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It was dark.

Why was it so dark like this?

It was just like there's nothing at all.

Everything in my head was blank, and my earliest memory was about when I was stabbed.

How dare you!?… To think that you would do such a thing like this to me, Filne!!?

Even if I had to die, I would also drag you down with me to h.e.l.l!!!

“I won't allow this!”

With my temper flare up, I jolted out of the darkness. I didn't know whether I still had my body or not, but I swore I would haunt her until she died like me!!

Ah…Hadn't I already died?

I looked around and saw that I woke up in Luler's room. He was also lying near me.


Right now…

I was naked!!?


At that moment, Luler seemed to awaken from his sleep. I immediately used a blanket to cover my body. I was a little confused as I couldn't find an answer about this. Why was I here? Did he help me? More importantly, why was I naked like this!?

“Shiwa! Shiwa!”

“Kya! Don't come near me!”

I didn't have any clothes on! Stop acting like you wanted to hug me!!

“Why…Shiwa? Are you having amnesia? I am Luler, you lovely fiance…”

“I don't have amnesia and I know who you are! Stay away from me right now!!”

I scooted back to his headboard when he tried to come near me, but that's the wrong move because my back had already hit the headboard!!

“Shiwa, you don't have to be embarra.s.sed. I have already seen all of it.”


Well, I couldn't deny that…

When I went silent, Luler instantly came to hug me. His body was shaken and I also felt his tears on my naked shoulder.

“Finally…I can finally meet you…” He whispered.

“I-i will give in today as an exception…”

I let him hug me for a long time and asked him what's happened while I wasn't here. He told me everything. It seemed like everyone forgot about me and Noir was the one who told him the method to bring me back. When he could remember me, he tried to call my name all night until he fell asleep. He didn't when, but I was already here when he woke up.

He told me there were scissors on his bed too, but it'd disappeared. He couldn't find it anymore.

He hugged me all night and didn't let me go at all. He didn't even let go of me when I told him I wanted to take a bath.

I had to ask him in a hard way. After that, I could take a bath and wear a shirt. He told me he wouldn't let me out of his sight for more than three minutes, and wouldn't let me go back to my room no matter what's happened. In the end, I had to sleep in Luler's room until morning came. His hold on me was stronger than what he usually did. I really wanted him to stop it, but…

I would let this be an exception.

“Shiwa!! Why do I feel like you have been disappeared for a long time? Sobbbbb” Akane cried while she was hugging me.

“That's right. Why do I also feel like that too? S-sob.” Bella also hugged my waist. She was crying so hard as though she had lost one of her relatives.

“I miss you. Sob…!” Shelyn also broke into tears. My back was beginning to feel stiff!

I came to cla.s.s this morning after eating breakfast with Luler. I ate for a while before these three came rushing and hugged me like this. These three didn't know what's happened, right?

How could I say it?

I felt strangely relieved when these three were acting like this.

“Enough, I'm not dead yet. Why do you have to cry?”


“Akene, your crying face is very ugly. Don't you know this? Don't show this kind of face to anyone. Your image would be ruined if you keep doing this.”

I grabbed a tissue and stuck it on her face. Don't you dare let anyone see your crying face? Your image as the princess of the fox kingdom was on a line, you know!

“You don't have to speak like that, Shiwa. There's n.o.body around here.” Teo pulled her body to him and gently patted her head. But Teo, Didn't you just touch her ears?!! You pervert woof!!

“Bell, don't cry. d.a.m.n it, you are making me worried.” Lookz brought his handkerchief out and lightly wiped her tears away.

“I apologize, Lookz-sama. ‘Sob…'” Bella tried to grab it out of his hand, but Lookz gripped it tight.

“No, I will wipe it for you.” Lookz wanted to do this by himself. When Bella heard the determination in his voice, she let him do as he pleased.

“Don't cry, my good girl.” I didn't know when, but Ren had already pulled Shelyn into his embrace and consoled her with his gentle voice.

“I'm alright…'Sob'”


He was comforting her just as always. This was a scene which we could often see from this couple.

Even if things were a little hectic, but nothing had changed. Everybody was the same.



Luler suddenly called me so I turned back to look at him. He stretched the arms, there's a twinkle in both of his eyes. He acted as if he wanted to hug me, right?

“What are you doing?”

“Console me too.”


“I also get sad too.”

There're tears at the end of his eyelids. His image was just like a kitten. Did you think I would pity you when you were acting like that!? That…No way!!

“…just for a while…”


Hadn't you already hugged me all night?

I let him hugged me untill he was satisfied. Before we went to our cla.s.s, I told them I wanted them to know something important

I had to tell them what's happened…and then…

I would make you remember what's going to happen next until you died, you fake heroine!!

“One person receives it back…but another has to lose it…That's really sad.”

Inside a darkened room, a man who wore a doctor gown spoke up. He had gorgeous heterochromia eyes and raven hair. Everyone in this world called him Noir.
But there's n.o.body who knew his true self!

“Ahh…a colorful life is really the best.”

After he'd finished his sentence, his body diappeared in the midst of the sunlight shining through a window.

Leaving only an empty infirmary…

“Ne~ your leg is hurt, right. Why don't you go to the infirmary?”

Two students were walking towards the infirmary. The girl was supporting her friend who hurt her leg because she tripped at a stair.

“Our infirmary still doesn't have a doctor, right? The school still can't find a doctor to fill this position.” The girl spoke while she was in pain.

“Oh, then you wait for me in the room. I will go ask Shiwsama to take a look at you.”

“Um, thank you.”

She brought her friend to sit in the room before running to find Shiwsama at the special dormitory's cafeteria. She was a student in the special dormitory too, so she could get access to that place without any problem.

That day…

Noir had erased all tracks that he was once here…


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