cup of water and waited for it to cool.

I heard a soft sound as the door on the other side opened.  Bing Cha was wearing a blue t-shirt and her astounding rich peaks were standing high in the t-shirt.  She was wearing a pair of jean hot pants underneath, revealing a pair of snow white thighs.

I only took a single look and my heart already couldn't stop.  It had to be said, the figures of the Xue Yue Studio girls were all fire hot.  The worst was Summer, but at least she had her snow white legs and b.u.t.t to make up for it.  They were all extraordinary.

Seeing me looking at her, Bing Cha said, “Bookworm, it's been hard on you today.  Do you need me to make you something to eat?”

Those that don't work don't earn anything.  I shook my head before saying with a smile, “No need, I just make a bowl of noodles~”

Bing Cha immediately revealed a grin, “Then can you help me prepare a bowl?”

I nodded with a smile.  d.a.m.n, if I knew earlier, I would have had her make it.  Why did I throw myself out.

Bowling a bowl of noodles as a midnight snack and after eating it, Bing Cha gave me a cup of herbal tea as she said with a smile, “This black tea that can be used for detoxifying toxins.  Drink a bit more, it's good for the body!”

I nodded and smiled as I said, “Thank you!”

Bing Cha revealed a faint smile, “Then I'm going to sleep.  You should also sleep early.”

Bing Cha turned and returned to her room, but I didn't feel sleepy at all.  So, I held the herbal tea as I walked over to the balcony. The summer night, there was a faint breeze.  The air outside was clear and refreshing.

I took a sip of tea which tasted a slightly bitter, just like life.  Each person had a different att.i.tude towards life, some had a sweet life and some had a bitter life.  As for me, I'd rather only remember the sweet moments. As for the bitter moments, if you don't care about them, they aren't that bitter.

After entering «Spirit of Grief» for a few days, the current achievement was considered acceptable.  Why I chose the archer cla.s.s back when I entered the game, I don't know, but there is something that can be considered a reason.  An archer had no life saving abilities and had to rely on a team to allow an archer to deal high damage.

I revealed a faint smile.  Perhaps what I wanted was the feeling of having friends!  After wandering in the game for many years, I've always played the role of the lone ranger.  Although I had been invincible, the loneliness was hard to bear. Now that I had the beautiful girls in the Xue Yue studio, my game life was much more interesting!

At this time, there was another soft sound as a gla.s.s door was opened.  It was Ling Yue who walked in with a cup of tea. She was a bit surprised and couldn't help saying, “Bookworm, why are you also here…..”

After saying this, Ling Yue was about to leave, but I said with a smile, “Since I couldn't sleep, I came here to enjoy the night breeze!”

Ling Yue couldn't help pursing her lips into a smile as she said, “Alright, let's enjoy it together…..”

A fragrance wafted over as Ling Yue stood beside me.  She was wearing a white shirt and a knee length gauze skirt, which was densely layers, faintly revealing the beautiful scene.

In the far horizon, a star fell down.  Ling Yue looked up at it and then gave a sigh.

I asked in a surprised voice, “Other girls would make a wish when seeing a falling star, why do you look disappointed?”

Ling Yue help the cup and bit her red lips as she said, “Since I know it won't come true, why would I wish for an unnecessary desire?”

I was a but stunned.  Letting out a breath, I said, “Actually, there is no need to be that rational…...”

“He, he…..”  Ling Yue turned to me and laughed before saying, “If I can forget all my troubles, I am willing to have the sky be filled with falling stars, but…..”

Looking at her snow white face that was bright under the moonlight, I couldn't help saying, “Ling Yue, you are the same age as Ling Xue.  You should be as happy as her, so why are you filled with this much worry?”

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile and casually said, “Because I am the family's successor, I have to understand one word, responsibility…..”

I looked at her and said, “It's because of this responsibility that you're willing to accept w.a.n.g Jun Jie, this boyfriend sent down from above?”


Ling Yue became visibly irritated as she shouted, “Of course I haven't!  Only…..Forget it, you don't need to care about my matters!”

I was a bit stunned and didn't say anything for a while.  My real goodwill became ill intent…..

But what made me surprised was.

Ling Yue looked up and said in a soft voice, “Sorry!”

Suddenly, she spread her snow white arms and softly hugged me.  Her face was placed at my neck and her slender shoulders were trembling.  I was instantly frozen there, not knowing what to do.

After a while, Ling Yue muttered in a tearful voice, “What can I do?  Many things aren't as simple as they seem…..I am helpless to fight back, I can only accept this kind of destiny.  Bookworm…..Although I don't trust you very much, I know that you are a good person…..”

Good person?  These words in this time period was already not a good thing…..

I unconsciously placed my hand around Ling Yue and my chest could feel the warmth bounciness coming from her.  At the same time, my shirt was soaked with Ling Yue's tears. Perhaps only at a time like this could I see the sadness hidden beneath the stern appearance of the beautiful female director of the Blue Star Group…..

After a while, when we both couldn't stand any longer from how numb our feet became, Ling Xue looked up.  There were still tears on her snow white face. She curled her lips into a faint smile, “It's getting late, let's go to sleep.  I've heard Xue'er say that you're going to her place tomorrow, you better not mention tonight's matters…..”

I asked, “What happened tonight?”

Ling Yue pursed her lips into a smile.  Her hands were still around my neck and a pair of beautiful eyes looked up at me as she said, “The words I said only stay here.  After this moment, I will deny everything and you're not allowed to mention this to Xue'er! She does not need to endure this responsibility and should enjoy the joys of her youth…..”

I was stunned before saying, “You can too.”

Ling Yue let go and moved away.  She picked up her cup of tea and said with a sliver of a smile, “Sleep!  The night is still long…..”

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