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Chapter 216 - Reap through the Battlefield

Young Master Han and Brother a.s.sist did not expect for Gu Fei to have such a keen overview of the entire PvP that he even took note of their plight despite being deeply involved in the slaughter in the distance.

"Thanks!" Brother a.s.sist said even as fear lingered in him. He knew very well that he could last for several minutes at most against the five enemies surrounding him even with Young Master Han's superb healing.

"Mhm-mhm!" Gu Fei gave a m.u.f.fled reply to Brother a.s.sist as he continued to stand on one spot with his back facing the two.

"Go and kill some more!" Young Master Han urged Gu Fei from behind. The enemies' ranks were currently in turmoil in more ways than one. With every enemy fighting them independently and not one of them matching their skills, victory was within reach of Young Master's Elite.

Gu Fei slowly turned around and removed the apple stuck in his mouth, "Wait a sec. I'm out of mana."

The two were speechless.

"Your low mana is really troublesome!" Brother a.s.sist sighed. The Attack Power of the mandepleted Gu Fei was weak. This would not be an issue if he was up against one person. Unfortunately, right now, he was facing more than one opponent. If the opponents wised up about his low mana, they would surely feel emboldened to risk their lives against him. Warriors and other job cla.s.ses that had high defense equipment would hardly be damaged by his Moonlit Nightfalls since Gu Fei had yet to fulfill its Sword Apt.i.tude requirement to fully utilize the sword's physical attack.

Back on the PvP field, War Without Wounds began to clear out the s.p.a.ce around him by unleashing a prolonged duration of Cyclone via the Rage points he had acc.u.mulated thus far. It was at this point that Brother a.s.sist noticed that High Cloud was down to the last fourteen men, and almost all of them were bearing wounds from the extended fighting. By now, Sword Demon, Royal G.o.d Call, and War Without Wounds were flawlessly coordinating their attacks with one another - a combat aspect that Gu Fei was not good at; the targets that Royal G.o.d Call's arrow could not instkill would be finish off by Sword Demon's sneaky stabs, while Royal G.o.d Call would dispose of the surviving targets of War Without Wounds' Cyclone with his arrows from afar.

When Gu Fei saw the three men rapidly reaping through the PvP field as well, he could not help but be crestfallen. At this rate, the entire enemy squad would be wiped out by the time he finished eating his apple!

"Slow down, guys! Kill them slowly! Leave some for me!" Gu Fei anxiously shouted at the three.

The three men hastened their killings even more when they heard of his request. It had always been them doing the pleading to Gu Fei to be less vicious and leave some kills for them before. Now that they finally turned the tables on him, why would they not seize this chance to relish the experience?

Cirrus felt utter despair. His mercenary group clearly still held numerical superiority even now, yet the opponents were already arguing over kill points among themselves. Just where did this bunch of ferocious people come from?

The same question floated in everyone's minds at present. To others, Young Master's Elite was the very definition of an insurmountable existence. With War Without Wounds and Royal G.o.d Call's acquisition of new equipment, they became even more stronger than the average players in terms of skills or gear. They also had no way to fathom or gauge Gu Fei's fighting prowess. Thinking about all these had only left the players of High Cloud with headache.

However, what really caused these people grief was Sword Demon. He clearly did not possess War Without Wounds and Royal G.o.d Call's first-rate equipment, yet his skillful utilization of his superior speed allowed him to attack and evade the enemies like a ghost. He never faced an enemy head on, leaving the squad of enemies unable to deal with him. In short, he was an itch that they could not get rid of no matter what.

"AHHHH!" Gu Fei, who cared more about the lives of High Cloud's men than Young Master's Elite's few individuals, chewed his apple as fast as he could. Knowing that there would no longer be any enemies left for him to strike down if he continued to munch on the apple, he decisively abandoned eating the fruit despite only recovering half of his mana and shouted, "I'M COMING!" He then blinked himself right into the fray.

"The Mage is back!" the remaining men of High Cloud exclaimed. All of them scrambled to leave a huge s.p.a.ce all around Gu Fei that was far emptier than the s.p.a.ce War Without Wounds had cleared out with his Cyclone.

Gu Fei picked a target to chase as he scanned the PvP field with sorrow-filled eyes. Naturally, chasing after a target with his fast movement speed was not a problem. Finishing off the man by casting Twin Incineration, Gu Fei turned to look and saw that High Cloud's men had taken the opportunity when he was distracted to maintain a  five-meter distance from Gu Fei. Not one of them dared to challenge him.

Gu Fei only had to attack the enemies and they would retreat in response, regardless if they were clashing with War Without Wounds or Sword Demon.

"What are you doing here?!" War Without Wounds asked, feeling disgruntled. Since he did not have the speed to chase after the enemies who were fast retreating, he could only earn this bit of kill points in the end.

"Chase after them quickly!" Gu Fei ignored him and chased after the enemies together with Sword Demon.

"I knew it!" War Without Wounds grumbled, knowing that he would not have any chance to earn additional kill points now. Indeed, the enemies that were running just ahead of him were easily taken care of by Gu Fei and Sword Demon.

High Cloud still had ten men left, including the group leader Cirrus. Now that it had gotten to this stage, these ten had all stopped their squabbles to unite against the opposing group. Cirrus, along with the other two Water Mages, turned around and cast Arctic Whirlwind to block Gu Fei and Sword Demon's advance and to drive away the two instead.

"Archers, unleash your Homing Projectile!" Cirrus barked. Those who could survive up to this point were mainly the job cla.s.ses with fast movement speed, so the group still had two Archers in their midst. Hearing Cirrus's command, the two men each fired off an arrow on Homing Projectile.

"Thieves!" At Cirrus's shout, three Thieves activated their Stealth and tried to get closer to the targets.

This was how a group PvP usually worked; it did not matter how brilliant each issued command was, and as long the men all obeyed it, it would always be better than everyone acting separately. At least, they would put up a better defense against the enemies now.

The spells of Arctic Whirlwind and arrows on Homing Projectile headed their way. Adding the Thieves on Stealth who were most likely waiting for a chance to strike, the enemies had truly mounted a threatening counterattack. Unfortunately for them, they were matched up against Gu Fei.

Lifting his hand with a sword, he batted off the arrow on Homing Projectile coming his way. Meanwhile, Arctic Whirlwind was still preventing Gu Fei from closing in on the enemies. Should he use Blink to get past it? Sadly, Gu Fei did not have enough mana to cast that spell.

This thought reminded Gu Fei of a spell he had yet to use in PvP. He raised his sword and pointed it toward a Mage, "Thunderbolt! Strike!"

A streak of lightning pealed from the sky and blackened the ground surrounding the target upon contact, sending the Mage out of the PvP arena right there and then. Gu Fei's high Spell Damage was no joke. Almost all of the remaining players with Cirrus were already injured at this point, so not one of them would be able to withstand that spell Gu Fei cast.

Just as his spell landed, Gu Fei took this chance to rush through the Arctic Whirlwind, emerging on the other side unharmed.

Gu Fei knew by now that any spell a Mage had cast prior to his or her death would lose its Attack Power.

As expected, the Arctic Whirlwind of the enemy Mage instantly turned into a cool and gentle breeze once the person turned into a stream white light. Gu Fei charged headlong to the spell's nucleus, and when he smoothly pa.s.sed through it, he immediately closed in on the remaining opponents.

Gu Fei's only regret was that he had run out of mana, so Moonlit Nightfalls' basic attack could only interrupt the other two Mages' Arctic Whirlwind and free Sword Demon from their entanglement to sprint forward as well. Sword Demon ignored the arrow fired with the Homing Projectile skill that was heading straight to him, as he judged that it would be unable to instkill him - unless the person firing it had Attack Power that could instkill someone.

"Be careful. There's a Thief eyeing you," Gu Fei warned Sword Demon.

Three Thieves were currently on Stealth in the opposing group. Gu Fei could sense that two of them had their attention on him, which meant that the last man had his eye on Sword Demon. War Without Wounds who was still hurrying over… Not one Thief out there would probably entertain the notion of taking on a Warrior alone.

Sword Demon flashed him a smile and quickly stopped his forward advance. Instead, he took two steps backward and activated Stealth as well.

"F*ck!" Gu Fei immediately sensed that all three Thieves had turned their attention on to him, and one of them was even right behind him.

Gu Fei sidestepped to dodge the arrow from an Archer before performing a spinning hook to the person behind him.

Since there was no known skill that could counter Stealth at present, the hidden Thief was not the least bit on guard for Gu Fei's attack right now. When Gu Fei launched a kick in his direction, the Thief did not even make a move to block it. Receiving a foot imprint on his face, the Thief revealed himself as his heart surged with conflicting emotions.

Gu Fei took three steps backward and cut the sword to the side. The Thief who had received this blow dropped his dagger, which clattered to the ground.

Gu Fei adjusted the direction he was facing and headed toward the third Thief. This Thief sensed that something was amiss when he saw Gu Fei running toward him, so he revealed himself with an anxious expression on his face. He was so anxious that he forgot to attack the target despite his skills being at a ready. Meanwhile, Sword Demon used the chance his invisible state had provided him to a.s.sa.s.sinate one of the Archers.

High Cloud's PvP formation had one Warrior left, but under Gu Fei and Sword Demon's speedy a.s.sault, he could not reach either of them in time. The two men weaved among their opponents and hindered every move the Archer and Mages were attempting to do. The three Thieves from before were still confounded by all that that had happened!

War Without Wounds, Royal G.o.d Call, Young Master Han, and Brother a.s.sist. With every member of Young Master's Elite finally engaging the enemies properly, the remaining PvP partic.i.p.ants of High Cloud were very quickly taken care of. Gu Fei, who insisted on partic.i.p.ating in the fight despite his zero mana, did not manage to steal kill points from the others with how weak his attack had become. Despite not managing to get any sort of record, he felt that today's match was ultimately enjoyable. After all, he was someone who thought that the process was very important.

The six-man group of Young Master's Elite achieved a 'perfect' score over the eighty-man group of High Cloud.

Although the members of High Cloud mercenary group knew that they had plenty of internal issues, such a result still left them completely baffled.

By the time Gu Fei and the gang were teleported out of the PvP arena, a few members of High Cloud had already proceeded to leave the place, all of them exchanging puzzled looks as they stared at the six victorious men.

Cirrus, High Cloud mercenary group's leader, took this chance to approach the six men. "Gentlemen…" he said in greeting. As the six men turned to look at him, he asked, "Would you guys be willing to let me join your mercenary group?" His question left the five men absolutely stunned.

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